I forgot to mention that I’m coming to Australia

This Friday, I'm heading to Melbourne to present Video Games Unplugged with Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub. The show is going to be amazing: the MSO will play music from games like Bioshock 2, Heavy Rain, and Final Fantasy. As the music plays, they'll show the games on a huge screen. And did I mention that it's presented by Scott, Kris, and me? Yeah, that too.

I'm also going to be at Supanova in Melbourne April 13-15, and at Supanova Gold Cost April 20-22.

I've never been to Australia before, and though I'm a little unsettled by the idea of a 16 hour flight, I'm currently about 55% excited, 45% teetering-on-an-anxiety-attack-about-the-whole-thing.

Because of the International Date Line, I leave on Friday, but I don't arrive until Sunday. Then, on the way back, I actually land in Los Angeles four hours before I take off. I'm considering wearing a bowtie and a fez for the trip.

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  1. Considering you wore an I <3 <3 The Doctor shirt and that AWESOME scarf to go to ECCC….You definitely MUST wear a bow tie and fez. It’s only rational.

  2. I had a total WTF moment when I left Taiwan on 6/19/11 and arrived in LAX on 6/19/11 at the exact same time I left. It felt very Twilight-esqe. And not the shiny vampire kind either. The Zone one. Yeah…

  3. If only airplanes were built with Time Lord technology – bigger on the inside. Have fun and be sure to tell us how it goes!

  4. Eee! So excited you’re coming down to Australia…even if I’m on the West coast and can’t possibly make it to Melbourne or the Gold Coast. But both places are wonderful and I hope the ratio shifts more to excitement, and you have such a good time you want to come back (to Perth next time!) Also, Minotaur is an awesome comic book/geeky store in Melbourne should you get the time to check it out :) Enjoy your trip! Thank you for coming to our island, we Aussies miss out on a lot being so far away and isolated so we really appreciate you making that insane time travelling flight.

  5. I’ve made that flight a time or two, and returned back before I left, which certainly makes your head spin.
    I recommend lots of walking on the plane, and a few good movies or something on a laptop/iPad. Last time I flew my sister and I did a Lord of the Rings marathon (if you do that, have good noise canceling headphones).
    Have fun down under!

  6. I don’t care about all of that. Did you get your Kindle back? I’ve been searching the Googlesphere for it, but have come up with nothing.

  7. Do you have everything all set? You know what you want to do on your free days? I’m a travel agent and I love my job so much I always want everyone to be prepared. I have some things I could send you if need be. I did a 14 hour flight to Japan from Chicago once, and it’s not comfortable, but there are worse things in life.
    I have never been to that side of the world, and I have heard amazing things. Enjoy it.

  8. Wil,
    Melbourne is great. If you have some free time, get over to St. Kilda to see the penguins. We spent a week in Melbourne a few years ago (in fact, about a month after I met you at your talk in Boston in 2006), and we loved it!
    yeah, it’s a long flight; if you can upgrade to business class, it’s bearable. Otherwise, lots of walking around, lots of water; bring movies. 😉 You will land at Sydney at oh god hundred, go through customs and then (if you’re on United) get on the same plane that will take off for Melbourne. Prepare to be a bit tiddly the first day just from jet lag.
    Safe travels!

  9. Definitely the bow tie, but I’m not so sure the fez will make it through airport security. I got searched once because I was wearing a ball cap. The TSA isn’t very fond of head wear :-(
    Either way: Have fun in Australia!!!! Safe travels!

  10. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!,
    You’re also going to need a street level map, a pot of coffee and twelve jammie dodgers to go with that fez.
    Oh, and the fez might help with the drop bears.

  11. I wasn’t going to go to Supanova, but found out you were coming to Melbourne. Changed my mind quicksmart. Sooo excited! You will love it! We are an awesome group of people. Though I’m originally from Sydney, I now love Melbourne. You have to try the food here – we have some great little cafes, and coffee. Check out Phillip Island for the Fairy Penguins (they are adorable).

  12. I am so totally looking forward to seeing you at SupaNova. In fact, two of my son’s friends are tagging along with us, specifically to see you.
    Melbourne has a few good vege restaurants, these are some I’ve been to.
    – Vegie Bar in Brunswick St, Fitzroy
    – Enlightened Cuisine in Queensbridge St, Southbank
    – Lord of the Fries outlets around the city (for vegan burgers, ‘chicken’ nuggets & hot dogs)

  13. I just moved to Melbourne from the New England, the flight isn’t so horrible, if you’re lucky enough not to be on a full flight and can stretch out and sleep.
    I’ll be at the Video games concert too, picked up tickets for my birthday!

  14. 1.Just remember: Everything, and I repeat EVERYTHING in Australia s poisonous (I learned from watching tv).
    2.Please please go as the Doctor. That made my day. (Enough to get me to break my lurker status for the first time here.) :)

  15. Yay! Yay! Yay! Can’t wait to see you at the MSO concert (Thurs one). I’m hopping on a plane from Perth (Western Australia) to get there, so my flight is 4 hrs (I feel 1/4 of your pain I guess:))
    I’m originally from Melbourne and love the place. Has some of the best coffee in the world (yes I’m trying to start an international incident by saying that) and brilliant food. Also, there are some amazing microbreweries that you may want to check out. Victoria is a big place for the beer- and yes a quick search revealed this just about the microbreweries- http://www.business.vic.gov.au/busvicwr/_assets/main/lib60023/beer%20lovers'%20guide%20low.pdf
    Stupid long link but give you an idea of the stuff you can check out even just in Melbourne city. Awesome- have to say the Mountain Goat is one of my faves. Also will put in a shoutout for Little Creatures beer- from WA as it is yummm!!!
    If you have a chance to get out of the city I would head down the Great Ocean Road- one of the best drives in the world- but you will have to drive on the left- a challenge we set up just to mess with you guys;)
    Also just another southern hemisphere messing with you thing- we are working our way into winter here so just as you were smiling at summer coming your way- Melbourne may just turn on the cold for you- sorry!
    OK will stop now- just a final query- would love to add to your dice collection but can’t make it to SupaNova (have to fly home- leaving my 2 year old for the first weekend ever- eep!) any chance of a meet/greet at the MSO?
    Have a great flight- find your zone, drink water, and think about how pleased we will all be to see you. Cheers!

  16. PS LOVED Tabletop, we are all inspired about our games again- but why, why, why can I never beat my husband at Ticket to Ride???

  17. I’m so excited that you are coming to the Gold Coast! I had thought you were only attending Melbourne Supanova and was severely disappointed. I hope you have a safe flight and wonderful time here :-)

  18. Not St Kilda, you’re thinking of Philip Island. I imagine Wil won’t have time to get there.
    I hope you have a nice time while you’re here, Wil! I won’t be able to come and see you, but I look forward to you maybe taking the time to make an Aussie themed Radio Free Burrito, either while here or when you return.

  19. 😮 …… I live in Sydney :(
    I am going to see if I can scrape all my savings together and make it to the Gold Coast one to see you.
    Also watch out for drop bears if you go bush walking 😉

  20. Mustn’t forget our sonic screwdriver, either, no?
    Oh, and for the flight back plan some things that you would have considered a complete waste of time, like watching the third Highlander movie, or listening to Justin Bieber’s new album, or whathaveyou. Later, when asked why on earth you wasted your time with those exploits, you could truthfully say, “Actually, I wasted no time whatsoever; in fact, I gained four hours.”

  21. The Mountain Goat brewery is just out of the CBD if you want to see/taste the good local stuff. I’m sure there are plenty of good pubs serving Oz microbrews in the CBD, but I’m flying in from Adelaide, so I only know the South Australian ones. I’ll put my vote in for Coopers’ Ales – the only one of the big old family-owned Australian breweries that hasn’t been bought out by a multinational.
    Look forward to the concert!

  22. ARGH! Ok, take 3 – let’s see if I can post a comment and have it show up. Highlights from my previous post attempts:
    Melbourne = awesome city. Totally walkable and a really cool place, I’d love to live there. Visit the Shrine of Remembrance if you get a chance.
    Sydney – wouldn’t want to live there, feels much more like any other big city. Gorgeous architecture though. If you get a chance, and don’t want to pay to do the Harbour Bridge walk – go up one of the pylons instead! Much cheaper, and the view is still pretty spectacular: http://adventureswithben.com/architecture/sydney-harbor-bridge-climb-budget-traveler/

  23. Has to be said:
    Bowties are cool.
    Wait… A Bowtie, arriving home 4 hours before you leave. Are you carrying a pocketwatch? If so, look at it and tell me what time it is please… :)

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