George R. R. Martin please write like the Wind!


Paul and Storm debuted this song at W00tstock Founder's Night last year, and somewhere in the SD card of my phone, I have the very first public-ish performance of it, backstage.

I loved it then, I love it now, and I hope this video gets all the views and up thumbs, because it is awesome.

…and Winter is coming.

10 thoughts on “George R. R. Martin please write like the Wind!”

  1. That was too damn entertaining. At first I had “Ride like the Wind” in my head. I am glad it was not just new words over old music. This was wayyy better.

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed hearing this song for the first time at the Triple Door in Seattle. I love the video, it’s already circulating amongst my FB friends. I’m very hopeful that George hears it soon!

  3. I was there! For Wootstock Founder’s Night! (And also for the very first Wootstock ever.) I feel that Paul and Storm wrote that song just for me. I hope you find and post your backstage video to share with us.

  4. Oh, this is fantastic! It’s exactly how I feel about all the good series I’ve found (with living authors). Waiting for the next book, then trying to decide whether to read it slow or fast. I remember I finally gave up waiting for the next Harry Potter to make it to paper back, and bought the hard copy. Same thing with the latest Vorkosigan book. Thanks, Wil!

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