probably the best idea i’ve ever had

Last week, I saw this at Reddit.

I KNOW RIGHT?! I told the Twitter and the Google Plus and the Tumblr that we all need to print these things out and hang them up everywhere (it's legally allowed for us to do so. cough.) For the past four days, I've gotten lots of image links from people on the Twitters who have done precisely that, and it amuses me greatly each time I see it. This morning, Think Geek picked it up and tagged it #OldMan, which is also amusing … but gives the thing a signal boost that can make this ZOMG EPIC.

Ready for this? Okay, here's my idea:

We take tons of these flyers to Comic-Con, hang them up (where it's legally allowed for us to do so. cough.) and make this A Thing. I think that would be hilarious and awesome and also awesome and hilarious.

And you know why? Because it's silly, and not everyone will get it … but the people who do get it will love it. That's why.

(Major thanks go to Redditor possibly_all_3 for making this in the first place.)

34 thoughts on “probably the best idea i’ve ever had”

  1. Wil, I love when I read a post and can almost hear the school girl giggling tone in your writing. This post is several feet – nay lightyears – BEYOND giddy in its tone.

  2. So if I print this (so as to be one of the cool kids) on an iron on transfer …. but sadly, I don’t get it … will the cool kids laugh at me at GenCon?
    I only fully bloomed geek about a decade ago..
    Oh, and you should know by now that you can change the world. Anyone can if they try.

  3. I think we should all do this, even if we’re not at Comic-Con (like some of us sad geeks) because it’s completely silly. And after watching that Bloggess video you posted about, I think we all could use a little more silly in our lives.

  4. Thank you! I never got very far in my game. I got stuck not being able to cross the sea.
    And the fact that I’m old and that was about 20 years ago ….
    Now, off to buy that iron-on transfer paper!!!

  5. I posted one in Redmond, WA, near a board game store. Before we had to move on, I saw a couple of people walk up to it. Didn’t get to check back to see if they decided it was too dangerous to go alone.
    We need to come up with more Things like this. My mind is working on some right now!

  6. This is a reckless and terrible idea.
    I love it.
    Sandy Eggo Needz Mor Sords! (with Fiarbalz!)
    I’m going to post one of these posters a few google map directions away from a popular location nearby. If people go up, right, up, up from there they will find themselves at a huge lake.

  7. I HAD to crawl out of lurkerdoom for this:
    I showed the flyer to my mom and, after translating it for her, we took down our living room to find our NES and spent the weekend playing Zelda.
    Ever since Dad died (6 years ago) we don’t have much to say to each other. That stupid twitter post of yours really made a difference for us. So, again, Thank you.

  8. I posted one of these in our office when nobody was looking and within 15 minutes one of the swords was gone. I was feeling mildly triumphant.
    A bit later, our student workers arrived. They didn’t get the reference at all. “What is this?” they asked. “What does it mean?” …and I felt old. Then they started watching Rebecca Black videos and I wept for our future.

  9. > I'm going to post one of these posters a few google map directions away from a popular location nearby. If people go up, right, up, up from there they will find themselves at a huge lake.
    You are a genius.

  10. I realize it’s Zelda (which I didn’t play), but recognize it because I loved and mastered Atari Adventure (back in the day, 80’s, I was born in ’72, like you). I love it to pieces, and think you should hang it everywhere. However your blog is very well known and I think you’re going to need 20,000 copies or so. :)

  11. Very cool! But all fun aside – DAMN THAT LITTLE OLD MAN! Damn him to hell and back again! You set off to bravely save the world and all he gives you is a lousy wooden sword?!! I think Link could’ve picked up a tree branch and poked Octoroks in the eyes or something…I mean who uses wooden swords in combat anyway?
    Come to think of it…that’s the same damn weapon they give you in my favorite of all time best game in the universe that inspired my avatar. And its just about as worthless. Wait…they give you a torch too. Also made of wood. Apparently, evil wizards not only kill people and terrorize the land, they also make sure that all heroes only get wooden swords.

  12. I am so totally going to hang a few of these in the elevators at work. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Where do I work? Well, I can’t say the name, but let’s just say it’s a large museum and research oriented institution in the washington dc area. :)

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