something stirs and something tries and starts to climb toward the light

I worked on [REDACTED] today, and had more fun than I thought possible. I can't say anything more until July.

Tomorrow, I work on [REDACTED], which is different from [REDACTED], but should be really awesome, too. I can't believe I get to spend two days working with [ACTORS].

(It was a lot easier to talk about my job before the studios became obsessed with secrecy.)

So a couple of quick things before I get back to preparing for [REDACTED]:

  • I'm going to the Phoenix Comicon this weekend. I'll be on a few panels, and I'm doing a special show on Saturday night.
  • Next week, Felicia and I are going to Origins in Columbus, to play games and talk about Tabletop.
  • My testing of the theory that it is not possible to have too many gaming dice continues, so if you're coming to either one of these cons and want to give me dice that I can add to my ever-growing collection, I'd love to have them.
  • Today, the comic I wrote with Felicia for The Guild comes out. It's called FAWKES, and it is about what happens between the end of Season 4 and [SPOILER] in Season 5. It's getting generally good reviews, which delights me. The only negative is that I didn't spend several pages filling in people who don't watch The Guild why they should care about the story and who everyone is, which is a little silly, because I didn't write it for those people (who aren't going to buy it, anyway.)I'm especially happy with the artwork and both covers, and super-grateful to Dark Horse for supporting it.

Finally, my beloved Los Angeles Kings are in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 1993. This is what I looked like last night after they won in overtime:



Not actually taken last night, but I do this whenever the Kings win.


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  1. I always knew that Wil Wheaton was secretly The Flash. It only took an awesome hockey team to reveal your secret identity!
    Also, I wish I could attend this year for the Phoenix Comicon but, alas, no money for a plane ticket. You shall have to come to Austin Comicon to get your bag of dice. But good luck and don’t get the Con flu!

  2. I actually thought you were working on something named “[REDACTED]” when I first read this. Because it’s an awesome name for some sort of espionage property!

  3. I see you’ve got the Cathartic Knife Holder, as well… That’s so totally something you’d have around.
    Also, I can’t wait to see [REDACTED]. Bet you didn’t think I could figure it out, did you? You’re just lucky I’m playing ball.

  4. I have to say that is one sexy kitchen – my crappy galley kitchen is jealous. Also, huzzah for you and your Kings (even though I loathe them). But there was no chance in Hades that my beloved Sharks were gonna do crap this year.

  5. Since this is a post of random things I thought it was a good place to mention that two nights ago I Got Excited and Made Something. At 4 AM I looked at it and knew that it was good. The next day I told my husband that I Got Excited and Made Something. Then I thought of you :0)
    It was a giant crocheted onion with a cute smiley face inspired by a FB post to my niece about what she wants for her birthday. She’s getting a bag of onions. Don’t tell.

  6. I have to say it just as exciting for ME to find out you were going to be at Origins as to have been nominated for awards. My husband, maybe not…although he never answered about Felicia. :)

  7. LOL. The dog is looking at you with a “WTF?!” expression.
    Enjoy your Kings fun.
    Bonz, Penguins fan. (I remember many years when they SUCKED).

  8. So glad you’re coming to Phoenix, Wil! I’m covering the event for DOOM! Magazine and again, and wondered if you might have a few minutes you could set aside to do an interview focusing on Tabletop, gaming with your family, and possibly [redacted]?
    The Con will have a press room for interviews this year, so it would be a nice, relatively quiet environment. I promise to only take a few minutes of your time. Thanks for considering the idea; I look forward to seeing you!
    Libbi Rich
    DOOM! Magazine
    Pink Raygun

  9. I gotta ask the stupid question, do you do any of the artwork or “just” (disclaimer: “just” in no way implies it’s easy) the writing?

  10. Have fun getting through the TSA screeners with your dice; I was flying back from Origins a few years ago and the Columbus TSA’s x-ray machines noticed what they thought to be something suspicious in my backpack… turned out it was the two dicebags that I have filled with dice that they were concerned about. I had to dump BOTH bags to prove what they were and I said to them, “Expect a bunch more of these when the other gamers fly out tonight and tomorrow, too.”
    Have fun gaming at Origins! :)

  11. The only thing I could find about you on the Origins website was a Q&A on Friday at 3pm. Will you be there any other days or times signing autographs?

  12. Well the Kings beat us fair and square, just when I was hoping to see the “This is Bullshit!” photo in reference to the Kings-Coyotes game. 😉

  13. The dog seems particularly pleased with your… whatever you call that action.
    Is that your kitchen? Because if it is, I’m a little jealous.

  14. Every time you mention dice I wonder if you got the ones I dropped off at your booth at PAX last year. The lines are (for obvious reasons) always crazy long and I just wanted to get them to you. So, hopefully you got the metal companion cube-like dice and are happily shattering glass tables with them. :)

  15. Well…since you mentioned Phoenix and Origins … I thought I would ask:
    You are going to Dragon this year, right? I mean… it is the anniversary of TNG, and LeVar Burton just signed on, and Frakes and Stewart have been signed on for awhile, and your buddy Felicia just signed on too, so you know you would have a great time …. Just sayin’. 😀
    Your appearance last year made my whole Con. It would be great if you visited GA again.

  16. Well, damn. I have Thursday off and Origins is only a 3 hour drive. Dilemma…
    It’s hard to tell from their website what events are going on over the 4 days, or what the schedule is. Not sure it’s for me. But I’d love to bring a dice and say hi.
    Oh, and I forgot, my D3 witch doctor is named zod. KNEEL BEFORE HER!

  17. I weep for my Coyotes, but they were generally manhandled by the Kings for the bulk of the series. Pretty damn impressive for an 8-seed to roll over the 1-3 seeds.
    Congrats, and savor the victory, Wil. We’ll be back next year. 😉

  18. It's the kind of kitchen that can make you fall in love with cooking all over again. We're very lucky that it's in our house.

  19. Wil, you look like a hummingbird. Does this mean you have to drink half your weight (in your case, homebrew) each day?
    btw…SCORE on the ThinkGeek knifeblock!

  20. Impressive how without a wink of irony you start by mentioning traveling to Phoenix and end with pain for that town…Just be kind during your visit. :)

  21. So, since you can’t talk about [REDACTED], any chance you can talk about Eureka episodes which have aired or The Big Bang Theory episodes which have aired?

  22. Looking forward to your Storytime on Saturday at Phoenix Comicon! I think the last time I ran into you at Phoenix Comicon was when it was a much smaller little event out in Mesa. Nowhere near San Diego size, but it sure has grown.
    If you’re free on Thursday or Friday, love to have you at our Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown (PUGS) debate: Either way, have a great trip out!

  23. Your post is a MadLib waiting to happen. 😀
    Any chance that we will get updated pics of your growing dice collection? Alternatively, is it within Tabletop’s budget to crate them up and ship them to the set to become part of the background scenery?

  24. Wil: RE: The comic book:
    I try to watch you on TV, I would love to drink your beer, but I am primarily interested in Wil Wheaton the “Author”. I have purchased (I think) everything you have in written form.
    Call me an eclectic reader, call me a fan, just don’t call me late fo… oh well… you know that old joke.
    Point is: I have not been able to keep up with The Guild. I have not seen esiodes past season one or two. As a fan of Wil Wheaton, “The Author,” I would love to read the comic book.
    Maybe I will.
    Maybe I won’t.
    Yes – you should write for a particular audience (yourself, foremost; the selected audience, secondmost). But don’t exclude the rest of us. An expositionary page at the front of the book could easily be skipped by the Wil Wheaton “The Actor on The Guild” fans, while serving to bring we fans of Wil Wheaton “The Author” up to speed.
    I realize that the critics can be sphincters at times. But the good ones are just trying to help you learn how to be a more successful writer. Yeah – It’s cool to see your work in print – but wouldn’t it be cooler if they have to do several reprints and then they ask you back to create more stories? Can’t you make your “The Guild” fans happy AND be more successful.

  25. You are super lucky that the kitchen is in your house, because it would be very inefficient to have to go out to someone else’s kitchen to celebrate hockey victories.
    On the other hand, it looks like your victory gesture involves a supernatural act of self-teleportation, so maybe you could just BAMF over to any place in the world that this kitchen might be.
    Still – probably best that you can just go walk there.

  26. When I read your [REDACTED] posts, I hear that voice from the Kamp Krusty Simpsons episode talking just like “Mr. Black”. The rest of it’s in Wheaton voice, but [REDACTED] creates that kind of voice in my mind. Even if it’s you reading it out loud like that, which btw does sound funny and awesome at the same time.

  27. Hahahaha! Yes, that's the voice I hear, myself, when I write them.
    Also, Krusty will not be saying anything, or doing anything.

  28. My husband and I are super excited to see you and Felicia Day at Origins in a couple weeks!! Will you be doing any kind of signings? I can’t seem to find that sort of info on Origin’s website. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see you there one way or the other, it should be a good time! :)

  29. I think we're doing at least one signing every day, but we're mostly playing games. It should be a lot of fun.

  30. Any idea what you’re playing?
    I hope I get a chance to see you at one of your signings but I will be spending a lot of my time GMing and playing role-playing games.
    And as for your beloved Kings, I think I’ve finally forgiven them for beating my beloved Leafs to get to those 1993 finals and will be cheering for them this year.
    Have fun at Origins.

  31. I’m trying to get my husband to go to Origins; it’s like a two-hour drive, tops. I will say, Felicia is more of a persuasion than you are, in his case. 😛
    If we do manage to make it up there, I will get dice for you. We have an awesome little gaming shop down the road that has an excellent selection. Come to think of it, I could probably use another set myself…

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