Various things I want you to know

A few things before I forget:

1. Memories of the Future Volume 1 is available for your Kindle. It's also at, and It's temporarily out of the iBooks store, but I'll get that fixed in a few days. Hey, if you liked it, would you leave a review?

2. Yes, I'm working on Memories of the Future Volume 2 RIGHT NOW.

3. I don't know when Volume 2 will be out. I will likely have a preview of at least one episode from Volume 2 with me for my performance at Phoenix Comic Con.

4. I will be at Phoenix Comic Con in just a couple weeks. I'm doing a Eureka thing, and I'm doing a special STORYTIME WITH WIL WHEATON performance thing. I'm really excited about it. More on that later.

5. It was my great pleasure to perform John Scalzi's Fuzzy Nation for Audible. (Here's a sample! Yay!) It's recently been released, and is getting great reviews (both the book and my performance.) At Whatever, you can hear some of it, as well as the OMG AMAZING power ballad by Paul and Storm that John commissioned to celebrate the release of the book.

6. 100.3 The Sound is my new favorite radio station in Los Angeles, because it reminds me of the glory days of KMET. It delighted me to hear a drop on the air the other night that explicitly referenced the Mighty Met. I believe that you can tune in online, and suggest that you do, provided you enjoy that sort of thing.

7. Fear Itself is not disappointing me, even a little bit. In fact, I kind of love it. Same with Invincible Iron Man and Thor. The next time I see Fraction, I have to kiss him. It's going to be weird.

8. For some reason, I never really publicized my Tumblr. Well, here it is. I put shit there all the time that amuses and enrages me. So now you know.

9. I have decided that this list needs to go to eleven, because it's one more.

10. Logan Bonner introduced me to a really fun iOS game calle DungeonRaid. Because Logan decided to destroy my life by telling me about this game, I have decided to destroy yours. Pay it forward.

11. My belt, which has served me well for many years (holding up not only my pants, but many onions) finally cracked and broke in twain while I was at Legoland last week with some friends to see the Star Wars miniland stuff (more on that later, also too and like such as). I was thwarted in all my attempts to find a replacement belt, until I remembered yesterday that I have Fawkes' wardrobe in my closet, and Fawkes owns a pretty sweet belt. So I got it out, and for the near future, I'll be wearing Fawkes' belt. I say this as a warning to any gas tanks who think they're going to go ahead and tell me when to fill them.

55 thoughts on “Various things I want you to know”

  1. I have to say that, while I found 1 – 10 very enjoyable, every little bit of #11 made me want to put my house on the market just so that I could Paypal every penny of its sale to you.

  2. Thanks sooo much for getting me and my husband on to Dungeon
    Raid. We really needed something to fill in the hours. 😉
    Lucky thing for us you don’t use your powers for evil and tell us how much fun it is jumping off a bridge.

  3. Dang it, Wil, now I have to get an Audible account too. First it was an email account that wasn’t tied to my school, then a Kindle app to get ebooks, then an iTunes account to download My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic — I mean, Sym-Bionic Titan, and then a deviantArt account to post my MLP fanfics. Now I gotta get an Audible account too.
    At least I don’t need a WordPress or Typepad account to comment here. Yet.

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