in which i have an audition for a feature this afternoon

I composed a post in Firefox all about how I have this awesome audition this afternoon. Then, when I tried to publish it, Firefox hung for ten minutes before it crashed.

I've been spoiled by stability, so I didn't do the ctl-c that was so pretty much automatic a few years ago… so here's the tl;dr: I have an audition today for a movie. The script is fantastic, the people involved are Top Men, and they have a sensational track record in the genre. This movie will be a massive hit with its audience, and I hope I get to be part of it.

Posted from Chrome, which is now my default browser goddammit.

58 thoughts on “in which i have an audition for a feature this afternoon”

  1. OMG, This reminds me of the MANY MANY times I would go and post a blog on MySpace and have it freak out and lose my hard thought out thoughts.
    I was very big on CTRL C prior to hitting submit, but of course, like clockwork, the one time you don’t, is the time it crashes. GAH.
    Chrome ftw brother.
    Good luck on your audition, you’ve earned it.

  2. If it is Ender’s Game, hopefully the main character will end up looking as evil and self deluded as he was. Raise your hand if you accepted that murderer as someone who only did what was necessary.

  3. Break a leg, monsieur Wheaton! And I’ve been tempted to swap over to Chrome for a while now. Every time I have to kill the Firefox process because it’s using 1.5gb (with three open tabs) I ask myself why I’m still using this damn browser.

  4. Spoilers: Wil Wheaton is auditioning for Beard Wars, the story of a young Luke Beardwalker and his ongoing mission to explore strange new worlds and save them from the Beardstar, an evil beard-sized space station with firepower able to end worlds with it’s sheer amount of unkept dandruff and old food stains.

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