I’m selling some autographed books next week

Anne and I unloaded a lot of stuff from storage last week, and I discovered that I have a lot of books that probably want to find a new home.

So this is just a heads up: next week, I'm going to offer signed copies of the Games Matter chapbook I made for PAX this year (I have about 40 copies) and 50 copies of the sold out Subterranean Press edition of The Happiest Days of Our Lives. They'll be available on a first come, first served basis. I'll give about 24 hours advance notice so you'll know when I plan to push the Big Red Button.

I'm also working on putting both of those books into the Kindle store, as well as getting all of my eBooks into the Nook store. (BARNES & NOBLE Y U NO MAKE IT AS EASY TO PUBLISH IN NOOK STORE AS AMAZON DOES IN KINDLE STORE?)

I found out last week that Lulu took all audiobooks out of my store (they're only doing books, now, sadly), so at the moment, there's no (legal, support-my-work) way to get them. I'm working on fixing that, too, and hopefully next week will find them available once again.

Yesterday, I turned in the first draft of [AWESOME PROJECT I LOVE AND CAN'T WAIT TO TALK ABOUT], and now I'm going to reward myself by brewing a batch of Stone Pale Ale using the recipe in the Craft of Stone Brewing Co book.

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  1. Yes! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled! You probably don’t remember, but I was bitching about ‘Happiest Days of Our Lives’ selling out on Twitter a while back. I’m glad to see it coming back! …even if it’s only temporary.

  2. Addendum: How much will the HDoOL run? Because it was selling for ungodly prices a while back after it sold out. That’s why I don’t have it already.

  3. Hi Wil,
    I’m sure you have heard this before, but still: while anything you create will go on our “strongly consider buying that because it’s by a good writer with interesting things to say” list, we’ll pre-order and purchase MotF2 as soon as it’s available.
    Just a little capitalist motivation for ya there. Look forward to seeing you soon in PDX!

  4. I guess there is little chance you will be selling those signed copies as well to your European fans i guess? Sometimes it sucks to be stuck on the other side of that ocean 😉

  5. Setting my twitter on high alert – only wish I could get one of those full compulation custom made CD’s – I have some mad money squirreled away just in case that EVER becomes a possiblitiy somewhere besides a con. ^_^

  6. I will definitely try to get one of those Happiest Days copies, and I think I need to get the Craft of Stone Brewing Co. book as well. Jamil Zainasheff has a great book too: “Brewing Classic Styles: 80 Winning Recipes Anyone Can Brew” that he co-authored with John J. Palmer. Jamil is a noted and award winning home brewer who just opened a brewery (Heretic Brewing) in Pittsburg, CA. I plan to make his Chocolate Hazelnut Porter soon.
    Thanks to you renewing my interest in home brewing, Wil, I have now brewed 9 batches of beer and 4 meads since the end of September, and will probably do another batch this weekend.

  7. Yes! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled! You probably don’t remember, but I was bitching about ‘Happiest Days of Our Lives’ selling out on Twitter a while back. I’m glad to see it coming back! …even if it’s only temporary.

  8. Well could some of us [GIVE YOU MORE MONEY THAN ASKED] so that we could [PERSUADE YOU] to sell us a book?
    Ya, I know I have to take my changes like everybody else. Wish we could throw dice like the last go around.
    Any chance of you putting out a pre-release version of your [AWESOME PROJECT I LOVE AND CAN’T WAIT TO TALK ABOUT] out for auction? Let the winner get a signed copy a couple weeks before the general public?

  9. On a side note, Wil do you think you will have your new audiobook out by Christmas. I have a friend I want to give the audiobook to (I have a couple and love them) but I would like to do this for Christmas.

  10. John Palmer is a fantastic writer, isn't he? My copy of How To Brew is wort-stained, dogeared, and so heavily referenced, it looks like I've head it for a decade (and I only bought it a few months ago.)

  11. It's fantastic. Greg talks about the history of Stone Brewing, with tons of sidebars from people who have been involved in the growth of the company.
    And the recipes are sensational, too, including lots of food recipes from the bistro.

  12. Yes, he’s a great writer. A friend taught me to brew, but John’s How To Brew taught me why things are done a certain way and I have changed my brewing technique based on his information.
    If you are interested in meads, gotmead.com has a great tutorial. I use the no-boil technique to preserve the flavor and aroma characteristics of the honey.
    FYI – If you need any supplies or ingredients, Austin Homebrew Supply (www.austinhomebrew.com) has free shipping on orders over $49 until midnight tonight, central time.

  13. As the one who had the honor and privilege of folding, stapling, and trimming the Games Matter books, I would love love love to have a signed copy. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the announcement. *fingers crossed* And thank you again for the opportunity. That is definitely a day on my short list of awesome moments in life. =)

  14. Thanks Wil! Kobo is a Canadian company that’s been gaining on our ebook market. Their ebook reader was distributed in the US by Borders, but is still strong here with the help of Chapters/Indigo and even Future Shop/Best Buy.
    If it’s not feasible, there’s always other solutions (the Kobo can read PDFs and ePub), but to be able to buy them directly would be the simplest way, as you could imagine. :)

  15. Hi Wil,
    somewhat off topic again I’m afraid, and I also know you promised more details in the mysterious future, but it is going to be upon us soon (the future is now?) I’m talking about a trip you may or may not be making to the Southern Hemisphere next year. Could you possibly give us some confirmation about your trip to Melbourne? I’m in Oz, but in Perth (4hr flight away) and as concert tickets are now on sale I need to start organising flights and baby sitters for dog, husband and 2 year old son if I’m going to come over. Thank you!

  16. Thanks Wil,
    Its April 11, 12th next year according to the MSO web site. I was just after some confirmation from your end that barring asteroid strike, you were planning on coming over:)

  17. Hi! Did I wait on you in Longview Washington on November 1st? If so, did you ever find foam? I’d love to know if it was really you! You are so awesome on the Big Bang Theory; can’t wait to see what you might do next! :)

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