After twenty years, I finally got to say this.

A lot of incredible and wonderful things happened at the Calgary Expo this weekend, and when I'm not as exhausted I'll write about all of them.

Until then, though, here is one of them that I really hope you'll spend 5 minutes watching:


If you can't see the video, you can watch it right here at YouTube.

137 thoughts on “After twenty years, I finally got to say this.”

  1. That was perfect followup to the years of reflection you’ve described in all your writing and speaking. Well said sir and congrats on being home again.

  2. Seriously the ballsiest thing I’ve seen. It takes courage to admit your mistakes and declare your feelings so publicly. You’re a boy no more. Definately a man and an equal among your peers. Thank you.

  3. Best video and accompanying collection of comments EV.ER.
    Gazing into the nowheres with a cup of morning coffee, perhaps your next wedding anniversary could be a vow renewal, with old friends in attendance? Or is that too much? Too sentimental for my own good, I always am.

  4. Wil,
    I’m glad you had a great time in here. Unfortunately I was unable to get into the show to see any of the cast but I’m living vicariously through the videos and blog posts.
    Tons of emotion on the entire cast reunion and my friend who was doing security for you guys had some great stories to share. I’m happy this happened when it did.
    You’re always welcome in Calgary (just give me a heads up so I can clean the house).

  5. I was at this event on Saturday night. It was a great way for Mr. Wheaton to explain why he left TNG. It was sad to see him leave TNG, and his explanation was very acceptable. I spoke with Mr. Wheaton briefly during the autograph session, and I was impressed at the way that he was very polite and patient.
    Wil’s speech at the Saturday night event will always be remembered..

  6. Wil, you’re great. You actually got to do what all of us wish we could do, and that’s why everybody (then and now) are all smiling and blinking fast.
    But — Marina! She not only felt that way, she had the guts to act on it! I love her for that!!
    (And that exchange between you and Frakes …. so perfect.)

  7. *stands and applauds wildly*
    The looks on the faces of Patrick Stewart and Johnny Frakes are priceless….Stewart is looking at you like a proud grandfather, and Frakes has a look I’m not sure how to interpret, but if I were looking at someone that way, I’d be thinking(admiringly), “Geez, this guy has a humongous of nads.”
    Good for you, Mr. Wheaton.
    *Stands and applauds wildly again*

  8. It’s amazing how a choice can loom over us in our own eyes and affect us for years. Those that love us are much more forgiving of our mistakes than we are of ourselves.
    I’m very happy you were able to have this moment.

  9. My wife and I had the pleasure of being there for this moment Will, I know the exact feeling (obviously with other people / circustances!). It’s another indicator that celebrities are people too, and have the same highs, lows, challenges, etc! Of course that didn’t help during the group signing, it was like I was in a two minute state of shock!
    You realize that if you ever renew your vows with wifey, you can always invite them for that one!

  10. And with that, Wesley Crusher is eternal. Not bad, for a kid. Plus, you made a lifelong bond with other icons who are part of an incredible franchise. As you move forward with other endeavors, remember that this is the work that gives you the opportunity – and that a grateful fan base will always appreciate your work on the Enterprise!

  11. Very heartwarming!
    Seems like a good opportunity to think about renewing your vows and inviting the crew this time around :)
    That would be very special.

  12. I loved watching you all together in the event (through the You Tube videos only unfortunately). I have all the 7 seasons boxes and I often watch the episodes. A few days ago I was watching one of the episodes, remarking at how you are such fine actors. You all gave such emotional depth to those characters, it’s no wonder you’re still praised for that work.
    Wil, I loved your answers during the event, and I was very happy you got to tell about you quitting the series in public and among them the way you did. It was a beautiful moment.

  13. was really good seeing that video im sure it made you feel so good being like that with them all. i loved watching TNG when i was younger and was really dissapointed when you left the show.

  14. Nicely said and so heartfelt. Well done!…….. I remember seeing Patrick Stewart at a convention in the 90’s and an audience member asked him who his favorite person to work with was from TNG and he said you. :)

  15. The best thing about this video is seeing your face, Wil, and how you seem to transform into a child when you’re around the TNG cast, but more importantly you don’t mind it.
    The true realization with parents and parental figures is that after you’ve gotten over your angry teenage years, move out and develop an independent personality, you realize on a whole new level how important your family is to you. And after that realization, you really don’t mind feeling if only briefly like a child again around them, because by becoming an adult you’ve gained the wisdom to understand what an amazing experience of love and trust that that moment holds.

  16. After watching this video, it occurs to me that any group of people that works together always, inevitably becomes like a family to each other, complete with the patriarch/matriarch figures and yes, even a “black sheep”.

  17. Just wondering when the afformentioned blog about Calgary will be forthcoming? :) I couldn’t get tickets to the TNG Super Panel, but I was there for the rest of the weekend and am really looking forward to a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective on the weekend. You know, when you get a few minutes free from all that other fun geeky stuff you do!

  18. I watched this video a few days ago and recently watched your last episode on TNG and I had a question for you. I’ve always thought that “Wesley Crusher” seemed overly angry in that episode up until he basically leaves with “The Traveler”. I get the character was frustrated as he wanted to leave Starfleet, unsure of his sense of purpose in life. Did your attitude back then with leaving the show come through in your acting in that episode?

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