My 2011 Phoenix Comicon Schedule

This weekend, I will be at the Phoenix Comicon. I think this is my third or fourth year attending, so I've been able to watch the con expand (the vendor's area this year could hold the entire con the first year I attended) without losing its soul, or all the things that make it awesome.

I am quick to point out that conventions reflect the personalities of their organizers. If a promoter wants to get as much of your money as possible, then a con's going to feel that way, no matter who the guests are or what the programming is. If a promoter wants to make sure everyone has a really good time, gets the most for their money, and can't wait to come back next year, then you'll feel that, too.  After about four hours at my first Phoenix Comicon, I knew that I was going to like whoever promoted it (Matt, with whom I've become pretty good friends), because the show was awesome. Same thing with FedCon, same thing with PAX, same thing with Emerald City.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to going to Phoenix this year, and if you're coming out to the show, I hope you'll say hello to me so I can thank you for reading my blog.

Last year, I committed to far too many panels and things, so this year my schedule is a lot easier for me (and hopefully, I won't succumb to major conSARS when I get home due to exhaustion like last time.)

Here's my schedule this year:

Friday 7:30pm – Storytime With Wil. Come join me as I perform some of my favorite stories for you. I'm bringing some unreleased bits from Memories of the Future, Volume 2 that I can't wait to share, and there will be a particularly dramatic performance of The Last Unicorn (Pegasus Kitten).

Saturday 4:30-5:30 – Jaime Paglia's Eureka. Season 4.5 of Eureka is right around the corner, and you'll finally get to know my character, Doctor Isaac Parrish, as the season unfolds. Jaime and I are here to tell you what we can, and answer your questions about this awesome show.

The rest of the con, I'll be signing books and pictures and other cool things in the vendor's hall. I will have copies of MEMORIES OF THE FUTURE VOLUME ONE, The special expanded edition of THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES, THE DAY AFTER AND OTHER STORIES, and SUNKEN TREASURE. I will also have a bunch of 8x10s from my various shows and characters. As always, there is no charge for an autograph if you bring me your own thing to sign.

Oh! Oh! Oh! If you missed this on Twitter or Tumblr: Joel Watson and I made this T-shirt. We love it so much, I'm bringing a small number prints to the con that I will sign and number.

I know, right? I love it.

Finally, because it was such a hit at Emerald City Comicon, I'm bringing a set of The Complete Works of Me, Wil Wheaton (being an incomplete collection of the audio, video, and textual works of me, Wil Wheaton).

If you're wondering what that is, and can't be bothered to follow that link (and who can, really? We're all very busy these days), here's a little cut-n-paste that I did just for you:

A bunch of my friends who are musicians release their entire catalogs on a USB drive (Paul and Storm, and Jonathan Coulton are two who you probably know), which lets people get a whole bunch of stuff on something that's small enough to fit in their pocket, and has the added bonus of being a nifty USB drive that can be used for TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS once the files are copied off of it. I know, right?! Isn't the future amazing?!

I have a bunch of work that's in multiple formats, including text, audio, and video, so I thought I'd collect as much of it as I could and offer my own USB drive thingy at cons, w00tstocks, and maybe as a big old honkin' zipfile at Lulu or something later this year.

I'm not sure anyone wants this sort of thing, though, so I haven't invested in the number of USB drives I'd need to purchase to make it cost-effective. I'm testing the waters at ECCC with an extremely limited number of DVDs containing something I'm calling The Complete Works of Me, Wil Wheaton (being an incomplete collection of the audio, video, and textual works of me, Wil Wheaton).

It's pretty much what it sounds like. Here's the README I created, which will make people who write and rely on actual README files twitch a little bit:

Congratulations, dear sir or madam! You are now in possession of a truly remarkable collection, guaranteed to restore even the most ill-humoured man, woman, or child to gaiety and mirth.

Included in this delightful volume are three separate collections. They are as follows:

Text: For the gentleman or lady who wishes to escape the hum drum modern world, we offer these portals to the past … and the future! These turgid tales of mirth and marauder can be read off an automatic teletype device, or given to a reputable printer for conversion to portable paper format.

Audio: Voices and music appear, as if drawn by magic from the aether itself, or perhaps from a more sinister locale beyond! A warning to the faint of heart or soft of spirit: some of these recordings are of a most uncouth and ribald nature! Let the listener beware!

Video: Pictures that appear to magically move, transporting the viewer to locations mundane and fantastical. 

The buyer is cautioned that these files are for personal use, and unless expressly and explicitly noted, are not to be reproduced for commercial or personal gain.

All files are copyright 2010-2011 Wil Wheaton. Some files are released under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share-Alike license. For more information, please visit

There are three different directories, described thusly:


This directory contains the following:


Just A Geek

This is an audio performance of my first book Just A Geek. It is the super-bonus-holy-crap-is-it-really-nine-hours-long version because my friend David and I ended up including a lot of asides and what I called “audio footnotes”. You could think of it as the Director’s Extended Cut That Runs in Parallel With The Regular Cut, if you like.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives

I was so happy with Just A Geek, David and I got together again to do this one. It’s similar to Just A Geek, but David added in some nice interstitial music between each chapter. You know, for kids.


Memories of the Futurecast Episodes 1-13

In the weeks leading up to the release of Memories of the Future Volume One, I started a promotional podcast. Each week, I read an excerpt from the book, and added some of my own comments. I’m especially proud of this podcast, and if you enjoy it, you’ll certainly enjoy Memories of the Future, which is in the text directory. All the shownotes and links are at

Radio Free Burrito Episodes 0-4 and 9-31. 

Let me save you some searching: I never did an episode 2, and for some reason skipped straight to episode 3. I’m not sure exactly why, that’s just how we did things back in those days.

I left out Episodes 5-8 because the really, really suck. If you are determined to hear them, they are online. After Episode 9, though, the show starts to come together as I get comfortable and have more and more fun each time.

In addition to almost all the RFBs, I included Lakeside Shadow as a stand alone track, and Radio Free Burrito’s Mixtape (Volume One).

All files are .mp3, except for RFB episode 9, which is an enhanced podcast that apparently only plays on Apple devices. Sorry about that; I was young and foolish then (I feel old and foolish now). Just for shits and giggles, another short original tune I made, JazzyJazzJazz is also included. Don’t ever say I never gave you something for shits and giggles, kids.

All the shownotes and other neat-o things can be found at:

W00tstock from Los Angeles

This is an audience recording of the third w00tstock we did, at Largo. I think it’s hilarious and awesome, and I hope it inspires you to come see us to w00tstock in person whenever we come to a town near you. More information about w00tstock is at

The Criminal Minds Production Diary

In July 2008, I worked on Criminal Minds, in episode 404, titled Paradise. I played serial killer and all around Very Bad Man Floyd Hansen. I keep a diary during production, which was printed in Sunken Treasure. I recorded it as a standalone audio thingy, with my usual asides and additional comments.


Moments With Wil

One day I got it into my head that it would be amusing to make these little 30 second videos where I did something stupid, and then thanked the viewer for “spending this moment with me.” The problem was, they just didn’t work on their own, and I ended up showing the 15 I made to a few friends, before forgetting about them.

When we were putting together w00tstock, and the decision was made to include some short silly films, I knew that Moments With Wil had finally found a home. This is the first time all of them have been collected into one place and viewed by anyone who doesn’t also live in my house.

Stupid Cellphone Videos

While working on Eureka in 2010, I had one of those days where I was called in early, but ended up not working for almost seven hours. Sure, it was nice to earn a paycheck for sitting around and playing Plants Versus Zombies all day on my iPad, but I eventually got bored … and these stupid cellphone videos were born. It’s basically the Moments With Wil concept, without the fancy-smanchy titles and credits. As of this collection, there are 14 of them.

Text (which I wanted to call Text-eo, but didn't, because I'm apparently a chicken)

This directory contains nearly all of my writing, with the notable exception of Just A Geek and Dancing Barefoot, to which I sadly do not own the electronic rights. The Happiest Days of Our Lives is also absent, because a decent electronic version simply does not exist at the moment.

HOWEVER! What is here is pretty swell:

The directory HUNTER contains three different formats of my short tale Hunter (see how that works?), which is a short sci-fi story, set in a dark and desperate world. 

I have also included several chapbooks. They are:

Sunken Treasure – Wil Wheaton’s Hot Cocoa Box Sampler. 

This is just what it sounds like: a sample collection of all the different types of writing I do. I often suggest this book to people who are unfamiliar with my work, as it gives them a chance to find out if they’re going to like my work, and if they do, where they’d like to go next.

Games Matter

This is a collection of gaming-related essays and stories. It was prepared for GenCon in 2010. I’m really proud of this little book, and I plan to give it a wider release in 2011, with some additional material, including my two keynotes to PAX and PAX East.

Memories of The Future Volume One

Part memoir, part episode guide, part behind-the-scenes, all told from the perspective of a guy who is looking though his high school yearbook, facepalming and declaring “I can’t believe I thought that was cool.”

Volume One covers the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation from Farpoint to Datalore. Volume Two, which goes from Angel One to The Neutral Zone will be released in 2011.

The Day After and Other Stories

A short collection of short fiction, originally released as a chapbook at PAX in 2009. In order to get over my fear of writing and publishing short (and eventually longer) fiction, I released it as a print book in December 2010 for just 10 days, then released it as an eBook in January 2011. It is presented here in PDF and pub formats.

140 – The Stupid Twitter Book

I had this idea to make a short, small book, like the little Tao and Zen books you see in card stores and car washes. It would contain 140 of my stupid little Twitter things that made me laugh. I spent the better part of a day putting it all together, and then realized that Lulu, where I do most of my self-publishing, was going to charge something like $60 per copy, because it was a full color printing process for some strange reason. I didn’t think it was worth $60 (or anything more than $5, really) so I shelved the project. It’s not the same to read it as an eBook, but it’s still funny, and I think it’s kind of cool. For the moment, you’re one of 31 people in the world to see it, which includes the 10 people who bought this DVD at Emerald City Comic Con and my wife.


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  1. TL;DR Version
    1. Buy my Stuff, and ENJOY!
    2. Will make more stuff for you to ENJOY
    3. ??????
    4. Profit!
    GL to ya this weekend, hope ya have a blast…. PLEASE come to Dallas soon!
    PS… when and if ya go to USB format, please make it accessible for us poor souls who cant leave Texas to come see you 😉

  2. I know I already posted it on twitter, but feel free to stop by ASU for a tour of the LROC Science Operations Center while you are in Phoenix, and see pretty pictures of the moon. We’re only a couple minutes from the airport.

  3. Wil I **LOVE** that Timelord T shirt design! If that sells well at Phoenix please sell it from your website. Have a great time PCC is my favorite con in the World!!!

  4. Sounds GREAT Wil…so is the RFB kinda shelved for now? I know your kinda busy. We had Robert Picardo (The Dr/Voyager) on the LIVE show the other day and we talked about you and social media and privacy. Good show, but we miss ya Wil…look forward to a new RFB when ya have time.
    -Ethan Tudor W.
    Actor/Host of “The Neverhood Show”
    Also catch me on Wed. nights at 8pm (PST) on the ABC/Warner Series “The Middle” on ABC.

  5. I really, really, really, really, really can’t wait to see you at Phoenix Comicon this weekend! (I think that’s enough reallys… maybe not.) 😀

  6. I can’t come to the show, unfortunately, but wanted to say Hello and Thank You for letting us read your blog. Wish I was there…

  7. Me Reading this “La la la, oh a Con. Wish I could go, would be so fun. La la la HOLYBUTTS HE IS SELLING ANOTHER COLLECTION! I WANT!”
    If you could post the digital content to buy in bulk, I would so do it. That and your previous mentioned 140 char book of you talking at yourself or your cat.
    So damn jealous of anyone that gets that collection.

  8. I hope someday you are able to make it to CONvergence in Minneapolis. We really try to put on a fun con that everyone enjoys. (I’m a volunteer) It’s great to hear there are other cons out there that do the same!

  9. If this sells well at PHXCC, it will tell me that ECCC wasn't a fluke, and it's worth making the investment into USB drives that I can sell at cons, w00tstocks, and online.

  10. Hey will I heard that Storytime with Wil will incur an extra fee ($10)? I’m not calling foul or anything here, we all need to make a living, but I’m curious what brought about that. I don’t ever remember paying for anything extra at PCC in the years I’ve been going. As always, I look forward to hearing your witty ranting and great ability to make a story about absolutely anything entertaining. See you this weekend!

  11. I think it would be totally worth it to buy a USB drive w/all that great stuff on it. Are you going to be selling it in the Los Angeles area (and will it be affordable?! LOL)??
    by the way, I was talking with my boss the week after he met William Shatner at some fundraiser and he told me he’d knew you and I almost screamed. You’ve ruined my respectable coolness in the office for extreme nerdiness… Thanks. :p

  12. The plan was to put on a special show at night, possibly with some friends who ended up not being able to make it. That's why we were going to charge a separate admission (like Hammer Improv is doing). I asked PHXCC to do this in addition to my usual panels, which would be Eureka and a Q&A panel. Due to some communication mixup, no Q&A panel was ever scheduled, and when I asked about it, it was too late to make any changes. When it became Storytime With Wil, we kept it as a separate admission.
    One of the big reasons I'm so stressed today is knowing that people are paying extra to see me do a performance, so it's SUPER important to me that the performance they get is worth the extra money.

  13. I'm not sure how much it would cost. Probably between $80 and $100, since it's my complete catalog. I'll sell it at w00tstock and other cons, so when we do w00tstock in Los Angeles (or Wil vs. Paul and Storm), it would be there.

  14. I was really disappointed I had to miss your show last month, I had a work meeting. But keep posting about your shows! (and honestly, thanks for being awesome.)

  15. For anyone considering buying the collection: DO IT!
    I bought one of the DVDs at ECCC, managed to open the package without breaking the ultra-awesome Wax Seal of Wheaton, and am still working my way through the contents several months later while the disk and sleeve are framed on my living room wall.
    A+++++ would buy again if it didn’t already contain the complete catalog of works.

  16. Does that apply to non-US copyright as well? :-)
    In any case, you could always tweet @steven_moffat and check he’s cool with it…

  17. Does that apply to non-US copyright as well? :-)
    In any case, you could always tweet @steven_moffat and check he’s cool with it…

  18. Love the shirt – I doubt you’d catch any hell from the BBC (they have a sense of humor,) but the NCAA will definitely try to bring you down. They’re absolute fascists when it comes to anything that resembles their trademarked properties.
    Have fun at the show!

  19. Holy carp! I’m so glad to see you’ll be selling the complete works this weekend! I have all of your books, now all signed from various seeings of you, but I wants the collection for all the audio/video in one spot.
    Can’t wait for Storytime with you, and the chance to get the works dvd! Woooo!
    Have a safe trip, see you tomorrow!

  20. I’m super excited about this weekend! I didn’t get to buy any books last time, nor have I seen you perform your work. I’m hoping I get to do both! It’ll be fun! :)

  21. Hey Wil! I was the girl that gave you the little Oshawott. I just want to tell you how much I appreciated you calling me a sweetheart for coming back to pay for the photo; I felt so so so bad, and probably would have for the rest of the day regardless, but it made me feel a lot better. I hope you enjoy your little Oshawheaton. :)

  22. Hey Wil, thanks for coming back to PhxCC. It was a treat to attend your “Storytime with Wil” event and then have you recognize me and Diana the next morning. I finally popped “The Complete Works of Me, Wil Wheaton” DVD in my laptop and realized just how much content there is on there. (Yes, the contents are listed above…but I glossed over that at my first read.) Totally worth the money, even if my initial reaction to the price was shock. Can’t wait to listen to the audio books on our CA roadtrip next month!!

  23. Ok nitpick time. Kinda feel like a dick and I love the design, but there is a lot canonically wrong with it. I shall explain the truth, so you can be informed.
    1. The Doctor (and the Master) actually went to the Prydonian Academy, which was the source of most of the Lords President and other establishment types. Think ivy league.
    2. The Prydonian colour is red.
    3. The Doctor would have been in his original regeneration, so a younger Willian Hartnell (first doctor) would be more appropriate. Black hair and a mustache (Brain of Morbius) The Sonic Screwdriver is appropriate (according to newer canon), although William Hartnell never used one in the shows.
    4. The Doctor was pretty notorious even at the academy, but not in a way that made him poster boy material (Borusa, one of his old teachers, is very clear on this in several episodes).
    Truth makes T-Shirts boring.

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