I am literally playing The Dead Meemaw Card so that you’ll watch me on The Big Bang Theory tonight.

Yes, I am literally playing The Dead Meemaw Card so that you'll watch me on The Big Bang Theory tonight.

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  1. Brent offered Sheldon some Data dolls. Sheldon designated Brent as his new mortal enemy and took Wil away.
    Leonard and Raj then asked for Data dolls and Brent said ‘sure, for $20 each.” Leonard bargained him down to 2 for $30, plus an appearance at his birthday party.

  2. My friend Rich Stevens made that! If you search my blog archives, you can find a great picture he did of me and Jim from the bowling episode.

  3. My head nearly exploded when I saw the velvet Wesley on the wall. Then again, this morning when I was thinking: where is the next logical place to go from here? How do you top Wil Wheaton appearing as himself for the fourth time on BBT?
    (Stream of consciousness follows)
    Evil Wil Wheaton -> Good Wil Wheaton -> Velvet Wesley Crusher painting -> Painting -> Highland Sextasy -> Felicia Day!
    Of course, Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day need to appear as themselves in the same episode of BBT!
    (Stream of consciousness continues)
    Felicia Day -> The Guild -> Penny -> Struggling actress.
    It’s so obvious, there is the plot! Penny lands a part in a little web series called The Guild; hijinks ensue (guys try to meet Felicia Day, get parts as extras, etc). Meta bonus: BBT actors appear playing parts in the next season of The Guild.
    Please please you must pitch this idea to Felicia Day and the BBT writers!

  4. I have only ever gotten to see about half a dozen episodes of BBT over the years but last night marked the first time I’ll be able to start watching it on a regular basis. And I also only read your blog every once in awhile; but even I started giggling big time when I saw the Velvet Wesley. I thought that was a brilliant touch!

  5. Well. I feel a little let down. Where was Evil Wil Wheaton? They made him a good guy? Perhaps Sheldon has landed in the Mirror Universe where Good Wil Wheaton lives.
    It must be more fun to play an Evil version of yourself than a Good version.

  6. What, Evil Wil is no longer evil? Is nothing sacred? Wait, maybe Evil Wil was in cahoots with Brent to rip open the bubble-pack.
    In additional fun, another channel that has the syndicated TBBT ran the bowling episode right before Thursday’s CBS episode.

  7. This was the first time I’ve watched the show and now I have a bad case of the giggles. Just watched on the CBS site. These guys remind me too much of my freinds right out of college – all computer programmers and ubber geeks.
    Gotta go watch past episodes. ‘night
    –and THANKS!

  8. I watched and I squee-ed and then there was a 34 comment thread on my FB about the whole thing. It was convoluted. Something about touching a waitress who used to serve you at her restaurant, drinking scotch, sock monkeys, furries, my hormones and a trip to hell.
    That Meemaw card…it’s got some strange powers.

  9. Dear Mr. Wheaton,
    I noticed the other day that you are going to be in my fair city of Portland on November 16th, and then in the much less fair city of Seattle on the 17th. If you are still in the neighborhood, I would like to invite you (and anyone else reading this) to a Captain Picard Day art contest that I am organizing on the 18th. You know, like the one from the episode “The Pegasus”. It’s not going to be anything fancy, just a lot of people showing up at a comic book shop with some Picard-themed art and geeking out and winning gift certificates for comics and DnD stuff and arcades. Here is a link to the Facebook page for the event: on.fb.me/captainpicardday
    It would be wonderful to see you (and everyone!) there.

  10. Loved the show. Now I have a new favorite show (I’d never watched Big Bang Theory before). Spent all weekend watching old episodes. Damn you and your dead Meemaw card!

  11. I too will buy a sausage shirt. I bought the Loner Rebel shirt. I bought a tshirt linked in that Make Stuff comment thread featuring a picture of a lady’s brother looking lascivious. (I got a lot of compliments on that one at a Lynnerd Skynnerd concert. Hey, I got a free ticket.) I promise to buy a sausage shirt. I might wear the big fake knockers under the shirt…dunno yet.

  12. I love The Big Bang Theory! I’m a great big geek (Trekkie, Star Wars, comics, you name it.) I get it, it reflects a lot of my life, the things I do, the people I associate with ( a lot of scientists and lab techs) and I love every wonderful character in it. Personality-wise I’m pretty much Sheldon with two X chromosomes.
    I married me a plaid shirted, lab-coat wearin’, bespectacled PhD (Neuroendocrinology. Squee.) The man asked me to proof his Nature article. <3
    My name’s Amy, so when Ms. Farrah Fowler showed up I made a tinfoil hat, searched for bugs and cameras and tried to contain my freakout. I loved the episode with you and Brent.

  13. I had not realized you were going to be on the show tonight. I only tuned in just before the “revenge is a dish best served cold” comment but watched it to the end. Loved the episode. You were hilarious.

  14. I got so excited that I both clipped this to Evernote AND saved it on Instapaper. At this point, a foolish man would say, “Bring it, Sinusitis!!” but I have met that wily foe far too many times to give it an opening like that….

  15. Loved it heavily. My roommate was a witness to my initial squee-fest when you tweeted the script cover for the episode… and the other squees (okay, shrieks of glee, less of a squeal really) when I saw the previews, then remembered last week that it was airing. I have not removed it from our DVR yet because, well, duh.
    Next task: To get her to watch Stand By Me with me FFS, she’s never seen it. What kind of world is this?

  16. Basic gist is that Wil felt bad about how Sheldon had been let down by him missing a con to do an appearance on Hollywood Squares (a fact Sheldon had mentioned earlier in the episode when he was explaining why Wil was his mortal enemy).
    Oh, speaking of which, Sheldon pulling out the 5.25″ floppy with his list of mortal enemies was classic. Pulling out that giant 5.25″ drive was *awesome*.

  17. I’m ever so pissed at Cox Cable for sending out a firmware upgrade the day that this episode aired and not telling us. My cable box said it was happily DVR’ing the new season of TBBT but lo, it LIED! It recorded nothing, waiting for a reboot! I heard tell that WW was wearing a Zerg shirt too! ARRRGGHHH Starcraft + Wil Wheaton = geek nirvana AND I MISSED IT!
    A pox on Cox Cable!

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