Watch about a stupid live tour of my messy office, and hear me tell you a story.

I made a stupid cellphone video that was actually a live stream tour on my Ustream channel of my messy office. Then I read a short story. Yaaaaay!

The stream was broken once when Paul called me (way to steal focus, Paul!), so there are two videos:



If you watched it (live or recorded, please tell me), I'm very interested in your feedback. I'm considering doing more of these in the future, from various locations and events, and it's useful and awesome to know what viewers like, don't like, and want to see more of.

Thanks for watching and thanks for your feedback!

187 thoughts on “Watch about a stupid live tour of my messy office, and hear me tell you a story.”

  1. It was neat! It stalled a few times for me (I generally have that experience on Ustream – I’m in the UK if it matters), but audio and video quality was generally good.
    I loved the “tour around the office” thing btw and didn’t think of it as voyeuristic, since you were the one doing the tour.
    A++++ would watch again. Would pay if the actual broadcast was something I’m interested in (as opposed to, I dunno, a $10/month subscription to Wilstream without knowing in advance where you’ll be).
    PS you are too cute!

  2. I thought it was great. Sound and picture were both good. The camera was pretty steady. I think this is a great idea and I’m looking to forward to where you take us with it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. I thought it was super fun, and really enjoyed the behind-the-scenes peek! The immediacy of being able to watch live is really great. Looking forward to more.
    Also, I really like the thing about the quarters.

  4. That was actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed getting to see that you are in fact a true nerd just like I’m sure a lot of us that watched it are, myself included. You’ve got some neat stuff, you’re a funny guy, and I look forward to watching if you decide to do more of these.
    I watched it about 20 minutes after it ended. I suppose you’ll have to turn off your cell connection and rely on wireless at the live event to prevent more calls from coming in and interrupting the stream. It’s too bad that Ustream doesn’t background in those situations.

  5. I want to watch you make beer and teach us how to do fun things. Let’s bring you to the Toyshoppe and make tesla coil music or physical programming for special effects. Are you interested in creating more participatory shows?
    I’m looking for producers who enjoy live and participatory content with the personal level of conversation you have with your viewers. Let’s talk more @amoration anywhere if you are interested in a network of participatory producers broadcasting in segments.

  6. I looked at Twitter just as I was starting to eat lunch at my desk, so I clicked and watched. There was a short ad, which is fine, nothing for free, right?
    It was very nice to see your office, your pile of games, comics and beer stuff – what a life! I wanted to see your dogs!
    Story was great, and I think you should do more. Give more of yourself, until you are nothing but a shell. We demand it.

  7. It was creepily cool to see backstage at the Wheaton residence. Lost the feed once (apparently you got a phone call; how dare someone call you on your camera). Brief problems reconnecting. Yada yada yada. Would love to see more streaming.

  8. Loved the vid, Wil, but then again, I’m a dork who humors easily. I must say though, the close proximity of cat shit to beer is a bit too close for my liking, therefore, should I ever be invited over for a beer with you and Anne (cause that’ll so happen), I shall bring my own. No offense of course.

  9. Your Stream as pretty awesome.
    We sure had some fangasms while seeing your office (Who didn´t?)
    You are a awesome guy with awesome stuff in an awesome office.
    Greetings from Germany :-)

  10. Wil, It was a neat experiment and video quality was quite good. I think it would be great to get some of the “behind the scenes” looks. I’m hoping that Google+ offers up the ability to do something like this soon (beyond hangouts which fill up way too fast).
    For the homebrew, I’d recommend switching to glass carboys. Much easier to clean, and it’s fun to watch the yeast in action during the brew. Kegging is also wonderfully easy, but does take away a little of the gratification of having your own bottles.

  11. Video was fine, audio was better. Dropped out once near the start when u got to talking about your footstool and had to reconnect and rewatch the 30sec ad. Otherwise all good. Oh I only pay for things I had too, so no I wouldn’t.
    If you do end up doing this kind of thing alot you could get one of them stedicam setups which I’m sure you are somewhat aware of already. Apparently they have iphone mounts now…
    Although I don’t see the iPhone mod on their website

  12. The stream was great and ran quite smooth! I’d definitely be willing to chip in to help cover costs and would love to watch any events you record!

  13. agreed gorilla tripods are awesome, have one yay me! Enjoyed the tour ad the short.Would definately love to go more places and see new life n new errr sorry!anyway if you do plan such future livestreams i am sure many many of us would be more than happy to contribute a few of our dollars .again thanx for the livestream, look forward to more

  14. First a technical question: Can anyone set up stream like that using only a smartphone?
    Yes, I watched it and I’d love if you did more, especially of behind the scenes bits at events and cons or possibly even (if you’re in a legal position to do so) a tour of the set of a TV show you’re working on. It takes away some of the magic but I absolutely love those glimpses into a production that are rarely shown.

  15. Except for the commercial, and the spottiness of the stream, it was fine. Almost fun, even. Thanks, I think this will get the people watching, and probably go to your show instead of just watching behind-the-scenes. :)

  16. Hi Wil, I watched live, I was on the page waiting before you started and it streamed fine for me, except for the break in the middle of course.
    I enjoyed the little tour, and will very much look forward to behind the scenes videos, although I won’t be watching live as I’m in the UK and presume i’ll be asleep when you broadcast! I’m guessing it’ll be available for viewing afterwards like your test video?
    It’s always cool to see/hear you read your stories or even just talk about your day so any more videos will be much appreciated!

  17. That was awesome! Although I was watching at work and got called away once or twice, so it’s great to be able to rewatch the videos. Looking forward to watching the backstage video tonight! Would be more than happy to throw in a few dollars to get this on a regular basis!! Thanks again!

  18. I watched your stream live, and liked it alot! It felt strange but also very, very good. Thanks for sharing your office with us. And I already liked the short story, but hearing you read in the tone you intended for it, is something else.
    Also, I have visited the brewery in Oban. It is awesome. And the whiskey, too.

  19. LOVED the videos, I think they came out great! I really want one of those PS3 headsets, too cool! Your office is very cozy looking, love that and I LOVED the Twilight Zone bobble head. That was a great episode! By the way, have any dice I could borrow? 😛

  20. Much respect to you for working with Occupy. Thanks for the Gorilla pod recommend; lots of people have mentioned that, so I'm looking into it.

  21. It was really fun to watch, hope you do another one in the near future (During a Wootstock perhaps!). It’s always great to see stuff like this and I feel we fans got a chance to get to “know” you better. Greetings from Portugal!

  22. That was great. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us. I thought it was slightly jittery, but hey it was your first time. Would like to see more streaming.

  23. I watched the stream live from the beginning and very much enjoyed it. Good quality in both audio and video and no buffering interruptions whatsoever. At first I thought that there had been one interruption for an ad but now I see that it was when you had to restart the stream. Since this is a free service which surely takes up a lot of bandwidth I´m not going to complain about a little ad at the beginning to keep it running (if it had been in between it would have sucked a little, but it wasn´t so all is well). Speaking of which, you asked if we would be willing to pay a few bucks for live streaming services. Since I´m a student on a rather tight budget, currently not, but generally if I could afford it and there were interesting regular (commercial-free) broadcasts, I´d consider it.
    I think it would be great if you´d do a stream from the show tonight (and considering I live in Germany and will most likely be sound asleep by then, it would also be great if you´d post the video here afterwards, just sayin`) and occasional ones in the future.
    Have fun tonight! :)

  24. This was suspiciously interesting, would like to see more.
    + Watched the recorded version. Was interested in the live stream, but missed it.
    + Don’t be so self conscious! Instead, you should be self conscious about how self conscious you’re being.
    + Was particularly interested to see just how ordinary/common your office environment was compared to us normal peoples’. No nuclear-powered coffin or anything!

  25. Good point on payments. I like suggested donations on pay-what-you-want with a clear disclosure of where the money goes.

  26. Loved the tour and the story – just need to remember to grab a beer before the next show to make it authentic.
    Really like this idea, even with the Paul interruption in the middle. Which reminded me that the first livestream I ever saw was Storm eating a whole Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake! This was even better than that!

  27. I agree with Troy, stabilization would be needed. I think you’d have to be careful about lighting situations. I don’t know your mobile cam specs, but ISO might be an issue. Sound was good. I think testing it out in a crowd setting might be prudent.
    Overall, I love the idea. I think it would be great way to generate interest in events. It would also give participants a new way to interact at events. Can’t go behind the scenes or get a seat at an event? Well, you can log into the live stream for access. The ability to notifying people about sudden live streaming through an alert app would be great. I was lucky enough to catch you because I happened to be on G+ at that moment. To allow the streamer to generate an audience on short notice, and not limit them to predetermined times, would be invaluable. If nothing like that exists, I’d find a web developer who might take on the project for free. GL!

  28. I really enjoyed the personal level of this. I super love it when you pop up on shows I like, but I love even more this blog because it comes directly from YOU. And this was similar except it was on-the-spot in a way that seemed like it would be similar to meeting you in the meat-verse. But I dont imagine we would be allowed to invade your office there, so this was way awesome. Thanks for sharing, and I would really love to see how many dice you are up to now. I know its not enough, but we all know it never will be.
    And yes, I would so very much be willing to throw money at this if it will continue.

  29. Great minds think alike! I do secondary in carboys, and I love them. I also have kegging equipment, but I haven't built a keezer or found an inexpensive fridge, yet.

  30. Technical answer: Yes! That's why I did it after seeing people at Occupy all over the world do it themselves.
    I probably can't get stuff backstage at productions (studios and networks are insanely paranoid about that sort of thing, which is stupid), but I'll try anyway!

  31. I thought the broadcast was great. Very cool. I’ve always thought mobile livestreaming was a great idea and that more people needed to do it. One thing would be to see if there was some way to avoid having calls come in… but since it’s a phone that is difficult. One possible solution to that, if you start to do a lot of this, would be to get a Ustream mobile pack… I don’t know what they cost, but if you are going to do a lot of this it might be worth looking in to.
    I know you’ve seen suggestions about the Gorilla Pods which are very good… and there is another suggestion I have as well. It’s not good for all situations, but I can see where it would have it’s uses. It’s the Mobislyder( which is a camera dolly for a smartphone.
    Anyways, thought it was great. Hopefully you’ll do more streaming tonight.

  32. Wil,
    I was intrigued by your experiment of this short live feed tour motivated by your experience watching OccupyLA on twitter and uStream. (did I read that or hear it?, can’t find it now for attribution) Props to you for leaning and sharing in real time publically. What a nerd! hug and/or handshake as appropriate.
    During the Tuesday Occupation I followed a couple of your tweets about journalists needing to step up to the plate and cover the event regardless of the permission from the LAPD. I hope you may follow up on this in twitter and your blog if hopefully you research a bit and find some respected established journalists and bloggers that can comment on and document this aspect of the evenings event to educate us in the calmer light of a new day with perhaps a history of police and the media in this and other cities so we can understand it in light of history. I found it disturbing, yet have no real knowledge of how the media and police forces work together or against in other similar situations.
    I’m going to go search your blog a bit for your dogs since you had the door closed on them during your live feed. (I watched a recording…)
    C ya… – jeffa

  33. The livestream was very interesting…I mostly watch concert livestreams, so to me the camera seemed pretty steady, and great audio! I’d be happy to contribute to some behind-the-scenes clips! One request…next time, can we meet the cat?

  34. Brilliant! I’m involved with a couple of local club nights as a photographer and we’ve been thinking of possibly streaming clips of the mayhem.
    Entirely understandable if you can’t but thanks for trying!
    Oh, and I wouldn’t mind seeing your awesome pets next time. :)

  35. I watched the beginning at work and then had to leave (because my co-workers were staring at me suspiciously since I’m usually out the door at 4:30 sharp) – then went home and watched the 2nd video – which oddly seemed to pick up right where I left off (I didn’t realize there were 2 videos) so I was slightly afraid that you were IN MY MIND. But now I get it!
    I thought it was fun- I’d definitely be in for more videos, and in for contributing to the cause – would love to see backstage stuff. Also really enjoyed Storytime With Wil. Read us more stories!

  36. That was really fun! Thanks for sharing your nerdy, yet strangely totally normal office with us. :)
    My only comments regarding the technical stuff has all pretty much been stated already. I’m late to the party. :(

  37. I watched live, and enjoyed it! It is neat to see something as personal as another’s office, homebrewing and catbox included. But I totally agree on the catbox-homebrew proximity being an issue. HAH – just saw your pic.. with Castle Ravenloft and Wrath of Ashardalon! Those are on my bookshelt, perhaps it is time for a game. Hope to “see” you again! /nostalker

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