New Tabletop! Ticket to Ride with Colin Ferguson, my wife Anne, and our friend Amy!

I am especially geeked out in this episode. I mean, switch to decaf, Wheaton.

As always, you can watch this is glorious HIGH DEFINITION at YouTube.

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42 thoughts on “New Tabletop! Ticket to Ride with Colin Ferguson, my wife Anne, and our friend Amy!”

  1. Hi brilliant episode. First good board game show, anywhere.
    But, for claiming to have played this game quite a bit before, Wil, I have to say your strategy was somewhat weak. If you are ever in Sweden, I will challenge you to a game to show you how it is really played.
    //Daniel Armyr
    Former Swedish champion, TTR.

  2. Listen, Wil — you really need to stop making Tabletop. I mean, you’re introducing me to new games and making them look like a lot of fun. Thanks to you, my gaming budget is out of control. Please stop before I dip into my kids’ college funds!

  3. Your wife’s end-game strategy was AWESOME! I was laughing a good long while after picking up my jaw (as you all did). This is why I love TableTop. No script, all fun. Bravo, keep ’em coming.

  4. Fantastic Episode! I kind of shrugged at the thought of watching people play a game … kind of like watching somebody have fun for you, but the way you present the games, and the fun you all had was infectous! Especially when Anne hit the table! It should be mandatory to have her play at least one game with you every episode – come for the funny antics, watch the cute husband/wife subtext!!!

  5. Great Episode! I’ve had that table “mishap” happen a few times with Ticket to Ride too. How do I get my hands on some awesome Wheaton home brewed beer?

  6. My favourite episode so far – partly because TTR is one of my favourite board games, and the only one so far I was familiar with, so I could enjoy the play as it went, instead of having half an eye on how the mechanics worked. And partly because it was hilarious! Colin is a hoot! I was prepared to lavish praise on this one before I was halfway through – and then Anne laid the smackdown on the table, and I had to pause in order to stop laughing!
    Looking forward to Munchkin with Felicia next week – I can imagine she would get quite competitive…
    Well done to all at G+S for this brilliant series (although I’m still trying to find somewhere in this country that sells Tsuro…)

  7. Fantastic episode as always!
    I was seriously laughing so hard at some points, my dad gave me concerned looks.
    When Anne hit the table, I screamed “NOOO!” out loud. XD
    I just keep loving Tabletop more every episode!

  8. Wil, I’m sorry to do this here, but because you’ve blocked me on FB this is the only way I can communicate with you. I honestly don’t know what I did to warrant your decision to block me, but whatever it was I’m truly sorry. I abhor dick behavior as much as you do (if not more) and would never deliberately do anything dicklike. I’ve unsubscribed from your feed and this is the first (and probably last) time I’ll visit your blog, so you don’t have to worry about hearing from me again. Again, for whatever I did/said that you deemed to be dickish, I’m sorry. I assure you it wasn’t intentional. Over and out.

  9. I’m sorry, Wil. But, I love Colin more than you.
    And now I have to apologize to Colin because I love Anne more than him. Her going Hulk on the table at the end made an already great episode even greater.
    You are so lucky to have an amazing wife but fabulous people who will come and play with you and let the internets watch.

  10. WHEATONNNN! After watching this video I immediately drove to Target to pick this game up. Thanks for helping me part with my money! I now await for my wife to come home so we can play it.
    I figure we both (since you twisted my arm through the internets) did right by doing our part to rebuild our economy!
    Having just discovered the world beyond Monopoly, it’s like sensory overload with all these games I want to play.
    I will subscribe and for more in the future!Do you take requests fro future games?

  11. I just about died when you said “your face is taking that away from me”!! My husband uses the “your face…” argument with me all the time! It’s turned into a thing. If he’d said that to me, here’s how the ensuing conversation would go:
    Husband: Your face is taking that away from me.
    Me: Your butt is taking that away from you.
    Husband: Your face is my butt!
    Me: Your butt is my face! Ha! I win!
    Then we laugh hystercally for a while. This is a very common exchange between us. Very fun. :)

  12. Holy smokes Anne is GORGEOUS! But I knew that because I totally sat behind her at Wootstock Portland in 2010 and realized later that it was her.
    When she hit the table, I nearly died and think I woke up the entire household.

  13. I heard that you actually respond when people post on this to you, so I am. I have been e-mailing you daily since the end of ECCC and you haven’t responded. EVIL WIL WHEATON!!! Why won’t you respond to my e-mails?!

  14. Great episode! Watched this with my 5 yr old daughter as she played the game for the first time on my iPhone. Epic!
    Oh, and I have to give huge grats to your wife, Anne, who wins the Seriously, I Don’t Cheat Award – when you were handing a card to Colin and decided to show it to him before he grabbed it, Anne, knowing she MAY be able to see it, quickly shifted her position slightly so she wouldn’t see the card.
    You have one classy lady right there, Wheaton. :)

  15. Hmm this kind of makes me want to get the original version of ticket to ride, we have the European version with the 1912 expansion – would love to see you do a episode with that one if for no other reason than watching people try to say the city names!

  16. I met Colin on Friday at Motor City Comic Con. He mentioned that this Table Top ep was being released that day and began to explain to me what it was…until I pointed out the G&S t-shirt that I was wearing.
    Colin was really fun to talk to. It isn’t hard to see why you guys are friends.

  17. Anne had made a suggestion on Twitter that the game app was free for a while in honor of TableTop’s show – I got it and it has been such an addicting game! I have enjoyed playing solo to hone my strategy skills and have even unlocked the “Played 100 games” achievement (in less than 48 hours*)! That’s how quick it is to catch on and play! This game is simple, but fun, and, as suggested, is very easy to learn – but I warn you: You will want to win ALL TEH TIME!!
    *I should also mention that my daughter graduated from 8th grade and was confirmed in this same stretch of time – I must sleeeeee…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Wil,
    I haven’t played board games in over 30 years, but I was curious to see what Anne was like (the curse of celebrity) and wow! that game is amazing. Thanks so much for making these episodes. I’ll have to watch the others, and find someone to play TTR with. As your group made clear, the social aspect of the game is the game. Thanks!

  19. I haven’t been able to watch the other episodes of Tabletop (though I have done my part and liked/subscribed), but I love Eureka and couldn’t resist when I saw Colin Ferguson was going to be on this episode.
    I’d like to say that not only was I thoroughly entertained, I went right out to the internet to find Ticket to Ride so I can coerce folks into playing.
    The show is a great idea and you’re doing a great job with it. Congrats on a brand new fan!

  20. Another excellent episode! I’ve been lucky enough so far that at least one in my group of extended nerd friends has the games that have been featured so far, so I haven’t put myself in the poor house buying all these games.
    Double kudos to Oliver White for the quadruple facepalm. That is hilarious!

  21. Thanks for having women on the show. I game with my friend and his wife, and one of my big concerns is if she will find the games we play fun. It is nice to have the female perspective on the games. Thanks.

  22. I’m really loving TableTop. I hope you are able to make more beyond the initial 20 you said you filmed. So far, you made me go out and buy Small World, Tsuro, Zombie Dice, and Get Bit! I already had Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan! LOL
    It was really cool having your wife on the show… especially the ‘Hulk Smash’ moment. :) Would be really cool if a future episode was a family game night and you could get your wife and kids to play with you too. 😉

  23. That HAD to be scripted! Please tell me that was scripted! Between that and the precognitive scuba accident during Get Bit, I’m either going to have to believe that your set is a surly and frustrated comedian or that you’ve got a grip that needs a stern talking to!

  24. I watch Geek and Sundry through the blu-ray, so we can watch it as a family on a big tv, from the comfort of the couch. There aren’t like options on the YouTube channel. Is there an alternate way to ‘vote’ for the channels other than going to youtube on a pc later and skimming through all the episodes?

  25. Fantastic episode! Loved the end when Anne hit the table :-) You are responsible for my spending way too much on Amazon tonight……they should sponsor you :-)

  26. Wil, I love you to death, and I adore Geek & Sundry… but I have to say again that I will never re-up with Google in order to subscribe to or like Tabletop on YouTube.
    Please please please talk the PTB into crowdfunding again! Or getting a sponsor that’ll do a challenge sponsorship, like with challenge grants, so it’s still partially fan-funded. Or fifteen small sponsors who really mean something to geeks, like privately-owned gaming stores or a sci-fi publisher or Joss Whedon or something. (That Avengers money has to be pretty good.) There’s got to be a way that this can continue without fans having to sell out to big business. Otherwise it’s just TV all over again.
    Ugh…I need to get off the soapbox. This is just important to me, so it’s hard to shut up.

  27. Wil, I order Ticket to Ride yesterday with my local comic book guy. I have bought 3 games with him so far from watching TableTop. When I mentioned Tabletop and shown Ticket to Ride and that I wanted to order it his response was “I love that show” I was a bit upset, as I expected him to say “Best show EVER!”
    Thanks for the great show – not only for a fun show to watch, but a show that give out good information about the games.
    I do have one request, could the actual play time be posted on the show? I know you can’t show the whole game, but it would be nice to know that 4 people playing a typical game took an x hours and y minutes to play. There have been games I love (i.e. Runebound) that are great games, but just take too long to play when my friends are available.
    Also, thanks for the mix of players. Male/Female, experienced gamers/newbies. This all helps me gauge how well it will be received by people in my group.

  28. I’ve been enjoying the series (a palidian told me about it just last week.) Ticket To Ride is an excellent game. I’ve introduced my sister, her husband, both of their children, my brothers and my father to the game. They all love it and they aren’t geeks.
    This game is simple to learn and easy to play but still allows for strategy.
    There is a game I would like you to review: RoboRally. Unfortunately it’s out of print. The game is beyond cool, but it’s sort of complicated. You can tell when people are playing the game across a con floor because they do the “RoboRally Dance” when they are trying to figure out what they can do with their cards. I first played it at Philcon ’96.
    My sister never let’s me visit her in Massachusetts unless I bring “The Robot Game.” I don’t have to bring “Ticket To Ride” because she bought it and all of it’s variants as soon as I introduced her to it. It was out of print at the time so, as you can imagine, she paid a pretty penny for it.

  29. Wil,
    You might find this interesting. I order “Ticket To Ride” a couple weeks ago with my local comic book guy. He said he should have by Friday of that week. I went in and he said his supplier was sold out, but should have one this last Friday. He did not have it then either. I went in and talked with him today, and he said that his supplier is having a hard time getting one. His supplier for this area told him “Suddenly for some reason there is a huge demand for Ticket To Ride”
    Then the comic book guy started talking about setting up a closed loop TV with Table Top playing on it for people to watch when they come in the store. He says his customers are mainly Magic the Gathering players, and he hopes this will get them to branch out.

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