How was your PAX?

I’m on set for Eureka, tethering to the Internets through a mobile hotspot, using my iPad to post with the Typepad app.

This is, as they say, less than optimal for blogging. However, I wanted to put a post up for PAX stuff, until I can write a proper post in the next few days.

I had a wonderful time, didn’t get sick, played games with friends, and was given some truly epic gifts, including a Cape Of Dicks (pictures forthcoming). There was also a D&D game for the ages.

Please use this as a PAX thread, to share your PAX stories and pictures. I’ll add my own as soon as I can.

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  1. I ran into you outside Dragonfish on Friday. I gave you one of my buttoneer buttons, and then so did my friends.
    Mike and Jerry received the board but they’re missing one from our set because they failed to find the bucket during PAX.

    Please lord it over them that you have the 3-piece set bonus while you can. (I’ll find some interesting way to get them the missing button later.) Don’t forget to make buttons for next year!

  2. Fun, hectic, and fun!
    The last time we went was 2008, and the daughter was 2 and there were few other families. This time I saw loads of families (therefore making me feel less weird about bringing the daughter and the baby boy), and the now 5 daughter played games.
    I got to ‘win’ the Gloom tourney by virtue of being the only person to sign up – though my friend very nicely played a game with me anyhow. The daughter & I played Kirby Wii & DS and got the shirts. She is wearing hers now – as a dress – and has added Kirby’s Return to Dreamland to her Christmas list. We also played DQM2, and she loves that shirt & the buttons.
    I played in the Munchkin tourney and won the Best Loser prize. When I told Andrew Hackard this he high-fived me, before signing one of the cards from the booster that was my prize.
    I got to play games & have dinner with friends I haven’t seen since the baby was born. I got to watch my daughter enjoy playing games.
    It was awesome.

  3. This was my first visit, both to Seattle and to PAX. I absolutely had a blast. I actually drove all the way up to Seattle from Anaheim where I live. I have family and a friend or two in Santa Rosa that I hadn’t seen in eons, so I wanted to stop there…and I wanted to have a pint of Pliny the Elder straight from the source. ๐Ÿ˜€ While I was in Seattle, I got to see to the Megas and the Protomen and hear their music for the first time. Both acts put on a terrific show, the Protomen especially, and I made a point buying their CDs. Naturally, I’ve been blasting Act II – Father of Death all the way home. On top of that, I met a young man who had an epiphany while at the show. He had been serving with our military, and he was really depressed and aimless since getting out, but after he heard the keynote speech, it galvanized him into action. He told me it was the first time he had been happy in a long time. Considering how mind-numbing my job is, I can almost say I know how he feels.

  4. I had the best time at PAX! I was SUPER sad I was too late to see your awesome hour! I nearly cried when I got to the theater (just over an hour early) and was told that the line was capped off and that even the stand by line was capped off. =(
    BUT then I got to get a pic with you and it made it all better. Although it was super embarrassing because I was with my friend who had never been to PAX and I’m sorry to say didn’t know who you are. So it was awfully embarrassing when I almost started crying when I asked for a pic with you. And then had to ask a second time because her phone took a blurry pic! Anyway I’m sure I seemed like a crazy girl who has no self control (partially true). What I wanted to tell you is that I just watched Stand By Me and thought it was really good! (Iโ€™m a HUGE star trek fan and as my friend pointed out Stand By Me was filmed before I was born, that is my excuse for only now seeing it). And that Iโ€™m now finishing season three of Eureka and canโ€™t wait till I get to the season youโ€™re in! Although very sad to know that itโ€™s now been cancelled. =(
    Thanks for the pic though!

  5. PAX Was full of awesome goodness as usual! I enforced all weekend at the Pegasus Theatre where you laughed at the directional sign I used on my phone to direct traffic.

  6. PAX
    I the need to share my experience at PAX Prime 2011 because it was such an emotional experience for me.
    In 2009 my wife was in the hospital on mandatory bed rest because she had gone into premature labor with my twin sons. The hospital staff was able to help her keep them inside for another two months. They were born prematurely and kept in the hospital under 24 hour care for another two months.
    During this time I had to continue working, preparing our house for the kids, and trying my best to help ease my wife’s tensions. Meanwhile my own mental and emotional stress levels were increasing at an exponential rate.
    This is when salvation came. I usually check the Penny Arcade online comic once in a while for comedic relief. Somehow I stumbled onto their blog that mentioned they were roll playing with Wil Wheaton.
    “Wil Wheaton?” I thought, “I love Star Trek the Next Generation. I’ll have to check this out.” And I began my trip down the rabbit hole and started listening to their Acquisitions Incorporated podcast.
    Their D&D sessions brought me back to my youth. I haven’t played in years and I’m not sure who would want to play with me as I have moved away from my home town and those old friends. But listening to Acquisitions Inc was just like sitting around a table with my friends, making snarky comments, and creating fantastic stories and memories. I then started using Twitter and following @pvponline, @wilw, @TychoBrahe, and @cwgabriel.
    All this kept me grounded mentally and emotionally while my life and family were going through such an unknown and frightening time. I always wished that some day I could thank Acquisitions Incorporated for just being themselves and allowing me to tag along on their adventures.
    When my kids turned 1 last year I was again reminded how much Acquisitions Inc meant to me and for all that they did for my sanity and my family.
    This year I was finally able to attend my first PAX. To top it off I finally got to thank one of the guys from Acquisitions Inc, Scott Kurtz. During the last two years I had been following him on twitter, reading his comic, and watching his blams. He was just as nice in person as he seemed through his media.
    Here’s how our meeting went:
    I saw Scott Kurtz as I wondered trough my first PAX. all of the sudden I felt like a kid meeting a childhood hero. It took me a minute to make up my mind that this may be the only chance to thank him.
    I finally approached him and told him briefly how he had helped me through a difficult time in my life. He told me that he was glad he could help.
    I then started walking away feeling very proud to have finally succeeded in thanking someone who had made such a profound impact on my life. He then called me back and gave me the gift of a Binwin dicebag. An extremely generous and unprompted gift.
    Again I started to leave. But this time I stopped myself and asked him for a picture. He could have said no and I would not have been hurt at all. Instead he was super supportive and asked someone to take a picture of us together.
    The picture:
    I thanked him for everything and left to enjoy my first PAX. Later that evening I tweeted about meeting him and how wonderfully nice he was. A few minutes later he replied! An unexpected and simple gesture that made me feel so special.
    My boys are turning 2 this weekend. They are healthy and my family is doing well. I keep a daily blog for my family and friends to follow their growth. I would be honored if anyone from Acquisitions Inc would follow or check in as they had so much to do with a difficult part of their lives.
    I have to thank PAX for giving me the chance to have this amazing experience. A special thanks to Scott Kurtz for being so nice. And to the rest of Acquisitions Incorporated for getting me through a tough time.

  7. Did you happen to write the trim crochet pattern? I’ve not got an up close look at it but the idea of dick trim amuses me to no end. I really want to make it to trim dishtowels with. I was going to embroider a bunch of dicks onto towels for a housewarming gift for a good friend. Tiny, crocheted, cotton string dick trim would be AWESOME! And we all know it’s not the SIZE of the trim but how you place it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. I had an awesome time. Most of my PAX was taken up by Cookie Brigade and the Lando Society. I’d actually been second in line that afternoon signing when we came to induct you. Sadly, you were running late (not like you’re human or anything), so I had to slip out of line and high-tail it to get my Lando stuff. I came back after and was super bummed because they’d closed off the line. I explained to the [e] that I just wanted to hand off my cross-stitch project. Seriously, I made that thing almost ten months ago, for East! It needed to go HOME!
    He was nice and let me. Um.. You kind of made my day when you took it. You probably barely remember your reaction, but for me it’s pretty priceless. I love making stuff for people, and I was so pleased with how that came out since I was working from a tiny image of the ‘you’ sprite and QRCs are so unforgiving.
    I just wanted to make something for you to express my appreciation for letting me share a story with you over a year earlier. A reasonable person has to know that you cannot possibly remember every interaction with every fan, but for us it’s kind of a big deal. I got to tell you about my Dad, and you were generous with your time in listening to it.
    I spent a lot of my weekend around Bioware, with a mustache stuck to my face. I stood on the front steps of the convention centre and told all how I Learned to Accept my Facial Hair and Love the ‘Stache ( I gave out a ton of cookies (Cookie Brigade did $14,276 for Child’s Play) and I may have played some games. Just a few.
    At one point I waited in line a second time (or is it technically third) for you to quick-sign my PAX Forum Badge. I didn’t linger, even though I wanted to, because DAMN but you looked bushwacked dude, for realz. #truefacts Did some kind of con-funk go ’round? Seemed a lot of Bandland was out of sorts.
    I loved the Dragon Age panel. Felicia Day was an awesome surprise. My hubby actually had seen her earlier on the floor and thought somebody was ‘cosplaying’ her or just looked a lot alike. When he told me that I laughed myself into choking. It was an awesome PAX.
    Never Forget! :-{

  9. This was my first ever PAX. My family just moved back up to Washington state from Arizona, and I am SO glad to be back in the land of rain and clouds ๐Ÿ˜‰
    When my friend called me up and said (screamed) to buy PAX tickets…we did. When I saw you on the schedule, I looked at my husband and said “I don’t care what else we do, we need to make it to Wil. He is AWESOME, and you have to come see.” After much eye rolling on his part, he acquiesced to the demands of his wife. He has since agreed that your awesome hour was Awesome, and thus worth attending. ๐Ÿ˜€ Of course, this same friend ended up on the expo floor while I went to the tabletop games…and…
    I ended up in the D&D basement for at least half the time I was at PAX…and I rediscovered how much I miss gaming. I actually missed visiting your table since I chose to stay downstairs. I even signed up to DM next year…this should be interesting!

  10. I know wil probably doesn’t read all the comments, I know I probably wouldn’t. Not being dickish just a matter of time, but:
    Just finished “Happiest days of out lives” that I got a PAX. I have to say I enjoyed it thoroughly and was truly surprised at how many of the same experiences I had.
    Thank you so much for this. And the fact that it’s a signed copy makes it:
    +2 Tome of Geek Awesomeness (artifact, uncommon)
    This tome crackles with the sheer awesomeness.
    Property: Grants a +2 to all history and knowledge checks in the Geek class. In addition, the tome of awesomeness grants the reader a shared experience with the author. while a collection of the authors memories, this wonderful work can, and most likely will, elicit similar memories from the reader. Truly a tome for the ages.

  11. At 25 years old, this was my first PAX. Actually, it was my first convention, period. To be completely honest, while I watched your panel and thoroughly enjoyed myself, the fact that I got there two hours early was purely by accident.
    When I read my printed schedule that said I was going to attend a panel on GMing at 12:30, somehow I managed to glance at the wrong theater listing, and instead of going to the proper theater, I ended up heading to the Pegasus. With maybe 10 minutes left before the other panel was about to start, I said “Fuck that, I’m not waddling my fat ass back across the street.” So, I sat around playing Radiant Historia and talking to some of the other people while we got packed like sardines into the waiting room.
    So, in thanks for giving a great show, and for playing a game of D&D that convinced me to go try 4th edition for the first time on my last day of PAX, here’s a shot I took of you during the panel, wearing your fantastic Cape of Dicks.

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