32 thoughts on “Why are you saying it that way?”

  1. So I admit, I am marginally confused. Is this a Whil Wheaton reference to Family Guy that I just don’t get no matter how many times my friends pat me on my head and say “it will all be okay”?

  2. It is. There is a recurring bit where Stewie enunciates the “h” in “Whip” or “Wheaton” and Brian can’t get him to stop.

  3. This just happened last night:
    me: “I need you to pick up some Redi-Whip.”
    hubs: “Redi-Hwip? Not Cool Hwip?”
    me: “Not Cool Hwip.”
    hubs: “You don’t like Cool Hwip? Hwat kind of hwimsical hwelp are you?”
    me: “…”
    hubs: “Can’t talk now, need to keep hands on the hweel.” [click]

  4. My friend in high school used to laugh at me for saying “wh” instead of just “w” in words like that! I agree with Stewie. “Wheaton” should not be pronounced “Weaton.” The “h” is there for a reason.

  5. Nice. Thanks for the smile Whil. And for a random reminder.
    A few weeks ago, my house:
    Hubby, coming into my office and smiling all too sweetly: “Honey, what does Patrick Stewart say about sponges?”
    Me, with only a second’s confusion, despite the apparent randomness of the question: “Dammit! Did I leave the sponge in the sink again?” (Hubby hates it when I do this.)
    Hubby: “Yes. You did.”
    Me: “I’m sorry. I’ll try to remember to put it in the dish thingy.”
    Hubby: “Thank you.” Then, (say it with me now), “After all, a dry sponge is a happy sponge.”

  6. Wil,
    Saw you on Big Bang last night. Fun episode (as always) but it looks like the writers are turning you back into Evil Wil. I mean – come on – posting something so revealing? That was mean. Wish they’d give you more to do – like your own spin-off…
    “The Evil Wil Show.”
    (Don’t forget to come and get your Guiness next time your near Fort Laudedale. I keep reminding you, but you keep forgetting. Man. You must be getting old.)

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