So… this is happening.

I spent a lot of time at Warner Brothers last week.

While I was there, I saw my friend Kaley, and we took a silly picture:

Wil Wheaton and Kaley Cuoco.


Then I remembered that I'm Evil, so we took another picture:

Evil Wil Wheaton is Evil<


And if you haven't solved the puzzle by now, this is why I was there:

Wil Wheaton returns to Big Bang Theory in Episode 505.

Check out how I totally play this cool, and don't let on that I'm squeeing like a tween meeting Bieber. Awww yeah.

45 thoughts on “So… this is happening.”

  1. Great news Wil. I was wondering when EWW would make a re-appearance!
    I wonder if Evil Wil will ever sport a ‘Mirror Universe’ Evil Spock style goatee?
    I know you’ll be enjoying every second on that cool set, you deserve it!

  2. I love the fact that it’s going all inceptiony on your script. Maybe they can somehow make it that EWW is going to guest star on a sit-com and make it go deeper…

  3. Eureka being cancelled freed you up for a role as a regular on BBT, right?
    I mean come on. How else are you going to prolong the Penny/Leonard relationship limbo other than two years of being together with an evil version of a total nerd? Basically all that’s bad about Penny’s former boyfriends and all that’s bad about being a Nerd rolled into one person?
    I wouldn’t like it, my hate would be like a gleaming hot piece of iron, but it would sooo make the show go for seven seasons without sucking in the meantime…

  4. I’ll do it for you: SQUEEEEEE!
    (Though *cough* it does show a bit…but you knew that…and mostly, yeah, you’re totally cool, man. Totally.)
    You know, when I saw the couch pic on Twitter, I thought, ‘Not only is Evil Wil Wheaton sitting in Sheldon’s spot, he matches it perfectly! Oh, this is trouble. And I like it!’
    Hope you have a blast and we see more EWW in the future!

  5. WOW! You’re EWW on BBT again! I can’t wait. BBT is just about the only broadcast show (other than The Simpsons and Family Guy) that I currently watch, and having you guest star again is awesome. I’m gonna pop a beer right now to celebrate!

  6. As the parent of a Bieber-disliking tween, I resent that offhand comment. Before you praise her taste, though, you should know that she demanded that I buy her the Victorious soundtrack. I’ll have to watch Big Bang Theory now, regardless.

  7. Damn! We left Vancouver this morning on our Epic Roadtrip ™ and it will find us in LA for the Sept 27 taping of TBBT*, missing Evil Wil Wheaton by one week. Damn!
    *Well…I have a ticket and my husband has a standby ticket. The Internet tubes were blocked with pr0n and horse racing bets that morning (or it’s just a damn popular show) preventing his name being one if the lucky 200. Fingers crossed for him!

  8. Love that you’re there, HATE that they haven’t repeated your previous appearance!
    Guess I’m going to have to break down and start buying the DVD season collections.

  9. “squeeing like a tween meeting Bieber” – you are so FUNNY, Will! And I am happy for you ( while I am imagining you getting excited like a Bieber fan (my daughter, whose dream is to meet Bieber)
    On NASA TV (which none of my friends watch it, but I don’t care ’cause I like it) they occasionally show actors from Star Trek with the music and every time I feel so much wish for Star Trek TNG to reappers in one more movie, with Wesley, of course.
    Isn’t it amazing that you don’t even know me, but I can tell you how awesome you are?

  10. I’m totally sure, that you are not allowed to sit on the place on the couch! :-)
    I just want to say thanks for sharing all these things here, especially for your thoughts about “stand by me” in the last months, I really appreciate this. I am so NOT a trekkie, so I didn’t know much about this part of your carreer, but “stand by me” was THE film when I grew up, so reading all this about your thoughts, the film, the guys and – of course – river, was like meeting a little part of my childhood again. Thanks for that!
    So have fun with TBBT and go on beeing so authentic and humorous, best wishes from Germany!

  11. So glad you’re going back to Big Bang. Besides Sheldon, I think you make that show. You guys hit it off so good together. Congrats on all of your upcoming shows, etc.

  12. WHOOT! You are one of my FAVORITE parts of Big Bang! You’re so funny in that show! I can’t wait for Thursday and I cannot wait for your episode! PLUS Eureka on tonight! Hazaa!

  13. For the love of all that is Whovian could you wear a striped or purple scarf, or maybe a Fez or Stetson? I have seen just about every other famous sci-fi/geek reference on the show except Doctor Who! Or maybe slip an EXTERMINATE quietly into the script. I love all the geekiness of the show but wish for some Doctor subtlety in there, especially after seeing so much love for Doctor Who at Dragoncon this year. Thank you sir!

  14. i hear that spiner shot an epi…hope you guys are in the same one (guess not, cuz you wouldve posted a pic)
    also spiner got a guest shot on alphas…and was brilliant
    im hoping that show contacts you for next season

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