In which I am easily amused (again)

A few days ago, I saw this awesome thing that happened:

Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa flew 220 miles into space to play with toys. His recent stay on the International Space Station included several hours of building a Lego version of his orbiting abode.

When it was done, it looked something like this:


Because I am easily amused, and very bad at Photoshop, I was inspired to improve the image thusly:


The moral of this story, kids, is that the more easily amused you are, the more amusing things are to you.


22 thoughts on “In which I am easily amused (again)”

  1. Yo Dawg…I heard you like international space stations. So I put an international space station inside your international space station so you can scientifically research while you scientifically research.

  2. Building LEGO in space might be both easy and tricky. Easy for handling kits like the above with long bits that could break off when you’re twisting and turning the thing and tricky because your bricks might float away so you can’t lay them out in a nice exploded view.

  3. Well, port (“home”, Earth!) and starboard (off to the stars) actually makes a hell of a lot more sense on the ISS than it does on water faring craft, in my opinion!!

  4. But Mister Xzibit, where are the subwoofers in the trunk of the space station, the spinning rims, AND the lime green sparkly paint job? Yo dawgg, I am disappoint.

  5. The best part of building Lego space stations on a space platform in space is launching it into Earth orbit with your bare hands.

  6. I’d go into space whether I got to play with toys or not (but that would be a bonus). I have to be satisfied with seeing the ISS soar by on clear nights.

  7. Thanks. I haven’t watch MTV since they stopped playing videos.
    Well, except for the Beavis & Butthead stuff they just did.

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