When I get stuck in Draw Something…

One of my mottos for gaming is, "never lose the joy of playing in pursuit of winning."

So when I can't seem to figure out an answer in Draw Something, for example, I amuse myself..



The answer was Watergun. It took me awhile, but I eventually got there.



Bad Joke Eel

23 thoughts on “When I get stuck in Draw Something…”

  1. My bf thinks everything I draw looks like a penis. I am waiting for the day I get something to draw where I can accentuate my talents. Seriously love this game…..even with my handicap. Lol

  2. Oh man, I love Draw Something. I’m no Scott Kurtz but my drawings work.
    Also, this just made the 5 yr. old part of my brain giggle. A fartgun! Genius!
    Oh nice. My predictive text suggested Genitals when I was typing Genius. Hehheh.

  3. Let me sign up for the list to play you too. In your free time AMIRITE!?
    Anyway, husband and I spent hours giggling with this game, and of course constantly drew penises or put the word penis in somewhere if possible.
    Because we are twelve. OH, it’s my turn! Gotta go!

  4. That’s an excellent motto. I keep having to remember something similar when playing Words with Friends. My opponent is a newspaper editor in Indiana. Me? I just draw stuff, and English is my third language, so she wins nine out of ten games…

  5. Never heard of this game, but thank you for making me giggle and laugh after a tough week of moving to another state and starting a brand new job. Fart gun…sounds like something from Boogerman (a highly underrated game, I might add). :)
    And someone mentioned drawing juvenile penises? Before I moved I decided to deal with the stress by decorating an old Peanuts paperback and putting mustaches and beards on all of the characters…and after a few days I couldn’t resist taking things a step further and now that poor children’s book has more penises on the pages than the worst porno mags in existence. May Charles Schulz forgive me…and I do hope I remember to burn that book and not accidentally donate it to the local thrift store (it was like that when I got there…honest!). ^_^

  6. Whenever I have some spare space, and I'm pretty sure the person I'm playing with will get it, I draw a penis.

  7. Is “watergun” a US term for water pistol? I’d never seen it until I got it in Draw Something. Still easier than the random rapper names, or freaking Beyonce though.

  8. I want to know how certain people draw what they want so precisely. Seriously, I must have the clumsiest fingers ever, because I cannot get that detailed.

  9. I like to draw an anagram of the word. If it’s “shore”, I’ll draw a “horse”. I know they have all those letters and it drives them mad trying to figure it out >:)

  10. Definitely deserves a lulz. Unfortunately, I’m too much of a failure at drawing to play this game. Have to stick with ‘Words’ and ‘Hanging’

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