I am literally playing The Dead Meemaw Card so that you’ll watch me on The Big Bang Theory tonight.

Yes, I am literally playing The Dead Meemaw Card so that you'll watch me on The Big Bang Theory tonight.

91 thoughts on “I am literally playing The Dead Meemaw Card so that you’ll watch me on The Big Bang Theory tonight.”

  1. Oh, Meemaw, what a big sword you have!
    “The better to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.”

  2. WWUUBRRGG? No, that doesn’t make sense. “Dead Meemaw” was an evil enough tactic that the blackness needs to dominate. UUUBBBBB seems appropriate for such an awesomely evil yet brilliantly manipulative strategy.
    I’ll be watching in part because of Evil Wil Wheaton’s reappearance but also because of something George R. R. Martin posted. Could Sheldon be attempting to defend himself against his arch-nemesis?

  3. I will be watching TBBT anyway. I did read that Warlords of Ka’a have indeed been released as a game. I hope that is true. Playing a game of it with you would be truly awesome!!

  4. So, it’s like Progenitus, only 1 fewer Black, and falls much easier to a counter spell. And it’s sorcery speed, so that’s just generally unhelpful. I’m not sure this card would see much play against a rational player. Then again, we are speaking of Sheldon Cooper……

  5. I laughed like crazy when I saw this on Twitter last night. Well played, sir. Well played. Of course, between you and The Bloggess, I spent most of last night convinced it was Thursday and I was missing BBT and…yeah, working nights will do that to one’s mind. Anyway, I’ll be watching tonight around PST, even though I’m in CST. No TV here, so I’m off to a friend’s once she gets home. Priorities and all that. 😉

  6. Well I was gonna watch you ANYWAY! But this card makes it all the MORE exciting!!! Lets just hope the Tornado Card here in MD that may kill our power. Hopefully MeeMaw will be looking down on us and make sure our cable continues to work! Can’t wait!

  7. OMG!!!! This was so much awesome I can’t even begin to quantify it. Spotted the portrait right away and let out a squee that prolly disturbed the neighbors….no way to explain how totally cool all this is. :)

  8. Never miss an episode, and was so excited to find out tonight was the return of Evil Wil Wheaton… Loved that ending, what a treat it was!
    And hey, for 50 bucks will you and Brent come to my birthday party? There’s gonna be cake.

  9. Hope it’s okay if I watch on Hulu, because I have spent the entire god-damned night helping to paint and assemble a three-D topographical map for an 8th grade Earth Sciences class that I am not in fact taking (the fucking joys of parenthood).
    But really, looking forward to it! It’s one of the pleasures I’ve promised myself once this nightmare is over and all the blue and green paint is washed away and the stray bits of foamcore board are picked up and tossed out.
    Also – Guild finale today! It was great.

  10. Wil,
    I did not see you work tonight. I have faith that you did a great job. After viewing your last entry, a question lingers. Are you feeling OK?

  11. Wil, Please tell the story of how Velvet Wesley (and anything else you may have provided) got into the show. Was this your idea? I literally howled and my 82 year old mom just gave me this funny look. I had to explain it during a commercial break so’s not to talk over the preponderance of funny lines. You and Brent were great!
    I also liked how educational this episode was. I’d never known you could do such things with those action figures! (Ohhh what I could do with a Dr. Crusher figure…)

  12. BBT is one of the favorites in our family, wouldn’t miss it! Good to see you back, even if you decided to not push Sheldon’s buttons anymore :( We LOVED Evil Wil Wheaton

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