ECCC Programming Question: What do you want to hear at the Awesome Hour?

I've been working on Big Bang Theory for the last week. We tape tonight, and tomorrow I immediately start work on an audiobook*. The upshot of this is that I won't have a lot of time to build a setlist for my Awesome Hour at Emerald City Comicon this weekend.

So this is where you come in. I need your help, whether you're going to be there or not. What do you want to hear me perform? I haven't been able to write very much new material since the last ECCC, to I'm leaning toward some stories about gaming, and maybe something from the deep archives, like something out of Dancing Barefoot or Just A Geek.

Please, please, please leave me a comment here so I have some ideas about what you'd like to see me perform if I was on a stage in front of you. If there's a particular post from my blog (especially if it's one of the older ones) leave me a link. I think it would be really cool to build an entire "fan created" setlist.


*It's the first nonfiction book I've done that I didn't write; I'm not sure I can say what it is, but it's going to be a lot of fun to read it.

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  1. This will be my first ECCC – I would like TNG, TBBT, and Eureka related content please. Also Twitter stuffs. Oh and maybe travel stories – the tip about Ground Kontrol in Portland came in very handy for me recently. Thanks.

  2. I loved your Awesome hour at last year’s ECCC (as well as your Guild talk). I’ve heard so much about your wootstock events and I would love to hear you sing or possibly do something from those. I realize you may have to pull someone else from ECCC for the full effect so I nominate George Takei.
    In addition to hearing about Tabletop (which has been requested many times already), I also love hearing your stories about growing up. My husband and I loved your story about how excited you were to get the top score on the arcade games as they were reset each night. It was really cool to share that same experience.

  3. You asked for links.
    Here is a selection from my personal reserve at the All-Time Wil Wheaton Hall of Fame:
    I’ve always loved the Universal Studios recollection (By Your Command):
    The completely dorky movie math problem that you and Ryan share:
    Embracing/Exploiting Geek (or…I Cast Magic Missle):
    Bioshock 2 Elbow:
    Wil buys a new game. It’s super effective! always cracks me up:
    The very recursive updated non-updated version of Still cool:
    Also, I can’t remember if you blogged about it or talked about it in an interview or what, but I thought Andy Warhol’s mention of you in his diaries is so cool: something about Warhol really liking your character and then being annoyed that you turned into Richard Dreyfus instead of Richard Gere.
    One isn’t funny at all, but honestly, I’d love to hear you read it with or without something getting in your eyes. It absolutely, unexpectedly broke me when I read it more than a decade ago, during some very hard family stuff. It changed me and it has followed me ever since.
    “I Just Got Back From the Hospital”

  4. The recent podcast with you and Anne where you talk about gaming… I felt especially moved and motivated, so more of that?
    Also, JoCo stories are very welcome!

  5. Oh, I know! How about the one where you talked about the thing in ‘Just A Geek’ where you dropped the F-bomb and my face nearly fell off in my haste to undock the iPod and plug in my earbuds before the minions could ask “what does ‘fuck’ mean, Mom?'”
    Yeah. That one. Total adrenaline rush.
    ETA: Actually, I’d like to hear you discuss your work on Criminal Minds.

  6. If you can get the tech side of it down, it’d be awesome for you to record an episode of Radio Free Burrito before a Live Studio Audience ™ at ECCC. Play a few cool songs, have some ad bumps etc. in-between what you’re reading, etc. Best of all, the people (like me) who won’t be able to be there can listen to it later.

  7. I know it’s not yours, but it would make me nerd all over everything to hear you recite John Green’s quote about what it means to be a nerd in person.

  8. Hi, I’ll be at ECCC. My first comicon! I’m excited to attend your Awesome Hour, but thrilled there is a panel on Ready One Player.
    Looks like there are lots of ideas above,I’ll just say I’m freaking excited for this weekend. Thank you for taking the time to travel up north. Safe Journey.

  9. William effin’ Shatner–
    When you were booed by the fans at conventions because they didn’t like Wesley–
    Stinky at Starbucks–
    A Requiem for Felix the Bear–

  10. I heard you read this at Gencon year before last, and it’s absolutely one of my favourite stories – its the one about how you and Anne play scrabble. And I love this because my fiancee is nerd-adjacent as well, but usuall when we go head to head in a game, she beats me. Whether it’s Boonanza, or Carcasonne, or even the one time I got her to play Battletech with me.
    It’s a great story.

  11. Tho I have to say – reading the other suggestions – a live taped recording of Radio Free Burrito would be the awesomest. Oh Em Gee. I really truly having new episodes of RFB… a sad effect of you being very busy with your other 8 careers (kinda like Kirk in Gilmore Girls except that you’re good at what you do)

  12. Almost anything from _Memories of the Future_ would kill.
    Highlights for me are the episode with Lore (“DataLore”?) and the one with the Edo (“Eden”?). Your review of the “Encounter at Farpoint” was really good too. Your current perspective as someone who has an insiders perspective as to how TV works, looking at it as a pilot, and looking back at yourself and your own work is really really cool.
    Stories with Anne in them are always hilarious. Her dry humor and non-nerd background make a great juxtaposition with you.
    I love the opening monologue that you do as part of w00tstock, but I presume you probably don’t do that as a solo non-w00tstock piece.
    Can’t wait to see the latest Wil-Wheaton enhanced BBT!
    Take care,
    Craig Steffen

  13. Absolutely second this one, esp. since it is about play and also has the very nifty Stand By Me ref.
    Also, Wil: have you ever tried to pull off one of your illness/medicine-induced rants? On the screen, they are completely surreal and laugh-out loud gems. The really old one where you call the Orange County Angels by their real names and then pine for a monorail is a very funny example. Or maybe I’m just really weird.
    I just don’t know if it would work as well in performance or not, but I’d love to see you risk it.
    The one I’m thinking of is Dropped to the Sun Alone, but there are others:

  14. Please forgive the newbie question but when exactly is this Awesome Hour going down? Is it one of the panels listed on the ECCC website?
    2:30 PM Signing
    5:30 PM Photo Ops
    5:45 PM Signing
    10:30 AM Signing
    11:30 AM Panel
    2:00 PM Signing
    4:40 PM Photo Ops
    5:00 PM Signing
    11:00 AM Signing
    1:25 PM Photo Ops
    1:40 PM Signing
    3:00 PM Panel

  15. Found it, the Saturday panel at 11:30
    Wil Wheaton 90 Minute Awesome Hour
    Room: 4A
    Time: 11:30 – 1:00
    Sixty minutes just wasn’t enough to contain the awesome! Join Wil as he brings you a show so amazing, so completely mind boggling, so freakin’ fantastic, so… so… AWESOME! it could only be called the 90 Minute Awesome Hour!

  16. Here are my suggestions.
    * a portrait of the artist as a young geek. Would work well with tabletop.
    * i am the modren man. I grew up in the 80, so yea, I like this one.
    * let go – a requiem for Felix the Bear. This may be a bit too much to read live, but is a powerful piece.
    * Pretty much anything from memories of the future.
    New(er) stuff
    * A MUST -Because it will give me an excuse to buy and own and wear an ascot. Have a smoking jacket, an ascot and brandy snifter handy and use them as props when appropriate. Hopefully it will get on youtube!
    * life imitates art (or: I don’t know much about brain scans, but I’ll help you fix your computer.)
    * The Monster in my Closet. A good piece, but might be better if saved near Halloween.
    * in which my wife is nerd-adjacent and comedy ensues.

  17. I don’t have any suggestions but I plan on attending. How early will I need to get in line do you think? I REALLY want to see this!

  18. I saw Indie Game: The Movie last night. It’s screening in LA Monday night but it sounds like you won’t be able to make it. It’s about three independent video game development teams and their process of getting a game to market. It was shown at SXSW and Sundance. I’m not a serious gamer, but I really enjoyed it. Maybe you can pick up the DVD when it’s out.
    Friends of a friend are two of the people in it, so I’m plugging it for them.

  19. Hey Wil! I was there at Emerald City and saw your panel. It was the first time I’ve seen you speak. You did a great job! It was extremely entertaining. I’m going to be getting your book, Memories of the Future, because I really enjoyed your excerpt from vol. 2 you did during your talk. I’ve seen those shows so many times I can replay them in my mind and quote lines of dialog (I know, I know). Your perspective on it was hilarious, and I’ve had many of the same thoughts! Anyway, I’m yet another geek who grew up in a place where being into science wasn’t “cool”. I’ve definitely been inspired by your role in Star Trek. I’ll soon be working in biotechnology. I also appreciate how genuine you are as a person. I’ll be following your blog and your new show with Felicia Day. Keep keepin it real!

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