17 thoughts on “Seems legit…”

  1. Lol…NOT sure what makes me more nervous…the badly written cab signs or the fact this thing likely only has one working door…

  2. Wil, you are usually pretty good at spotting scams for people, but I really think you should take a second look.
    First of all, the cab is a model with bolted fenders, and the California Board of Taxicab Commissioners is very clear in its restriction of taxi cabs to vehicles with welded fenders.
    The second indicator of trouble is that the vehicle has no toplight, a violation of the Board’s resolution 403.
    Third, because the vehicle is neither a Ford Crown Victoria or Mercury Grand Marquis, it violates resolution 401(b) insofar as it has not acquired CARB’s ULEV rating.
    Fourth, rule 409 demands exterior signage for the cab clearly indicating that the driver only carries five dollars in change on his person. This cab is in violation.
    Fifth, the duct tape is not of uniform color. This violates good taste.
    Finally, although it is difficult to tell from this photo alone, it is safe to assume that the driver violates the taxi cab driver standards of dress requiring that he wear black dress pants, insofar as he is unlikely to be wearing pants of any sort.
    I hope that this clears up your misunderstanding. Obviously, it is a very clever ruse, and the common citizen can’t be expected to catch all of those little details.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some reruns of The Bloodhound Gang to go solve.

  3. Looks like a nice solid 1500. Don’t see many of them around my neck of the woods. I’ve had both a 1302 and a 1303s and then later a 1971 type 2 bus. I’m a little obsessed with anything air cooled. Good pic!

  4. Huh. I missed that.
    I yield the field of battle to you in shame. I don’t even know why I questioned the legitimacy in the first place.
    And I didn’t solve the Bloodhound Gang mystery either. Apparently, Klaus Nomi and a time machine had nothing to do with the dead man’s pigeon.
    I’ve got to find another line of work.

  5. SO weird. I looked at this pic and thought “hey, that house looks familiar…” Look out the window… YUP, right across the street.

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