It’s a new Tabletop! Castle Panic! Yaaay!

Things I love:

  • Tower Defense games.
  • Cooperative games.
  • My friends Yuri and Tara.
  • My new friend Andre.

Oh, look what happens when we combine all of these things:


24 thoughts on “It’s a new Tabletop! Castle Panic! Yaaay!”

  1. This game looks awesome! TableTop rocks and has totally revamped the entire idea of family game night for my husband, son and I. My son’s only five but he’s already kicking ass and taking names when we play Settlers of Catan. Keep bringing us awesome games! I absolutely hope TableTop gets a second season :)

  2. Yuri is so damn funny! Oh yeah, that Wil Wheaton guy is cool too. I have never heard of this game but now I MUST have it. Co-op tower defense is totally awesome! Great episode, I too hope you get a second season.

  3. I love that game so much, but it takes way too long to play. We wouldn't be able to cut it down to 30 minutes or even 1 hour and still do it justice.

  4. Thanks for the episode…. Now I have to buy Castle Panic….
    I already have Tsuro and Munchkin (which we played for the third day in a row now), yesterday I tried but failed to buy D&D (which makes the future shoplist Munchkin original up to 4, and Munchkin Bites plus expansion – together with Cowthulhu, which I have, this covers all the Munchkin translated into Dutch – and D&D).
    Friday we watched the CP episode, after which my son wanted to watch the Munchkin episode again. Tabletop is ruining my life! ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. You could consider a Talisman special outside the normal 2 week format. Still, that might take a lot of your time, I can understand you not doing it. At least for the forseeable future I wouldn’t change the format, it is solid gold. As it is now you have the perfect balance for involved games that you can get non-geeks (and kids) to play. They are great for an evening without utterly dominating it. Game geeks could go from dinner till sunrise, other people not so much.

  6. Somehow I don’t remember tabletop games being as fun when I was a kid as it is watching you guys play them on the show :)

  7. How awesome is it that you reviewed this particular game! It’s a favorite in my house. And while I was watching this video my son came in and yelled “OMG FAWKES IS PLAYING CASTLE PANIC!”. So there you have it :)

  8. There is any chance you put spanish subtitles on upcoming episodes? My mom love board games, but she doesn’t understand any english. Greetings from Argentina…again! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I’ve introduced my parents to a few of the non-American type games (notably Settlers of Catan. I wanted to teach my mom and dad Ticket to Ride and Tsuro, but the Amazon delivery wasn’t until the afternoon of the day I left to visit them :( Oh well, they’re coming down in July sometime.) My mother and father’s favorite of the games we’ve played is Forbidden Island.
    It’s a cooperative game like Castle Panic, but you’re trying to get treasure from an island that’s sinking under the water. You gotta work together to get all the treasure, to shore up sinking tiles, and to transport people to the end of the game. It’s really fun and really hard to beat.

  10. Forbidden Island is one of my favorites of all time. It was designed by the same guy who did Pandemic, and uses many of the same essential mechanics.
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  11. I haven’t play Castle panic, but I think I am going to now. I like a fun quick game once in a while. We play a lot of Arkham Horror and more recently Last Night on Earth. No way you could do those in 30 minutes, but some of my favorite co-op games to be sure.

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