I’m proud to be $100 of $211,000, and Charles Carreon can go fuck himself sideways.

The Oatmeal writes:

Operation BearLove Good, Cancer Bad ended early this morning with total funds raised at $220,024.00 — almost exactly 11 times the original goal of $20k. IndieGoGo takes 4%, so that puts thetotal money going to charity at $211,223.04.

I’ve been trying very hard not to post about all the insane drama surrounding Carreon and his better halfand instead focusing on the fundraiser. Now that it’s ended, I wanted to address some specific questions about how I’m donating the funds.

When will you pay the charities? 
Carreon has provided notice that he intends to ask the court for a restraining order which will stop the transfer of funds from Indiegogo. If we can’t get that silly bullshit dismissed, the money could be held up for days, weeks or months. Assuming wecan, I should have the money in about a week.

Once the money is moved, I still plan on withdrawing $211k in cash and taking a photo to send to Charles Carreon and FunnyJunk, along with the drawing of Funnyjunk’s mother. After the photo is mailed I’ll be sending checks to the charities. I’ll also post receipts as well as public confirmations from both charities that they received every penny that was promised.

Is all the money going to the National Wildlife Federation and the American Cancer Society? 
Yes. Previously I stated that because the amount raised was so much larger than expected I was going to divide the money into four charities instead of two, but unfortunately Carreon’s lawsuit claims that I’m holding an “illicit fundraiser” and not donating money where I said I would. To avoid further litigation with him, I decided to split the money between the original two charities. If Carreon wanted a minor victory, he got one here.

I’m proud to be $100 of that nearly quarter of a million dollars, and I’d like to invite Charles Carreon to kiss my ass.

I’d also like to offer a mocking, derisive, contemptuous congratulations to that pile of sun-bleached excrement Charles Carreon for successfully denying two other charities what would be about fifty thousand dollars each, because his pathetic little ego means more to him than charities that do good things for the world.

In closing, Matt Inman is my hero, and Charles Carreon can go fuck himself sideways.

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  1. I’ve followed this madness since it first started. First off, Matt Inman is my hero, too. For not only trying to take the high road when his creations got hijacked by FunnyJunk, but then when he had to get serious with them, he made his case. The BearLove Good creation was classic and I supported Matt in his efforts to make things as humorous as possible.
    The thing that Charles Carreon is missing here is that his client – FunnyJunk – used The Oatmeal images without permission and he’s the one who is counter-suing Matt/The Oatmeal. Fucking mind blowing that this twerp is trying to turn himself into the victim here.
    Kudos to Matt and hoping the charity money will be delivered soon.

  2. I am glad that people, myself included, rallied around the oatmeal and gave wholeheartedly to two great charities. I’m not glad that the internet mob threatened and harassed Carreon. He fully stirred the pot, and he can go fuck RIGHT OFF, but it’s easy to get into the mob mentality, even across the tubes and wires of the interbutts. We can disagree and express our displeasure without being the same kind of asshole as the douchecanoe who started the whole thing. Which is exactly what the Oatmeal did, and why he is my hero, too.

  3. I hate to say it, but, the shutting out the other two charities, whatever they would be, is the only thing I agreed with what Carreon did.
    Not everyone supports every charity.
    Look at what happened with Planned Parenthood and Komen. Not everyone is willing to give money to Komen over that, and when people gave money, they were giving it with the intent that half of it was going to WWF and the other half to ACS.
    Adding in other charities after the fact muddies the waters.
    Yes, you could easily say ‘Ok, then just think that the first $50k is going to ACS/WWF and the second $50k (or what have you) is going to X/Y, but that’s not really how it works.
    I, personally, won’t help Komen get money anymore. I won’t participate in their events, I won’t donate to their charities and I won’t suggest other people do either.
    When Matt said ‘I’m adding two charities and I don’t know who yet’, I felt a little worried. I dislike giving to ‘unknown charities’ like I dislike giving money to random people on the street.
    Note that Scientology is a 501.c.3 and I’m not giving any money to those idiots. Ever.

  4. Great post! As with Tabby, I am super happy people (myself included) rallied around the Oatmeal! It just blows my mind that Carreon thinks he can get away with making himself look like the victim in this! Matt Inman is definitely one of my heros!

  5. It’s great that you donated, but kind of disappointing to see you adding to the negativity towards Cameron.
    He’s a bully confused by the idea of an Internet nerd standing up for himself, and it’s really tempting to grab your pitchfork and join the mob, but please, don’t. It’s just feeding the troll. Even though he’s being a dick about it, he’s clearly a human being who doesn’t like being threatened, insulted and shouted at, and the more we do it, the more scary stuff he does. This is a role-model opportunity, and I’d love to see you choose the paragon option on this dialog tree.

  6. Oh yes. I don't condone anyone harassing or threatening Carreon or anyone in his family. That's really stupid, morally and legally wrong, and completely counterproductive.
    But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here quietly while someone who should know better as a lawyer abuses the law and tries very hard to hurt CHARITIES because he was embarrassed and publicly humiliated. I'll continue to utilize my constitutionally-protected rights to expression to express my opinion that Charles Carreon is an asshole scumbag who should be disbarred for being a fucker.

  7. Standard “Folks, don’t be a dick and do stupid things to Cameron so he can then get it in his puny head to sue Wil Wheaton (since apparently the ‘suing people’ class in law school is the only class he didn’t fail) even though Wil didn’t tell people to be a dick, and indeed often says the opposite, not that that would stop Cameron” disclaimers apply, of course.

  8. “He’s a bully confused by the idea of an Internet nerd standing up for himself”… by standing in the way of charitable donations going to people in need.
    I personally am happy that Wil opted to forgo the “paragon option on this dialogue tree” and instead chose to express how he actually feels about this situation. Anger, disgust, and other very human emotions which are not buried behind well intentioned but meaningless language .
    If Charles Carreon was standing in between the cure for cancer and my dying mother, I would not be interested in being a role model, id be interested in being effective.

  9. Wil, you and Joel should sell a plushie of Carreon (wearing a redshirt of course), and donate the money to charity. Don’t you think, at some point, he’ll finally get a sense of humor?!

  10. I read The Oatmeal’s blog this morning and I just squealed when I saw that you’d blogged about that too. You are such an awesome guy. So, yeah, just wanted you to know that.

  11. This would be a fantastic idea. It’s a plushie which is completely harmless and usually plushies are meant for doing cute harmless stuff with, so no evil intention is meant by making him one. And then donating a portion of the proceeds for every one sold to a charity would also be great. The only tricky part is making sure NONE of the profit from the sales is kept, as he could sue for profiting off of his likeness without his permission or some kind of legality like that. I mean, as Tabby Worthington said in another post, the guy is a douchecanoe so you know he’ll try to sue for that too.

  12. What’s effective about insulting someone on the Internet, though? The only “effective” things I’ve seen done are Oates starting the charity, everyone who donated to it, and Oates’ lawyer responding to the suit.
    I think the point we disagree on is whether Carreon (wow, I’ve been misspelling that name!) is standing between the proverbial dying mother and her cure for cancer, or if he’s a fireball that we keep throwing more gas at.
    Also, I want to say that I respect Wil’s and everyone’s right to express how they feel here — hell, this is a blog; it’s kind of what they’re for.

  13. Very true. I’m on side with you not adding fuel to the fire. And while I dont know that the comments were especially “effective”, I do feel like they are soothing to the soul…In an abrasive and caustic kind of way….
    I have never seen Wil post mindless and hateful slander. His posts are always on point and he does a good job acting as a role model, which is why his little hate filled rant was so effective for me. These people genuinely deserve our vitriol.
    Normally Id say, look the other way and don’t feed the trolls…but today I feel like a litte more personal outrage is waranted! :)

  14. That’s fair — the stuff this guy is up to is completely disgusting, and I’m glad Matt is standing up for himself legally. On the other hand, have you read this post Matt linked? http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2012/06/funnyjunk-lawyers-wife-wades-into-fray-calls-critics-nazi-scumbags/
    It sounds like they have already snapped. They’re cartoon parodies of crazy people at this point, and it’s partly because of Internet vitriol gone way too far. Sometimes the Internet responds so violently to bullies that it crosses a line.
    Nothing here comes close to that line, or even to the real-world legal bullying that started it all. But man, famous people have it rough: you can point out the empirical fact that someone’s a huge jerkpile, and if the stars line up, an Internet crusade just erupts.

  15. The internets have a way of distorting the scale and proportion of events. Whether its an embarrassing video of someone on YouTube, an offensive twitter post, or a misguided crusading lawyer, things have a way of exploding…Bus Lady and Tan Mom for example..
    It doesn’t help that its all so damn public either. When the world is watching no one wants to be the person who steps back and says “Ive taken this too far”….and after reading that article (thanks BTW) and the Ralph Nader Library link with running commentary from Tara Carreon I cant help but wonder if he’s thinking its past that point….

  16. Now that you mention it, I wouldn’t be surprised. This is like debating whether Pluto is sad that we don’t call it a planet any more: it turns out, Pluto can’t even hear us in the vacuum of space.

  17. LOL. I am going to borrow that sentence and use it sometime in the near future. Thank you. :)
    Reading the comments and posts by Tara Carreon has easily been the greatest and weirdest thing I have read in a long while…which is kind of sad really…

  18. First of all, awesome, that’s a fantastic load of money (my contribution was a measly $5 but I’m equally as proud of it as you).
    If I was you I wouldn’t let Carreon anywhere near my ass.
    I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with him, let alone with my trousers down.

  19. Jaydeflix – you are not only morally but technically correct. It’s called “designated” funds. Once people have been told where the money will go, you cannot change that without getting permission from them all, at least, in the non-profit fundraising world this is so. The reasons you gave are very much a part of why.

  20. It doesn’t matter what the money is for.
    Let’s take that out of the equation for a second: whether or not the money is meant for charities, there is still the original issue.
    Carreon (descriptive name) was doing bad things. He is in the wrong, clearly and obviously. It doesn’t matter whether the money was meant for charity or hookers and blow.
    Now back to the money: It’s just icing on the cake that it is meant for charity and the, excuse my language, dickweed is trying to block it’s distribution. I can’t fathom what legal leg he has to stand on there. He is doing nothing to help himself and lots to hurt. I’d guess that he feels backed into a corner and can’t get out. He will only make more and more outrageous comments until this is over.
    I have nothing to say about his wife that is repeatable in mixed company.

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