The Force Will Be With Him…

My nephew will be joining Team Humans sometime in July, so today we're having a baby shower for my little sister (who, at 33, isn't little, bit if you're a big brother or sister, you know what I mean.)

My brother in law is awesome, even though he's Dallas Cowboys SuperFan Number One Top Guy Forever™. I know that my nephew (who I suggested should be named Batman, but will probably end up with a muggle name that's more socially appropriate) will get plenty of sportsball in his life, so it has fallen to me, his favorite uncle Wil, to share with him The Way of the Geek.

I'm starting him off early (and right) by giving the following gifts* at the shower today:

Bazinga Batman

I'm pretty sure he'll be on Team Sheldon, even though his favorite uncle is on Team Evil Wil Wheaton.

Geek In Training

By the time he's ready to use a computer, it'll probably be controlled with his mind… but this way he can confuse the 2 year-olds of the future, or at least holler at them to get off his lawn.

Starfleet Academy Cadet

I'm pretty sure they'd kick me out of the Star Trek family if I didn't get this for him.

I had this amazing fantastic idea to get him a Twilight Zone pinball machine that could live at our house, so he had something awesome to play with whenever he came over to visit, but Anne shot that down for some stupid reason that doesn't make any sense at all.

*I went nuts at ThinkGeek, for those of you who are wondering.

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  1. My best friend from vet school just had a baby girl. I tried to buy her some of these onsies, but they are out of stock. No worries, as Twitter stepped up to the plate and the combined power of the internet and people have laid plans to make the child her own customized Team Geek jersey, but when I went to welcome the child on Tuesday, I told the mother that I wanted to get the baby one of these and mentioned the Star Trek ones and how I was planning on getting the cadet one because, well, you know, you wouldn’t want to bias her field of study. She should be free to make her own choices of red, yellow, or blue, right? I got as far as the “you know” when mom jumped in with “well, right, because it’s her choice what discipline she studies.”
    Oh, geekdom. How I <3 thee.

  2. Congratulations to your sister and her family (which includes you). Love those choices! I adore My husband doesn’t get it. And I don’t get how I got my husband when he lacks both geekliness and a library card. There must be some good chemistry after 17 years of marriage. <3

  3. I see a superhero birthday party in the future:) I own a stationery and party decor business Sugarsticks Parties, feel free to contact me for goodies~ how awesome would a “Sheldon says” party be 😕

  4. A few years ago we picked up a one piece for my new daughter at MakerFaire and it became one of my favorites. It said “100% Soylent Green” in green-on-white.

  5. Just yesterday my one and a half year old wore his ThinkGeek “Soylent Green Is Me” shirt. The one person who got it said “That is both and awesome and disturbing.”

  6. When our daughter was a baby, she had a t-shirt that all the adults adored: white with a small green pair of glasses and the word “nerdling.” (She went to day care in Mountain View, CA. Geekdom is the town religion.) I really wish we could find another one, now that she is five and the Nerdling shirt has long since gone into the “Doesn’t fit, can’t bear to give it away” box. We bought it from a vendor at MakerFaire (no surprise there either) and have never seen another. I hope one comes your way for your nephew.

  7. These kinds of conversations have also been some of our peak parenting moments. Our daughter’s first crush, at age 2, was Luke Skywalker. We privately questioned her taste (Luke vs. Han? No contest!) but kept those thoughts to ourselves because we were so happy she was on her way to geekdom.

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