I am no longer on a boat. This is a thing that happened when I was on a boat.

I'm getting better at writing titles that have something to do with the content of the post, I think, and for that I am going to celebrate with a quick spin in my chair.


Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, here's something that happened when I was on a boat. Well, not when I was actually on the boat, but I could see the boat when this happened so…

Okay, fine. I haven't gotten as good at titles as I thought. THERE! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!

Day One: Half Moon Cay

Holland America goes to this private island in the Bahamas that is everything you'd expect from a private beach in the Caribbean, if you were expecting a beautiful white crescent beach with a giant pirate ship on it, and inside the pirate ship is a bar.

We spent the day playing Frisbee and Ball on the beach, with occasional breaks to visit the pirate ship.

"This is the best in the world," I said to Ryan while we were swimming in the ocean. In February.

"Yeah, it totally doesn't suck," he said.

I reached up to catch the Frisbee that Nolan had thrown to us. It skipped off my fingertips and floated on the surface a few feet away. While I swam over to pick it up I said, "In fact, I believe that this has been scientifically proved to not suck." 

"Are you sure?" 

I threw the Frisbee back to Nolan, who caught it behind his back.

"Yes. My control for this test was sitting inside at home last week because it was too cold to go outside and do anything."

"Have you published this report?" He asked.

I hollered to a Seamonkey* who was nearby, "This totally doesn't suck!"

"You got that right!" He hollered back.

"See? Published and peer-reviewed."

"Seems legit," Ryan said.

More later…

*Passengers on JoCoCruseCrazy are called Seamonkeys. For science. You monster.

25 thoughts on “I am no longer on a boat. This is a thing that happened when I was on a boat.”

  1. I have been green with envy all week. This morning, it occurred to me that all I have to do is dig up about $200 a month out of our budget to be able to have me and my husband go next year. We’ll see if we can do it!

  2. So I spent the last weeks reading your blog, having a great time. Glad you enjoyed your time on that boat.. or near that boat. I wonder why I suddenly feel like I should be playing Portal now…

  3. Wil,
    I just wanted to thank you for being so gracious at LAX when I stopped/(interrupted your family moment) to say ‘hello’. I can’t express what it meant to me for us to share that brief moment. It was such a great start to my quick day-trip to LA! OrcCon was fantastic! I would like to say a special “Thank You” to Anne and Nolan for being so understanding and patient. It was a pleasure to meet you all! Wil, you are truly blessed to have such an awesome family! eHug! :)
    I’m glad that you had such a great time on your trip!
    Thanks again for everything Wil!

  4. You know what sucked….when I was supposed to be on Half Moon Cay last August and Hurricane Irene went there instead of me. As much as I liked the extra day in Baltimore, I’m thinking Half Moon Cay would have not sucked even more. Glad they fixed her up for you Wil….(sigh)

  5. Loved our time on Half Moon Cay…best part of the cruise for me. Yup…it sure didn’t suck at all. It would have not-sucked more had we been there when you were to play frisbee. Loved the “peer review” of the lack of suckage, completely validates your results!

  6. I am relieved to know that Half Moon Cay didn’t suck. I was of that opinion, but would hate to trust my judgment on such a weighty matter. Then again, with so many Sea Monkeys in attendance and all those whom Sea Monkeys find entertaining, suckage was unlikely to be an issue.
    (As an aside, my Mac’s spellcheck tried to convert suckage to suckle. Which is amusing but wrong. How can you not know from suckage, OS X?)

  7. OS X was probably too busy using all of its CPU to check your mail to understand suckage. (You know, show don't tell and all that.)

  8. I’m sorry, I can’t hear any of this swimming beach nonsense because you said something about being cold living in L.A. I have snow on the ground in my yard. Your argument is invalid.

  9. Half Moon Cay does NOT suck.
    Sitting in an office doing tedious, repetitive work while looking out the window and seeing a grey soon-to-rain sky while reading Half Moon Cay…
    Well now, that DOES suck.

  10. That's such a great picture. We were playing Ball when Vi was teaching beach math, and I couldn't tell you who was having more fun.

  11. I used to play trumpet in the show bands on Holland America ships and the stops at Half Moon Cay were always wonderful. Many times they were at the end of the cruise so it was just a great way to unwind from another week of work and look forward to being home soon.

  12. This made me laugh harder than anything you wrote. I laughed out so lout at 11:30pm that I feared my neighbours would knock on the walls.
    AND peer reviewed… *snort*
    I know I am a total nerd for this making me laugh so hard but that was an awesome awesome line, trust me. Awesome. Had to write this down because I know how you love when your words manage to connect :-)

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