My Dragon*Con Schedule

Here's my schedule for this weekend's Dragon*Con.


1pm -2pm – The Guild Panel with Robin and Amy in the Sheraton Grand Ballroom

2:30-5:30pm – Autographs in the Walk of Fame

6:00-6:30pm – The Guild Photos in International Hall North at the Marriott.

6:30-7:00pm – Star Trek Photos in International Hall North at the Marriott.


10am-1pm, then again from 1:30-3:30pm – Autographs in the Walk of Fame

4-5pm – Star Trek TNG Panel with Brent and Gates in the Sheraton Grand Ballroom

5:00-5:30pm – The Guild Photos in International Hall North at the Marriott.

5:30-6:00pm – Star Trek Photos in International Hall North at the Marriott.


11:30am-12:30pm Eureka Panel with Colin, Jordan, Chris, and Kevin in the Hyatt Centennial Ballroom

1:00-2:00pm – Autographs in the Walk of Fame

2:30-3:00pm – The Guild Photos in International Hall North at the Marriott.

3:00-3:30pm – Star Trek Photos in International Hall North at the Marriott.

4:00-7:00pm – Autographs in the Walk of Fame


10:00-11:00am – A panel that illustrates I was not consulted about what panels I wanted to be on, titled Wesley Crusher, Boy Genius. I tell you what: instead of rehashing something I did when I was 14 that we're all tired of talking about, I've asked Paul and Storm to join me for a dramatic retelling of a turgid tale some of you may know as the WILLIAM FUCKING SHATNER story, and then we'll do soem Q&A for the rest of the hour. This will be in the Sheraton Grand Ballroom.

11:30am-12:30pm – Final signing of the con, in the Walk of Fame

Boy, I'm exhausted just looking at this, but everyone keeps telling me that this is a great con, attended by great people, and that I'm going to have a great time, so that's become my "Krusty will come" mantra.

I sold out of all my books at PAX, but I did bring some 3-Wheaton Moon posters and a crapton of 8x10s. I also have a few Compleat Workes of Me Wil Wheaton(e) DVDs left that were not purchased at PAX, if you're interested.

I may extend or reduce the signing hours, depending on how I'm feeling.

Finally, this is important, so I'm reprinting it from my post about GenCon last year:

I got the Swine Flu at PAX Prime in 2009, and it was the worst two weeks of my life. When we went to PAX East, all of us (Jerry, Mike, Kurtz, Straub, Paul and Storm, The Professor and Mary Ann) all agreed that we wouldn't shake hands, give hugs, or engage in human contact with people, to limit the introduction of infection vectors. Most people understood, and we gave each other the old Iron Guard Salute (not the fascist thing, the gaming thing that looks like like "love" in ASL). The result: a few people were cheesed off, but none of us were too upset about that, because none of us got sick. It was the first con I've gone to in my whole life where I didn't get some form of Con Crud, and I'd like to repeat that until we turn out the lights on Planet Earth.

So, tl;dr: I'm not going to touch people at the con. I know it seems weird, but I hope you understand why. I'm not trying to be a dick, I'm trying not to get sick. (Edited to add: in comments, a non-zero number of readers seem to have a real problem with this, and people on the rest of the Internets are already giving me a hard time about it in very unkind terms. This makes me really sad; I hoped for a little more empathy and understanding. Not that it should matter, but I have Epstein-Barr, so my immune system isn't as robust as a normal person's; it is very easy for me to catch viruses and other nasty things. I'm not going to apologize for not wanting to get sick, especially after two weeks of Swine Flu. If you can't understand that, it's your problem, not mine.)

Thanks for understanding. I'll see you at the con!

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  1. But Wil!! How am I supposed to spread my lovely disease now? In all honesty though, it makes perfect sense. My friend was at Gencon promoting his new game and came home grossly sick for about a week because of all the handshakes and such. I wish I could hit Dragon Con but sadly the work Nazi’s have their claws in me.

  2. Yikes..yeah if you have something that compromises your immune system, something like a con could be a scary place. I don’t blame you at all Wil.
    Hope you have a great time at Dragon Con and say healthy!

  3. As someone who has experienced your “no hug” policy I only wish I’d known beforehand because it made me feel more awkward and ridiculous than anything. Thus kind of tainting my experience only because I felt stupid.
    But I completely understand and respect your reasonings. I hope fans are following your twitter and blog (as they should – there’s gold in them there hills!) so they can know ahead of time to save yourself the hassle and themselves the embarrassment.
    Good luck at the Con and have fun!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend, wish I could be there.
    But I think you forgot somebody… I’m pretty sure Felicia will be at least on the Guild panel with you, if not the Eureka panel as well!

  5. To Whom it May Concern:
    These always sound so fun and interesting, even though I don’t see one in my future. My sister in law was just asking, and I would like to know as well, how and where can we find out about various scifi/fantasy/gaming/comic cons in the Midwest (Think Omaha, not Minneapolis or Chicago) area?
    Yeah, I’m kind of a n00b in this arena. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. My Brother-in-law and D&D friends were of no help to either of us. :( I’m genuinely interested.

  6. Wow, can’t believe they didn’t consult you about what panels you’re supposed to be in. Hope it’s a great con nonetheless. :)

  7. If people don’t understand, then they need to frak off. Only a true douchebag would harass you about something that makes perfect sense.
    Hope you have a wonderful time. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it this year…we’re surprising our kids with a trip to Kings Island this weekend.

  8. I won’t be there (sad face) but I totally get the no-touchy thing. I’m kind of a germaphobe, so the idea of touching any number of possibly unwashed hands gives me the major heebie geebies. Ewewew!

  9. Wil, people are going to feel entitled to something that you won’t give, regardless. You just have to let those people live their lives as eternally pissed off people. People who don’t understand can go suck a lemon – you tell them I said that!
    Hell, I’m a normally-immune-systemed person, and I fear even GOING to cons because I am convinced that I will come home with CONSARS (also, my wife won’t let me use up any of my vacation fund to travel to PAX, the jerk. And I also don’t like waiting in crazy lines for hours and hours and hours and hours)

  10. You could also apply a can of spray paint and rename the Monday panel: “Dr. Parrish – Condescending To Converse With Plebs”. Then shake their hand, with a glove on yours, and tell them you are “insurance”*.
    But, seriously, it can be a springboard for forcing in “… and here are the many cool things I’ve done since then (for you people apparently living under rocks).”
    * Twelve Monkeys reference…

  11. There has been a mistake! DRAGON*CON only lists you listed under “Film & Television”, they should also have you under “Authors” and “Music, Theatrics, & Performance Art”. They are trying to pigeon hole you! :)

  12. Conventions are optimal virus vector mixers. I understand completely your reluctance to hug or touch. The post ConCrud seems to be commonplace in fandom.
    One of my friends got Swine flu at Fencon, and proceeded to give it to everyone on the ride home. Stay well, Wil.

  13. Hi Wil,
    Welcome to the Sunny… er. Steamy South.
    No germ-x or sanitary hand wipes?… if they are good eunff for my kids butt, well then you can see where I’m going with this. I think you underestimate the lure of your celebrity. Folks NEED a piece of you man.. Oh you could start a spin the wheel game called “Wil’s grooming surpise” A lucky spin on the right spot gets fingernail clippings or the over growth beard trimmings.. could be the start of something special.
    or not..
    All kidding aside…
    I went to the ChicagoCon this past yr for the 1st time. I was overwhelmed. All the people and all the stuff. Creeped out actually. I couldn’t imagine having to face that and have it focused on me. I’d need to see a psychiatrist, prolly should anyway…
    There were tons of celebrity types. I didn’t bother with them. I wouldn’t know what to say. I doubt our conversation would change the world or we’d be best buds or anything.
    Sides what if someone I liked and respected turned out to be a real shit-heel. Then what. Why let someones bad day traveling cloud my perception of them as a person AND their work..
    Easier for me not to bother with the celebrity event thing. It just felt weird to me. I know I’m prolly in the minority on this.
    Rant over – safe travels. sleep well. eat a peach.

  14. Don’t worry, I attended the Wil Wheaton! show at PAX where you expressed your wariness in satisfying a hug request by someone in the audience. I found that most people around me had no issue with that decision. Plus, I have a friend who also obtained the Swine Flu at PAX 2009, and after seeing him during that time, I do not blame you and the others at all for being cautious…Oh, and have fun at Dragon*Con!

  15. Wheaton!!! πŸ˜‰
    Seriously, I totally understand about your need, as I worked with someone that had Epstein Barr in the past. I’m wondering how many people actually suffer from this.
    I’m also wondering if it’s always been around, or something that came about recently….

  16. Just some FYIs: whooping cough is on the rise, adults who were vaccinated as children have lost their immunity and should get a “tdap” shot again. And flu shots periodically. Unfortunately, it takes a few weeks form the vaccine to be effective.

  17. Wish I was going to be there…I’d give you a virtual hug with no touching involved. I told Felicia and I’ll tell you. If you get a chance go see Tom Smith. He’s the funniest filker I know and you will feel better just listening to him…

  18. No handshakes/hugs/etc. is a smart policy for all involved. Con-tagion is a real threat.
    BUT you need to invent or adopt an alternate greeting and let everybody know. Salute, namaste, put your two fists together like you’re fist-bumping yourself… something distinctive. Give it a name. Shoot a video about it. Make it a thing. (Seemed to work with the brilliant Wheaton’s Law.)
    Giving people a healthy alternative that still keeps them in the circle will offset the awkwardness.

  19. The real question is why people think they have the right to expect to touch a celebrity at all, much less HUG them. That just boggles my mind. You don’t go hugging random people on the street, and although you may THINK you know a celebrity, they have no idea who you are! Why would people be surprised that a celebrity doesn’t want to be touched by 1000 strangers?

  20. Zen hugs, baby! (Those being the hugs you’d get if I was going to be there, and if I could hug you, but I’m not and I can’t.)
    Seriously though, minimizing your vectors is a Really Good Idea ™. I, too, know a whole bunch of people who had Mr. Hamthrax call upon them after they met at PAX 2009; at least one household I know now has party rules specifically stating that they are not at home to Mr. Hamthrax (or any other nasty virus) and to please keep ones microbes to oneself.

  21. Hey Wil.
    I was just kind of wondering what your favourite line was as Fawkes?
    Personally.. I liked the “Generic Greeting Card” quote. Good stuff.

  22. And as for an on topic comment..
    I realize it’s kind of far in advance.. but do you plan on being at Gen Con next year? I might see if I can’t find a way to be in Indy for Gen Con anyways.

  23. I hope you got a chance to sleep in the post-baby-on-the airplane episode?? Looking at your schedule, wow! That’s like mine with meetings in a busy week! I have a lot more respect for actors now. I thought you all just kind of sat around. Have fun at the con and I hope you don’t get sick!

  24. Hope you have a great time in Atlanta – I’ve never been to Dragon*Con, but my friends who have gone say it’s the best convention they’ve ever attended.
    As for the no-touching rule – no reason why you shouldn’t protect yourself as much as possible, Epstein-Barr or no. The people who matter will understand – the rest don’t matter.

  25. Wow, I’m really shocked that anyone would take issue with your no-touch policy. You have the right to protect your own health and frankly you’re not JUST protecting yourself, but your family as well! And it’s not like you’re telling 10 people – The number of people you’ll be seeing is HUGE and I suspect that would make anyone else think twice about exposure to illnesses, as well.

  26. I have a weak immune system which prevents me from attending any kind of large gathering, so I understand. Anyone who has a problem with it is a Grade-A Douche Canoe with a side of Entitled Moron and doesn’t deserve to revel in the awesomeness that is Wil Wheaton. You keep doing what you’re doing and take care of yourself! I personally think you need to contact The Bloggess and request one of her recently acquired monkey hands to do the shaking for you.

  27. I will come bedecked in Personal Protective Equipment. I shall be slathered in anti-microbial sanitizer. All hair shall be removed from my body and I will be sprayed head to toe in a latex free skin like substance just so I may press the flesh with the Wheaton.
    Actually if I do get to come, which is looking more likely, I’ll just say hi from a few feet away in regular clothes (sans my Three Wheaton Moon shirt as it hasn’t arrived in time) as it seems less hassle and I’ll be less likely mistaken as an extra from Class of Nuke’em High!
    As far as the Epstein-Barr goes, my wife is immuno-suppressed and I’m a murse which make me all the more conscious of my hygiene around her. If the great unwashed get pissed about not being able to shake your hand then that’s more a reflection on them as it is on you. Me, I’ll just be happy to bask in the your glory! I’ll bring a d20 to make a sanity check of course… πŸ˜€

  28. Hey, let’s not be too hard on “Wesley Crusher, Boy Genius”. I grew up watching TNG and I always thought it would be cool to be in Wesley’s position – you know, assuming starships and all that could exist. Going back and watching TNG episodes as an adult, it surprises me how much like the character I was.
    …though I never did lose any nanites.

  29. It’s crazy that I LIVE in Atlanta and you FINALLY come to DragonCon…and I’m leaving for a cruise!
    I already told my husband to plan for Phoenix next Memorial weekend.

  30. First: What’s Epstein-Barr?
    Second: At church, there’s the, “Stand up and greet someone around you!” moment before the singing and I CANNOT STAND that moment. Why do people like to brag that they are sick and more importantly, WHY DON’T THEY STAY HOME!! I worked for T-Mobile for a very long, very hard year and when the stomach flu was going around, people were throwing up in their trash cans at their desks because you would get in trouble if you were off the phone long enough to run to the bathroom and if you called in or went home, you were fired. One day, two people in my pod of 15 were doing this. I faked a headache, used my FMLA and took myself home where it was safe, and then swallowed as many oranges as I could.
    In short: Totally don’t blame you and the haters, would they perfer that you wore a surgical mask and latex gloves to greet them? Try it, see how they like THAT…Sheldon.

  31. tl;dr: You Go Girl!
    The long version: I reached first. That’s what happened at Emerald City Comic Con 2011 at your table. After giving you a 1968 quarter and buying your last copy of “The Happiest Days of our Lives” (not bought for a quarter; discrete events,) I just put my hand out there and said thanks.
    And then I thought, “Whoa, has this guy touched hands with everyone here? I don’t want that. He probably doesn’t, either. Maybe I can pull it back.” I looked up and thought I saw you looking at my hand, running the numbers: “Where has that hand been? Did he wash?” I started to pull away, you reached out and shook my hand.
    I appreciated that because I was giddy with the carnival thrill of a Con, but honestly, as adults, I can tell you it wasn’t necessary. I was excited. You were being super nice (authentically, with fans up front and with Felicia, Frakes and Spiner flanking you.) It happened because you are good people, and I don’t want to encourage to stop being good people. But I said to my wife, “Man I hope he’s got some wet wipes back there.”
    I’m clean. I wash. I open bathroom doors with paper towels so I don’t have to touch the handle. I’m not O.C., but it’s a dirty world and most of that filth travels by hand.
    “Salute for a Healthy Con!”

  32. Unfortunately, for as much fun as D*C is (and the people are great, Wil; you should have a very good time – had I known you were going I would have lobbied harder to the wife to go this year. :), the con organizers are not very good at the logistical side of things. I could tell you horror stories about the length of time people had to wait to pick up badges in years past, among other mind boggling decisions they’ve made. But in spite of that, it is a very good time. Really sorry I won’t get to hand you a die.
    Enjoy the con and if you make it out of the Con hotels, head to Decatur to the Brickstore Pub. The beer list is impressive:

  33. Just found out I have Epstein-Barr last year. Its nice to know I’m not the only one on Earth who has it. :)
    And don’t let the whiners bring you down, there are still plenty of (us) logical fans that have the ability to understand your choice of being “germ-free”.
    Just be sure to bring some hand sanitizer, just in case. πŸ˜‰

  34. E-B, I believe, is what gives you mononucleosis. Apparently, this can stick around in some people and cause further problems rather than just the one-time mono infection.
    Not fun, but I can think of worse things.
    I agree with your stance given your medical history and the crowds that exists at GenCon.
    So, what’s the dividing line between “just being cautious” and being O. C. about germs? Hope you never find out.
    Can anyone figure out why this won’t get the full google info on my id info? It’s suppose to be gmknobl with a nice image of gollum but it’s just this nasty random accounts info in the link instead.
    Oh well. Been to gencon once looooooong ago when Dragon Magazine was still around and people still knew TSR stood for Tactical Studies Rules (or some such). Don’t think I’ll go back again. ‘Sides, Gygax can’t come no more.

  35. See, that’s my thought on the matter. The Iron Guard salute is just kind of a specific thing that if you didn’t already know about for some reason (maybe you don’t follow the exploits of certain gaming groups), at best is just going to be confusing. Or at worst it feels like you’re acting out someone else’s inside joke for their amusement.

  36. I’m sorry to miss out on not shaking hands with you, but it turns out that making a baby costs both time and money (who knew!). Perhaps next year.
    I just wanted to throw my 2c vote on going to Cons in a Parish costume, replete with purple rubber gloves. It’s not OC, it’s Method Acting!
    Or I also liked the fancy salute, with detailed instructions for those in the know, so that not shaking hands means we’re more in the inner circle of cool, rather than less.

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