I can’t be at Wondercon on Friday, so my panel is cancelled.

I could make up a story about dying or dead mee maws, but the truth is: I have to work on Friday. It can't be rescheduled, and since it's my job and everything, I had to cancel my panel on Friday at Wondercon. 

We tried to move things around, but it just wasn't possible. I'm really sorry, especially because I know a non-zero number of people will be disappointed by this.

HOWEVER! I will come down on Saturday for the Geek and Sundry panel with Felicia Day, because [REDACTED AND VERY SECRET BUT I BET YOU CAN DO THE MATH IF YOU'RE CLEVER].

6 thoughts on “I can’t be at Wondercon on Friday, so my panel is cancelled.”

  1. Well the good news is that should this cancellation inspire any number of persons to proclaim themsleves a nemesis you have several cards in your hand that will trump their Enchanted Bunnies. AND a cat with dice mojo for those saving rolls & Steve knows how many lives left.
    Besides REDACTED AND VERY SECRET stuff covers a multitude of sins of varying degrees. Congrats!

  2. But don’t they know who you are!?!?!? Unacceptable.
    This makes me think of my boss, who has to sign autographs at conventions. I’m looking at this long line of people waiting for his autograph thinking “Really? REALLY?” But to them, he is someone who they are excited to meet and shake hands with. To me, he’s just a guy whose desk I’ve sat across to negotiate a raise, whose wife I’ve shopped with, dinner table I’ve dined at, and car I’ve borrowed.
    Just goes to show how, yep, celebrities ARE people, too. (Until they get so rich that they lose touch with reality, of course. Then they are empty husks of former people with 8 Hummers in the 17-car garage).

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