This is me when the Kings went up 3-0 tonight against the Devils:


I sort of hover with excitement when the Kings score.

I can't believe they scored TWICE on the power play tonight.

I can't believe they won 4-0.

I can't believe they are up 3-0 in the STANLEY CUP FREAKING FINAL.

I can believe that Jonathan Quick got a shutout, because he's a future hall of famer who should win the Conn Smythe no matter what this year.

I can't believe that this team that I've loved since the early 80s when I went to my first Triple Crown Line game at the Forum is one game away from winning the Stanley Cup.

I'm working at E3 this week, covering the show and interviewing interesting people for Gamefront.com, so I'm going to actually be about 100 feet from the game on Wednesday. If I'm insanely lucky, I'll somehow end up inside, even if it's only for the second and third periods… but even if I don't, I hope that I'll be screaming and doing the Wilflail wherever I am when the game is over.

28 thoughts on “GO KINGS GO!!”

  1. Go Kings! Only one more game to go until the record for the FASTEST EVER STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONSHIP!
    And to think, they were the gaoshi eighth seed! Another first!

  2. As a lifelong (coughover30yearscough) fan of the Bruins who last year got to experience what you’re (hopefully) experiencing now, enjoy every second of this. It’s pretty indescribable when Your Team actually gets to lift the Cup. *sniffle*
    And as someone from Manchester Monarchs country, I’m obviously rooting for the Kings since half those guys used to play here. GO KINGS!

  3. I hail from Bruins lands as well (And an hour from Monarch’s Country!) … I hope that the Kings do win the cup! The feeling is like no other, and you’ll enjoy every second of it. Still wishing the B’s could have gone all the way again, but no matter, I’m watching the Kings kick major ass in the finals.

  4. when Wil’s head explodes after the Kings win I will be sad, for there will be no more tabletop or other Wil Wheaton awesomeness.
    C’mon Devils think of the children. Do you want Anne to be a widow with two sons?

  5. Awesome – if there was a definition of ‘pure joy’ in a text book, this could be Figure 1 to illustrate it.
    Though I understand ‘different strokes for different strokes’, I’m too engrained in love of sports that I often just can’t get those who don’t see the appeal. That inability to understand is doubled (at least) looking at this picture — how could you not want to feel that way?
    (I am completely thrilled by proxy for your win.)

  6. So few posters to this thread!
    Like so many who picked the Canucks in the first round, I immediately shifted my playoff allegiance to the LA Kings. I love seeing Quick dance on his head and hope he brings the magic for all the LA fans of “ice hockey” — both of you :)
    My brother-in-law rang me up after this game and said, “So what’s that black tar you drink again?” in reference to our bet of a case of beer on the series winner. Mmmm, in-your-face victory Guinness…

  7. I don’t even know who the Kings are playing in the Hockeyball Playoffs to win the Stanley Steamer Cup. But given that their victory will mean Wil’s happiness, I will gladly say:
    GO KINGS!!!
    So when do they next play? When will we know they’ve won?

  8. Tonight is Game 4 of out of a best-of-7 in LA.
    The Kings have won the previous 3 so a win tonight will mean the Stanley Steamer Cup will be theirs for the hoisting.

  9. Thank you. I just did some checking on the interwebs, and they’re apparently playing a team called the devils.
    So, yeah, GO KINGS!
    Maybe I’ll even watch the game. Not sure. Never watched a hockeyball game before.

  10. HEY WIL? I hear you won some award thingy because you can read aloud, your 4th grade teacher must be sooooo proud!
    seriously though congrats on the award to you and that Scaliz fella that writes stuff for you to read.

  11. I know plenty of geeks who never got sports, but I love getting really into watching my team play. I think that the fact that in the grand scheme of things they “don’t matter” makes them safe to really get into them and make out like they do (provided you don’t go overboard), so hurray for enthusiasm. Your team finally doing well after years of suckage somehow feels like you’ve earned it, it’s great.
    Thinking about it, I get like that with board games too – really competitive during the game because it’s fun, but I don’t actually care if I win or lose.
    Also, congrats on the Audie!

  12. Chris McGrath, it is possible that Off Colfax was referring to the possibility that the Kings could tie the 1988 Edmonton Oilers for the least number of games required to win the Stanley Cup, which is 18. They can do that tonight.

  13. Well, even though your Kings took out my Canucks, I like you enough to cheer for the Kings anyway. I would not do it for the Bruins. Nor would I do it for the Blackhawks. So, consider yourself well considered.
    Besides, we owe the Kings for taking out the Oilers for us in 1982. And, Willie Mitchell, a well liked ex-Canuck stands to get a well deserved ring as a result, so yeah, Go Kings!

  14. I want to believe this is what you look like whenever you get good news or win something. I want to see this if you ever win a game of tabletop!

  15. My Twitter feed was certainly interesting during those games – one of my friends is apparently a big Devils fan, so between her and Wil I got a pretty good play by play from both sides.

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