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Marketing email I just got: "Do you ever wonder which apps influencers (like yourself), celebrities, or Jersey Shore castmates have on their phones?"

My response:


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  1. OOh-OOh… You are an influencer-Congratulations. I would take offense being placed in the same sentence as a Jersey Shore person though.
    BTW- While shopping for a Halloween costume (Darn you Deadpool!) for my teen son; he says “There should be a Wil Wheaton Costume!”….Thought I would share….

  2. I like this. I always like this, but with the added awesome of you sending it to someone who foolishly put YOU in the same sentence as The Mother-Fucking Jersey Shore… So rad.

  3. Okay, I don’t get your response, but I’m really slow on the uptake. I’ll get it in a few months. Aside from that, yeah, that’s how far down our society is. We wonder what app the Jersey Shore oranges have rather than someone a bit more, dare I say important?, like the president. (can’t stand the man, but i would wonder what’s on his phone LONG BEFORE i would wonder what’s on theirs)

  4. U R doin’ it wrong! You need to send a picture of the Bloggess collating paper…or maybe Beyoncé (the chicken not the singer) – do chickens collate? Most meta ever!

  5. It was worth staying up late to see this.
    Any app that has this photo as its “thing” would be an instant bestseller.
    Ooh, it just gave me a great idea. All I need to do is to download this photo onto my phone. Then, whenever someone says something really lame (or worse) to me, I just need to bring up the photo and flash it at them.
    BAM! They’re dead. Or very confused. Or laughing, in which case we’re cool again anyway.

  6. This is a marvellous thing. I agree with Linda, a picture of the Bloggess collating paper would be the most kickass and apt response to marketing spam ever!

  7. That is great! But, did you send a caption with the picture? I suggest something along the lines of: “Do you ever wonder what celebrities (like myself), influencers, and other famous people do in their free time? BTW – No one who counts gives a rat’s ass about the Jersey Whore cast members.”

  8. Is there a “Don’t Be A Dick” App? It would be great if you could send it to people for them to download and it explain to them how to not be a dick… just a thought for a new app.

  9. Next time you go to Con in San Diego, I will be sure to pick one up, no matter if I am furiously happy or happily furious. I will gladly trade you that red Swingline stapler for a Captain Smarmy Pants T-shirt!

  10. Ya know, its truly sad that “Hilton” and “Kardashian” have entered the common American lexicon without any real substance backing them. It’s like they were given fame and fortune like a line of credit and now they have to pay it back with interest. (…which is largely why we have to put up with them.)
    Papercuts is too good for them. I rather think that dying from trying to juggle the running chainsaws that cut down the trees that made the paper that would otherwise give them papercuts would be more appropriate. But I suppose there’s no irony in that.

  11. One of these days we should hold some photo caption contests called “What Is Wil Thinking?”
    My entry for this one:
    “Hello, My Name Is Wil Wheaton…
    You Disturb My Inner Zen…
    Prepare To Die.”

  12. Totally started reading you because of the Bloggess, but love your stint on Big Bang Theory. What’s going to happen now that you and Sheldon are besties??

  13. Excellent! Made my morning, too. I don’t have to collate, but rather do an online sort in some database somewhere. No papercuts for me. Wheeeeeeeeee!
    P.S. There definitely needs to be a Don’t Be A Dick app.

  14. You have so cursed me with this damned photo. Every time one of my colleagues says something pointless to prove that they’re getting work done, I think, “And here’s Wil Wheaton collating paper.”

  15. Had a nasty papercut last week, didn’t realize how nasty it was until my wife and I went out for dinner and I squeezed lemon into my tea.
    The best solution for the Kardashians was shown in Southpark’s The Story of Scrotty McBoogerballs. That, or as I do, totally ignore them.

  16. I drove more than 500 miles yesterday, didn’t get enough sleep last night, and I definitely am unable to process meta visual statements right now, so may I join your club?

  17. I have played with the idea of making an app that is just a picture of my smiling face that, when tapped, plays a recording of me saying "Don't be a dick!"

  18. *chuckle* What dingbats. I just got something today from some “amazing technology specialist” wanting our business (hotel) and the first page looks like a ransom note. Nope, I don’t think I’ll be dipping my toe in that pool, sir. Maybe next time they’ll send a picture of a dark alley for me to sign a contract at.

  19. How did I miss that at Dragon*Con? Was I too busy making an ass of myself? (Quite possibly, for try as I might to keep cool, I did get a little “OMGit’sWilWheatonfromtheinternet” when we talked briefly – though I do still think the photo with Just A Geek is great.) Bummer. I so would have scarfed that up.
    Alas, there’s always Phoenix, and this year, I’ve got a new job that just might let me go! Woo-hoo!
    Oh, and my response to this entry is still just one word. As I said on Twitter:

  20. All win. And although I love the shirt, I would love to see this photo with a different T-shirt. Specifically, one of those recursive ones from Basic Instructions. Recursive Wheaton, collating paper.

  21. I must confess I stole that from a video I saw a while ago. Wil at some con, being introduced for something. I think it was either JoCo or Paul and Storm who announced him and said “it’s Wil Wheaton, he’s from the internet.” I just about lost it. So perfect, for Wil is a long time removed from any other definition in my mind. 😉

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