This is how I know #Tabletop has arrived.

Tabletop Trophy in Draw SomethingI keep hearing from gameshops that people are coming in and buying the games we play on Tabletop, and from people who tell me that they're using Tabletop to show their non-gaming partners why we love to geek out over games all the time… but someone choosing to use our super lame totally awesome trophy that Lindsey got from eBay for 3 bucks we spent an unfathomable amount of money on making as the trophy for "award"? That's amazing.

I do not always make a meme reference to my own show, but when I do, I choose this one.

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  1. That is an excellent rendition of the Tabletop trophy!
    And if it’s not already happening, I wouldn’t be surprised if game manufacturers started falling over themselves to have you and your friends play their games on the show.

  2. Last week I traveled into the city to buy some games from the local game shop (yes, it is annoying that I have to travel an hour into the city to go to my “local” game shop). I asked the person behind the register if they had a copy of Tsuro because I’d seen it on Table Top. The person behind the register said they were sold out and were unable to keep up with demand they’d experienced in the last fortnight. Then they said something that made me want to hit my head against a wall – they had no idea what Table Top was or why all the games featured in the show were getting so many extra sales. I quickly alerted them to the hole in their knowledge. Any gaming shop that doesn’t know about Table Top doesn’t like money as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Haha, we love Tabletop. Isabell has been trying to make me play Small Worlds with her over google hangout. It’s difficult, with her being in Australia and me in Europe.
    Glad you like her drawing, it was a great start into the day for me as well :)

  4. Good morning Wil,
    In this household of with an 8 and 3yr old child Tabletop is becoming a required saturday morning breakfast table viewing. Shortly followed by the more commercially aware 8yr Daughter suggesting we go buy that game later. The chap who owns the game shop in question has commented that sales for games mentioned on tabletop have increased and when he asks customers why they want it they mention Tabletop. You didnt just arrive, we were waiting for Tabletop to be.
    Please keep it up, keep it going and well done.

  5. I was quite amazed last week when I sat down to watch the last 2 episodes and my 3 yo grandson came in and started watching it with me. It kept his attention the whole time, he loved it! Now I have a little Table Top buddy to watch the shows with, it’s great!

  6. I don’t always recommend YouTube programmes, but when I do, I recommend Tabletop

    {And I often use HTML to do so, because I am nerdy like that. First treat on my birthday [today]:watching a marathon of episodes thus far of Tabletop.}

  7. Not just board games, I installed Small World for my iPad after watching the first episode. Man I love that game! I want to get the board version as well so that I can have more than 2 players. Then will just need to cajole/berate/blackmail/shame some friends into playing with me…

  8. I’ve always loved tabletop RPGs, but never really played other tabletop games, as I equated tabletop gaming with Monopoly etc. However thanks to your show I am now in a position where what little money I have (university student) is spent on the games I’ve seen you play.

  9. My teenage son, who is a die-hard console and PC gamer and has not wanted to play board games since he was in elementary school, is now saying “We need more board games.” Thank you, Wil Wheaton. :)

  10. A few days ago a friend came over to watch a movie. We ended up watching all episodes of Tabletop instead. Save to say we had a great evening.
    Have you ever played Dominion? It´s a great card-based game, easy to learn.

  11. Tabletop has truly gotten me hyped about playing boardgames once more. I attended PAX East 2012 and got excited after one of Mike and Jerry’s panels. Jerry said something about how the tabletop area is a whole other convention in itself. I heard that and said to myself, “I NEED THIS.” So I immediately went down and started playing. But I was at a loss as to what I would like as a gamer. Tabletop allows me to preview a game without actually playing it. You do such a great job at explaining rules and having a good time. Love it.

  12. Someone mentioned Tabletop is their Saturday morning viewing. For our family, it’s Friday night viewing. You were following The Big Bang Theory but with the season over Tabletop is our top listing :) The kids get a kick out of recognizing the games we also own, and I think I’ll use Tabletop to write up my family board game Christmas Gift list :)
    Keep it up!
    P.S. and get Jim Parsons to do it *wink*

  13. We all watch it together as a family. So far, the only game we already have is Settlers of Catan. My kids (7yr old girl and 9 yr old boy) and husband (34 yr old boy) and I all love it, but my son especially, because games are his thing, yo. If I had a dollar for every time he has asked me if we can play Munchkin, I’d literally be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars by now, but he is equally happy to play other games. He is over the moon with excitement about the next episode, and if I’m being honest, so am I! 😀 MUNCHKIN TO THE RESCUE!
    And because of you, me and my friends and neighbors have been playing Cards Against Humanity every available opportunity (and I started making custom cards to add to the deck last night) even though you didn’t play it on Tabletop and probably won’t because of the controversial and HORRIBLE cards. But it is SO AWESOME. We all laughed harder than we ever have at a game playing CAH.

  14. Tabletop has got my family playing games again, and introducing them to our kids (7 & 3). We bought Smallworld because of Tabletop, and Tsuro is set to be a father’s day gift for my hubby! Looking forward to more episodes!

  15. I knew you’d arrived when I walked in to my FLGS to buy Tsuro and the guy immediately asked if I also wanted Zombie Dice and Get Bit…

  16. So I know “Likes” are pretty important to you guys getting another season (something I am very invested in having happen) so I make it a point to go to YouTube and Like everything associated with Tabletop (and to be perfectly honest, all of Geek and Sundry because it’s such awesome content.)
    But I’m wondering if I should put just as much diligence into liking all the Tabletop posts on FB and favoriting on Twitter. Do those numbers count as well? Because I will like them ALL. ALL THE LIKES. :)

  17. I have yet to aquire Tsuro. That and I have not one but two versions of Ticket to Ride now, and I need to get zombie dice as well. It is really awesome to see these games being played through, especially since I have to watch my gaming budget carefully.
    So, thank you for doing TableTop. I love it, my kids love it…keep it up :)

  18. I tried to buy Zombie Dice from amazon here in Germany, but they were sold out. :( Any chance we could get a how-to-make-this on those awesome little brains you used to keep score in Zombie Dice? You said somewhere that your props guy made them?
    Tsuro and Ticket to Ride are on my list as well, those looked really fun.

  19. I started watching Table Top after you mentioned here. Then I subscribed to Geek & Sundry. Then then, I fell in love with Felicia Day. Win win!

  20. I would pay to see a CAH episode! I don’t know, if one when through the deck and pulled out the worst of the cards (from an FCC standpoint) ahead of time, it could probably work…

  21. I WISH we could play CAH, but it's never going to happen.
    But if we do some #Tabletop Live™ events at, say, conventions… that's an entirely different matter.

  22. So my autistic and dyslexic 11 year old is in love with Table Top. He absolutely cannot read the rulebooks. However, watching the show primes him for playing. We are taking Ticket to Ride on vacation.
    He play a really good Pathfinder ranger though. Binged on two seasons worth of Man Tracker & LOTR…

  23. In 1989, I married into a card-playing, board game-playing family.
    I don’t sit still very long, and playing Monopoly makes me want to stab people. Checkers, chess, gin rummy, hearts, Life, Sorry…I just don’t like them.
    I did love D&D, though. LOVED it. I’m a writer and storyteller and D&D spoke to my love of narrative and world building. Over the years, we compromised on some games, but game night was a rarity.
    Then I happened to read about Munchkin on your blog. It sounded…intriguing. We now have several versions of Munchkin, and when I heard about Tabletop, we subscribed right away. Every new episode is the subject of hours of conversation and we each have a want list for games. We’re back to having a family game night and I’m excited to report that we ALL love the games we’ve begun to acquire. It’s such a great thing to be able to watch some of these games be played. My 11 year old son has a list of gifts he wants for his birthday in July: all games from Tabletop episodes. And guess what: he’s getting every one. (and I’m damn excited about it and so is my husband)
    Thanks Wil.

  24. Wil,
    Speaking of the trophy, have you considered fan-submitted trophies? I’d really like to design and send you a trophy to give away (for keeps!) to a random winner. I’m sure other fans would jump at the chance too. It’s easy enough to find a $3 garage sale trophy and modify it to be a great gaming trophy. And with a wall full of trophies to choose from, you could pick one that more closely matches the episode. Train trophy, anyone?

  25. If we get a second season, it's very likely that we'll have multiple trophies, because dozens of people have offered to send us spare trophies they have collecting dust in their houses… but nobody's ever suggested making custom trophies, until now.
    I'm not sure how we'd make it work, but I'll mention it in our next production meeting. Thanks!

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