bring me your tired, your poor, your polyhedral dice…

It's 4pm, and I've been awake for 12 hours, on almost 5 hours of wake-up-every-thirty-minutes-so-I-don't-oversleep, uh, sleep. Truly, I live an exciting life that doesn't afford me the opportunity to get much quality reszezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




Ah, that was nice. Okay, I'm back.

I have a request, which I hope is reasonable, for those of you who come to see me at PAX: I'm continuing to test the theory that it isn't possible to have too many gaming dice. I left GenCon last year with about 10 pounds of dice, and while it's certainly a lot, I can say with confidence that it isn't even close to being too many.

If you come to see me at PAX, and you have a gaming die or two that you're willing to part with, would you bring it to me? At GenCon, everyone who gave me dice had some kind of awesome story to go with it, which was a delightful and unexpectedly wonderful bonus. And I went home with ten pounds of dice. I'm not saying that GenCon set the bar very high, PAX, but that's exactly what I'm saying.*

I would love it if you helped me get a little bit closer to making this a reality, PAX:

See you on Friday!!

*Challenge accepted?

28 thoughts on “bring me your tired, your poor, your polyhedral dice…”

  1. YES. I have so many extra dice that never get used, you can totally have them. Any ideas how many you have right now? Any recent pics? I’m curious to see the collection. :)

  2. Well, since you asked. :) I’ll be at PAX panelling it up with my team of cast and crew from the webseries Standard Action, and we just got some seriously sweet dice in the mail to give away. They will make a great addition to your slightly creepy dice-pit! :)

  3. Ive seen that comic several times, within the past day or so, and my first thought is still that it’s a Dalek instead of McDucks vault. Meh.
    One day, I will make it to PAX, or PAX East or…something, and I will bring you die. Probably all of them, since there’s no one to game with here. :\

  4. Don’t know if you’re blocking me or if I’m just one of the mass of tweets you get but just letting you know you have two IronDie dice coming…assuming I can connect with you at your booth. I got two others I might be willing to share if you like them, too. :)

  5. So, for those of us too far away to attend…is there a PO box where you receive fan-gifts? I have some beloved die that never get to roll, and I’d love for one to make its way to you.

  6. I have never attended a Con or similar event, but since I volunteer at a thrift store I commonly find all types of cool nerdy stuff, including gaming dice. I will start a collection in hopes that if I do one day attend such an event when you are there, I can help you achieve your goal to swim in 3 cubic acres of dice. :)
    This begs a question though – what kinds of monsters would be hiding beneath such a large amount of dice?

  7. Loving the blog right now, Wil. Thought: You could film or record the stories people tell you with the dice and collect them together, it’d be a like a big gamer geek story archive type thingy :)

  8. I “third” the P.O. Box option. Not going to any of these conventions anytime soon, unless you can come to one in Florida (yeah. Right).
    I’m not sure what dice I have left, but I’m sure I have something to send. I’d love to add to your collection. It’s just one way I feel that I can support you and your work (in addition to buying your books, audiobooks you’ve voiced (not yet, but maybe, soon), and watching your appearances on TV. (I even watch most of the commercials. since that’s (unltimately) what pays your salary).
    I’d send you the Guinness I owe you, but that would defeat the purpose of a face-to-face meeting, enticing you to sit with me for a few minutes and talk about some inane things. It’s probably also illegal. Not talking about inane things – sending alcoholic beverages to a P.O. Box.

  9. Funny you should say that – last time Wil asked for dice, I posted this uncannily similar scan (and see how Terry Nation also presciently dropped in a Borg reference!):
    It’s a page from my treasured “Dalek World” annual, published in 1965 when no-one gave a damn about continuity or common sense – sample quote, “Daleks can move at 2000 mph and can’t see red objects”.
    Happy days…

  10. Here’s a question that you can totally say no to. Since PAX is lame and isn’t in the midwest and I’m always too busy with the Renaissance Faire to go to Gencon I have no way to hand off dice to you. I do have some excellent dice that have a nice little story I would love to add to your collection. So, now for the actual question. Could I mail them to you?

  11. While I wont split with my complete sets. I mean, 170 Sets is not too many sets is it? But I’ve got a bag of stragglers I could spare! (also votes for the PO Box Option).

  12. Could we get a response on whether a PO box is available? I’d like to know if I can send this bag of dice or should go ahead and get rid of it.

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