this is bullshit

Because I have a feeling at least one person reading this blog will want to use this image at some point in the future, to express this sentiment.

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An uncomfortably long hug to Tumblr-er Alive Like Me for making this.

31 thoughts on “this is bullshit”

  1. It’s the barely concealed joy with which you say that it’s bullshit that makes me suspect that it is not, in fact, bullshit. Or at least, that it’s *pleasant* bullshit. :-)

  2. Of all the times I’ve heard this phrase, it picked this one to give me a mental image of Johnny Gilbert doing the intro for Penn and Teller’s Showtime series. (“This . . . is . . . Bullshit!”…)

  3. Excellent, this will come in handy. I shall use it in appropriate situations like this one.
    Oh, and great to see Dr. Parrish turning into a properly mad scientist on Eureka. :o)

  4. that’s sure to get a lot of use.
    i’m enjoying watching table top & seeing games that i’ve never heard of. or in the case of the settlers of catan, a game that i heard of, but never saw “in action.” does anyone know if more of these games are being sold because of table top?

  5. It may have been bullshit, but Tabletop sold my wife on Zombie Dice and we’ve played every night since. My 4 and 5 year-old daughters want to join in.

  6. Funny. I said the same thing when I saw the final results of North Carolina passing amendment one. Forgive me. I know you don’t always get political Wil, but it is on my mind and bothers me greatly since I am a daughter of the South and once called North Carolina my home. :(
    Tabletop, however, is the most awesome fucking show in the world. I mean it. I love it!

  7. Oh sorry never heard of that show I watched Star Trek as a kid thought you did a good job btw. LOL seeing you on Big Bang Theory was hilarious but you’ve heard this crap enough times probably.
    Good day sir

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