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One of the best times I had this season on Tabletop was playing Fiasco with John Rogers, Alison Haislip, and Bonnie Burton.

I won't spoil anything, but I will tell you that Will Hindmarch, Jason Morningstar, and I teamed up to write an original playset for the show, and we'll be releasing it when the episode airs.

This is a picture I took of my Fiasco Companion, sitting on our Emissary table from Geek Chic, the day we filmed the Fiasco episode. I was fooling around with this cool little fisheye lens my friend gave me to stick onto my cellphone, and this was one of the few pictures that turned out fairly well.

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  1. It would be super awesome if this episode aired before ReaperCon (http://www.reapermini.com/reapercon) later this month, if only to drum up excitement for the game. Sounds like it may be a bit longer before air, though.
    I’ll be hosting a table at the convention to introduce people to it. And I want to see people excited to play!

  2. Excellent. Learning Fiasco on your own isn’t easy. Watching others play (or having one or two people in your group who have played before) is the best way to learn the basics and then put your own take on it.

  3. “Will Hindmarch, Jason Morningstar, and I teamed up to write an original playset for the show”
    So, let me get this straight: Not only did you play FIASCO, one of the most hilarious/amazing storytelling games I’ve ever known, but you also teamed up with the guy who wrote the game, as well as one of my favoritest game writers ever, to make a FIASCO playset?
    Now I just can’t wait. 😀
    *positively giddy*

  4. I’m loving the Tabletop series! I’m hoping that you’ll be able to do an episode playing the Steve Jackson Games’ new OGRE edition when it comes out in the Fall. That was one of my all-time favorites when it was originally released as a microgame. They’re releasing the 6th edition (there’s a Kickstarter to help add more features to it, too!).

  5. My D&D group sat down a few weeks ago to play our first game of Fiasco, and we were amazed at the end of the game at what an incredible story we had created in three hours.
    The game, with a creative group of people, is absolutely mind-blowing. This is one of those games that will create those, “Hey, remember when…” stories for years to come.
    I can’t wait for this episode.

  6. I’ve enjoyed the last 2 Tabletop’s, and have dusted off Catan. My wife and I have played a few games this week, and are goingt o try and squeeze in a game a week once the kids are in bed.
    Wil, where did you get that awesome table? That is the coolest thing!

  7. I would love to see Alexander Siddig, Robert Picardo and Gates McFadden play Pandemic. That would be both appropriate and hilarious.

  8. I’m loving the Tabletop series! My husband and I are big board game players and try and introduce fun new games to our friends as frequently as we can.
    I love the table you guys made for the show, any way you have the schematics for it?

  9. Tabletop is such a great show. I hope it’ll run forever. The whole Geek and Sundry thing has drawn me in too. I completely stopped watching TV (I have BBT on DVD) but G&S got me back. My kids watch it with me (you’d be amazed how much they pick up with their limited knowledge of English – which btw is way more than mine at that age) and it makes my happy that I can show them other things than Nickelodeon and such. They are always asking me “Is there a new Tabletop, is there a new Flog”.

  10. Fiasco has now become my weapon of choice for converting non-geeks. I have played 2 and a half times now and the stories are wild but also, in the last session, genuinely moving and emotionally draining. It is a very powerful experience when you play with people who are prepared to get a bit edgy.

  11. I really recommend you find three good friends and just dive in. The walkthrough in the book is a very good guide and you learn a vast amount just by starting to play and having fun.

  12. If you like Fiasco, you will probably like Paul Tevis' game A Penny for My Thoughts, or Jason Morningstar's previous game, Grey Ranks.

  13. Hey, you know what Wheaton? It’s 5:45PM here in Germanyland, and I was promised a new Tabletop episode. Except I don’t have it.
    This is how the rage begins! Cats and brimstone!

  14. Agreed, but don’t forget NX-01’s doctor, John Billingsly. And you’d have to leave a chair vacant for the late DeForest Kelley.
    Alternately, if you could get Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Christopher Eccleston to play, that would be good too.

  15. I’m also loving Tabletop. I read your post on JCC2 about Settlers of Catan. At PAX East I bought it (trusting that you would feature it in Tabletop — and I was not disappointed), and for the past two Saturday nights, my wife (who’s really not into gaming at all, but I think is enjoying it), daughter (9) and I have played it.
    I won both games, which makes me wonder if I should hold back in the next game to let someone else win. What do you think?

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