ECCC Programming Question: What do you want to hear at the Awesome Hour?

I've been working on Big Bang Theory for the last week. We tape tonight, and tomorrow I immediately start work on an audiobook*. The upshot of this is that I won't have a lot of time to build a setlist for my Awesome Hour at Emerald City Comicon this weekend.

So this is where you come in. I need your help, whether you're going to be there or not. What do you want to hear me perform? I haven't been able to write very much new material since the last ECCC, to I'm leaning toward some stories about gaming, and maybe something from the deep archives, like something out of Dancing Barefoot or Just A Geek.

Please, please, please leave me a comment here so I have some ideas about what you'd like to see me perform if I was on a stage in front of you. If there's a particular post from my blog (especially if it's one of the older ones) leave me a link. I think it would be really cool to build an entire "fan created" setlist.


*It's the first nonfiction book I've done that I didn't write; I'm not sure I can say what it is, but it's going to be a lot of fun to read it.

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  1. I'm bringing a few clips that I'll show if there's a projector in the room, but the whole episode won't air until April 2.

  2. A couple years ago you did a raio interview here in Seattle about why gaming matters.
    I’d love to here that expanded on.
    Also, you should do a bit about how awesome the guy that played the Warloc was in the DnD game you ran.

  3. I second the comment about hearing you riff on ‘Tabletop.’ Or go off a bit on your take on “nerdy” current events: James Cameron’s dive, etc. I don’t care, you always manage to keep my attention througout, regardless of what it is you’re talking about.

  4. JoCo Cruise Crazy stories! I never got to go, so I live vicariously through your stories about it.
    You’re gonna wear the Cape of Dicks, right? I want to see how it’s holding up.

  5. I’ll third (or whatever iteration this comment comes in as) the ‘Tabletop’ discussion. I had the same idea for that kind of podcast years ago, but I’m glad you are doing it. It’s bound to be much better!

  6. How have you seen the gaming industry change over the years, from tabletop to desktop to mobile. The influence (or lack of) of computers on tabletop gaming (how many people use computer based utilities to supplement games?) and have people jumped ship from traditional tabletop to computerized desktop (either stand-alone games or online like WoW). Finally what’s the future look like for tabletop gaming?

  7. I am going to be at ECCC, but I won’t be able to make it to the Awesome Hour (damn work). If I was going to be able to make it, I would like to hear a reading from one of your books. I will be bringing a couple of them to signings.

  8. What about something reprised from Radio Free Burrito? I really miss those. And there were a lot of great things in there. Don’t know how that would translate to the stage.
    Also something about meeting heroes. I think in the whole Nate won’t Participate backlash it is important to remind people that he (and you) is people too. I love the whole stammering idiot self talk that you put down on paper. Kinda like the talks you have with the cats… we’ve all been there.

  9. I always like the stories where you’ve talked about experiences with cast members of shows you’ve been on. So if you’ve got stories of gaming with cast members that would be nice. I’d also love hearing something about you and Chris Hardwick in college. You probably have at least one fun story there.

  10. Since my hubby is a performer in/director of an improv troop, I always like to see some improvisation. Wouldn’t it be great for you to just talk about your time on the set of BBT or your friendship with Hardwick? Maybe on the lines of how most of the actors in BBT aren’t really the giant geeks/nerds that the rest of us are. Even talking about your poor dog in the cone of shame would be funny. Just improvise. :-)

  11. I really wish I could be there. Lately, I’ve been going over a lot of video from Cons and so forth trying to convince myself to pay for a membership to Dragon*Con. From what I can tell you are involved in a lot of really, really exciting things right now and talking about that, if you can, would be super cool.
    My favorite stories of yours are when you just go into a memory and bring everyone along with you especially when it’s something that really affected you in some way. I haven’t been to a panel or show at a Con in a long time so I can only go by the videos but you are really good at working the audience’s energy and being funny.

  12. Were you ever involved in @TheRealNimoy and @johndelancie ‘s Alien Voices? There was something highly engaging in those performances, and the use of TNG/VGR/DS9 cast created just dynamite chemistry. Love to hear/see more classic sci-fi like that.

  13. If there isn’t a projector, we could run the Dead Gentlemen one over to you after the JourneyQuest panel — we always use our own projector for panels, just to maintain consistent visual quality.

  14. Won’t be there, but if I were, I’d love to see you do “Fans Gone Wild: The Origin and Evolution of Sparks McGee”–with pictures of the stuff fans have done with the idea. Bonus points if you can get the audience to yell, “Where’s his moustache!” at appropriate times.

  15. I would love some behind the scenes stories from TG:TNG. I haven’t been to a Star Trek Convention since I was 12 and TNG was still going! And you weren’t there.

  16. Id love to hear what you want to work on -the sky’s the limit, imagine that someone fulfillig your dreams (another movie? another role in tv? start a company doing XYZ?) I’d like to know if you could be anywhere in the Entertainment industry where would you want to be, doing what, influencing what? what do you think we need more of? what do you think we are missing out on? if you had it your way you would: —? if you could take over projecs, current mainstream shows how would you shape them? Whats the next step for you? will we see more or less of you –what do you want from us (seriously, if you could interact with us how would you want to (via this or another medium like a one man show)),,,

  17. Is there anything from “Happiest Days….” that you aren’t tired of reading? Some of my favorit things to hear you read are the stories of growing up. The first one I ever heard you read was about the joy of riding bikes with your firends in the most daring and dangerous ways that only kids can. With no thought to what might happen – which we lose to soon as adults.

  18. JoCoCrazy Cruise stories, Eureka stories, Guild stories, Sparks McGee ideas, the TrollDad story (has Ryan had his revenge yet?). Looking forward to it (missed the Awesome Hour last year, but not the Guild panel)

  19. I would love to hear about Tabletop, working on the Big Bang Theory set (it’ll be fresh in your mind!), your friendship with Chris Hardwick (the two of you have such great chemistry!), some of your current nerd loves (maybe Walking Dead, Doctor Who, even brewing your own beer, etc.)… I’m sure whatever you go with with will be awesome. There’s a reason they titled the panel that.

  20. Wow – thank you for exposing me to that Robocop essay. My day is now better.
    Of course, I still want to see a Lovecraftian take on Mad Men (“REALLY Mad Men”…).

  21. You could read a weeks worth of your own tweets, for all I care… I would still sit and listen to every word.
    Oh, and please sing soft kitty.

  22. Yes, a surprise sparks McGee bit would be enjoyable. I love the family stories, like the time you trolled Ryan with all the posters from making the bed. Tears, Wheaton. I just hope to someday be at one of these damn things. #midwest-nerd-world-problems.

  23. Hmmmmm… the “Dream” set list?
    Are you at the point in your Internet Career yet where you can just go out and do an REO Speedwagon “Greatest Hits Playlist” tour, or are we at a Glenn Phillips “I Was In Toad The Wet Sprocket And These Are My New Songs” stage?
    If you can get assistance, I would suggest a dramatic reenactment of a few “Wil Wheaton Celebrity Tweetversations”

  24. Since everyone seems to be hopping on the webispodes bandwagon these days. Let them know about some of the great new adventures people are doing in online media. Plug Tabletop and then talk about some other shows you think people should know about.

  25. I’ll jump in with the Tabletop crowd – that looks awesome! Also, on a similar topic, maybe discuss the future of tabletop gaming, and/or the upcoming D&D 5th ed. ??

  26. LOL… Is it cool or sad that I know (without having to look up in a table) which Unicode character you were shooting for with the “&3232_&3232″ (the look of disapproval)?

  27. Being about three weeks older than you, I really enjoy your tales of childhood gaming Ooohing and Ahhing, like the Shakey’s Pizza story you did last year. Also, ones about gaming with Anne are pretty hilarious as my husband is a big gamer and I’m only in it for the beer. :o)

  28. I’m also curious why you finally decided to get a Facebook page. Sorry if I missed you talking about this before here on your blog or on Twitter.

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