in other words…

Marketing email I just got: "Do you ever wonder which apps influencers (like yourself), celebrities, or Jersey Shore castmates have on their phones?"

My response:


118 thoughts on “in other words…”

  1. Is it wrong that when I read a while back that you met Fillion at a party, my first thought was “oooh! I wonder if he’ll ask him to pose with a ball of twine for Jen?”
    I was slightly ashamed at first. Then I thought, “If Debbie Gibson and Tiffany can have a showdown in “Mega Python vs. Gatoroid”, then why can’t two of my favorite scifi guys talk about a ball of twine? And so I looked for a shooting star, just in case. And then realized it was the middle of the afternoon.

  2. There is nothing inherently funny about the photo. It is Will sitting at a desk smiling, with paper in his hands.
    Perhaps there is a back story or an inside joke that I am not in on. This reminds me of the prison joke where someone stands up and yells “57!” and everyone starts laughing.

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