in which i have an audition for a feature this afternoon

I composed a post in Firefox all about how I have this awesome audition this afternoon. Then, when I tried to publish it, Firefox hung for ten minutes before it crashed.

I've been spoiled by stability, so I didn't do the ctl-c that was so pretty much automatic a few years ago… so here's the tl;dr: I have an audition today for a movie. The script is fantastic, the people involved are Top Men, and they have a sensational track record in the genre. This movie will be a massive hit with its audience, and I hope I get to be part of it.

Posted from Chrome, which is now my default browser goddammit.

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  1. Lemme guess, Wil — Typepad doesn’t autosave drafts as you write?
    Good luck on the audition! Here’s hoping we’ll hear some good news soon!

  2. It burns me that we’re not past the days of needing ctrl-c as a safety net. Can’t we move on, world? CAN’T WE? Should I make sure to carry extra oil with me in case my lamps burn out tonight? (I hope that’s not the case because I don’t know how to do that.) In case my lights run dry, look to the sky for my smoke signal.
    (Full disclosure–I just tried previewing my comment without ctrl-c-ing and my text vanished. I’m now crying out to the sky on my knees.)

  3. I checked, and it doesn't… but I found a TON of unpublished, mostly-finished posts that I'd forgotten about. Now I know what I'll be cleaning up and publishing in the next several days!

  4. Chrome is really great about saving text in forms when something goes wrong. I was once in the middle of writing a long blog post when I had to leave the house. My kids turned off my laptop and put it away while I was gone. When I turned it back on and opened Chrome and restored the tabs, there was my post just like I’d left it!
    Great news about the audition, BTW! Break a leg!

  5. Don’t feel bad about missing the save. Heck, my computer is coal fired. Just filthy. When I want to save something I have to use a hand crank.
    We’re all having a good thought for you on the thing.

  6. I think WW needs the “Nolan Sorrento” part in RPO, that is, if he’s not worried about being typecast as the smarmy bad guy. [Sux0rs!]
    Back on topic – karma sent your way.

  7. There is an awesome plugin called “It’s all text” which will allow you to pass data seamlessly back and forth between a text box in your browser and a text editor on your system (notepad, wordpad, gedit, vim, emacs, you name it) Great for keeping content safe.

  8. This. I only recently started using this with Firefox, and I’m still in the habit of Crtl+C’ing everything, but Lazarus works.
    Oh, and break a leg, Wil!

  9. Wil, it’ll be nice to see you in more parts where you’re not simply acting as caricatures of yourself.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to see you be a dick in Big Bang, but the victims include your breadth as an actor, and your own personality as continued misperceptions are fueled (rec. alt.wesley.crusher.die.die et al)
    Looking forward to seeing you get into a character and act his ass off. #obbreakaleg

  10. Firefox hung for ten minutes
    We noticed this a couple of months ago:
    But we’ve never had it hang for so long or crash. Definitely strange.
    I didn’t do the ctl-c that was so pretty much automatic a few years ago
    WordPress does this, which is why I’m glad I use WordPress.
    Posted from Chrome, which is now my default browser goddammit.
    Well, at least now you can play Angry Birds in your browser, goddammit.
    Hope you broke a leg on the audition.

  11. I’m using Firefox. Guess what happened? The “Post” button decided not to work.
    Had to ctl-a, ctl-c, reload the page, and then ctl-v. Now the “Post” button works.
    C’mon, Mozilla, you can do better, goddammit. IE isn’t high a bar to hurdle.

  12. Should Firefox freeze up like that again in the future, you might be able to unfreeze it by killing the task “plugin-container.exe”. Killing that process (or processes) will unfreeze the browser if the issue is with a plugin. Not that Flash would ever crash on you, of course…

  13. All good wishes for the new project! (Also have noticed problems with Firefox since the last two patch Tuesdays… but I’m not the tecchie in the house, so I can’t expound further.)

  14. Just… squee on the notion of the movie, which from my perspective feels like a bonus considering all the Amazingly Cool Stuff you’ve gotten to do over the years.
    (writing from Chrome, too, because I was tired for FF crashes- hrmph)

  15. I guess by now you will have had your audition. I hope it went well. I look forward to hearing about it some time in the future.

  16. Good luck on the audition! Sending positive vibes your way.
    BTW: When are you going to tell people that you’re one of the judges for the Morning News Tournament of Books?? My jaw dropped when I saw your name on the list! Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out…..

  17. Here’s hoping for a natural 20!
    Also, Chrome is what Firefox was – lightweight, stable, and full of win. Firefox is what IE was – bloated, memory leaky, and messy. IE is…well, IE.

  18. Well, I am a bit late, so I am guessing I can not say “Break a leg”. Hmmm would I say I “I hope you are wearing a cast?”
    I hope to see something soon in IMDB with your name.

  19. Hope you get a choice, if not major roll, that is kept through to release.
    Can someone tell me, will Chrome keep track of what I do, which firefox does not with the tools I have installed and turned on?

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