Doctor Manhattan and Galactus, together at last.

After months away from home (with occasional 12-24 hour visits), I'm finally in my own house, enjoying something resembling a summer vacation. I'm not too keen on doing anything that isn't goofing off, and I'm really okay with that, because I think I've earned it.

Until I feel recharged enough to write more than 100 words at a time, I present the following, taken by my friend Yuri at the comic book shop yesterday:


Doctor Manhattan and Galactus, together at last.

If you can't see the image for some reason, or you would like to emgiggen it to all its magnificent glory, here's a linky-link:

32 thoughts on “Doctor Manhattan and Galactus, together at last.”

  1. Very cool…and thank Jaga they covered the Doc’s nether regions…I’m all for adult themed movies but there was just a bit too much blue wang being revealed in that flick.
    That begs a question though – if there exists a Cape of Dicks…how about a Girdle of Dicks? ^_^

  2. Wil,
    Do you still have that picture you took of me in my Matty Roth costume from DragonCon? You and Felicia were the only ones that got the costume and thusly, the only ones that got pictures of me!
    It was AMAZING meeting you there, you most certainly made the con for me. Hope you enjoy your time off!

  3. LOL! Excellent! And yes, much goofing off needed for Wheaton Wil, given his less than robust immune system. Take good care and rest. Don’t want that EBV to become permanent CFIDS. Voice of experience writing here. Rest, rest,rest. With significant breaks of goof-off. : )

  4. Galactus may be all-powerful, but I think Dr. Manhattan could snuff him without a second thought. Galactus may eat planets and be amazingly tough, but Doc controls fundamental atomic forces. I think it’d be game over for Galactus.

  5. I can’t even be tested for EBV: no antibody test works for me. Though I have to say that my borrowed immune system works fairly well, though it rules out most common tests. After 4 pneumonias in 5 months in 2009, I deserved my infused immunity, though the process sucks.

  6. Wil, now that you have a little free time, I really think you should consider doing The Kevin Pollack Chat Show. He really does pretty excellent museum pieces that are hours long. I suppose that last sounded ominous which is not the intent. What I mean is that you have all the time you want to talk about whatever, and have more than a little fun. You have been involved in projects with significance to entertainment history, and have an exciting career working more independently. Pollack would give you the chance to talk about all of that. It is an interview I would really, really like to see, and I hope you will give it some consideration.

  7. Enjoy your summer/fall vacation time. Get the mana regenerated and all that. If you get a chance, I think it would be kinda interesting to hear about some of your childhood summer vacation memories, as I don’t recall you writing about them (I have Happiest Days on audio and Just a Geek on paperback, but I don’t recall reading any summer vacation stories in either).

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