The Eternal Struggle

So this happened last night. I told the tale in pictures and captions on Twitter, and I'm putting it here for the ages. For science. You monster.

Seamus Wheaton

Hey, Seamus, you're in my spot.

Seamus Wheaton

Me: Seamus, move! Seamus: But I'm watching Colbert Report!

Riley Wheaton

Me: Seamus won't move. Riley: Well, duh. He's watching Colbert Report.

Watson Wheaton

Me: Sea- Watson: Can't talk. Sleeping. Me: You sleep all day! Watson: And I'm sleeping now. Correction. TRYING to sleep

Luna Wheaton

Luna: I may appear to be sleeping, but rest assured that I will still murder your face if you disturb me. Me: oooookay.

Seamus and Wil "compromise" on sharing the couch.

So this is how Seamus and I decided to compromise on the whole couch situation.

At times like this, I am grateful that I am so easily amused.

57 thoughts on “The Eternal Struggle”

  1. You’re lucky he shared that much of the couch with you. And especially lucky that he didn’t turn around and try to gas you off the couch.

  2. You never said any of the magic words. Like ball, outside, walk or treat. Also Seamus looks like he wants you to put him in the last one.

  3. See, this is why they’re always trying to legislate against those dangerous pit bulls (or “pibbles,” as we say in my house). Ours is EXACTLY the same way–can’t trust him to stay out of your spot on the couch OR in bed. Fortunately for us, he’s intimidated by our miniature sheep (for real!), so we can always sic those on him.

  4. Did he then scootch forward and lay his head on your lap? Thereby rendering any animosity you may harbor toward him null and void? Yeah, cause they do that.
    Oh, and in our house, the second you sit down your lap is commandeered by one of our many cats. Life with pets.

  5. At least you got a spot on the couch in the end. I usually end up moving to the love seat on the other side of the room because my two cats have hogged the ENTIRE COUCH.

  6. Our “pibble” (I’m totally stealing that term now) Ginger does that same thing at night. Keeps me and my hubby from snuggling each other because she’s right in between us, nose buried under one of our pillows.

  7. The dog and cats are the master…They just let you think you are the master of that couch, but in reality, they overrule everything you say…keep pouting…bwhahahaha

  8. This made me laugh really hard. I love your face in the last picture. But I sympathize. We ended up buying a whole new furniture set just so the dogs can have their own couch. It’s sad. I know. We are not the masters of our domain.

  9. I go through this every night. Taschia (all 65 pounds of her) will crawl into bed and curl up into a ball at the foot, only to push me to the edge an hour later as she stretches out. You know how hard it is to shift a 65 pound sleeping dog?

  10. This is pretty good stuff! I’m a bit surprised it didn’t get the comic bubbles/HE-photocomic treatment that Joel does but then again I can understand why you wouldn’t tread on a friend’s territory…
    Still pretty funny.

  11. Amusement! They’re all adorable!
    Not dissimilar to my place, although my grey dog tends to wait until you’re sitting before lying on top of you like a body heat vampire. It’s cute until you lose feeling in your extremities.

  12. This happens in our house, too. Five cats take all the comfy spots in the chairs AND the couch, and like to sleep together in the geographic center of the bed. It is at this point when my husband asks, “when did we lose control here?” The answer is always, “four cats ago.”

  13. Heh. Story of my life. I’ve got two cats who have actually managed to push me out of my own damn bed.
    We recently were given a tall computer chair, that fits perfectly in our kitchen island. In the past month, I’ve sat in it once, and others have used it twice. Otherwise, Captain Tinypants has claimed it for himself. He’s got his own Captain’s chair. (Hat to follow.)

  14. No, it’s times like this that I am grateful that you are so easily amused. Makes me happy in ways you cannot believe! :-)

  15. I’m going to take the snarky route and remind you that the dogs graciously gave up the couch for you to watch the Kings win the Cup. You know, when you scared them out of the house with your flailing and screaming!

  16. Seamus is so cute! :)
    Our dog Max used to run exitedly to the patio door, assuring us with body language that he is close to an embarrasing accident if we don’t let him out THIS SECOND. So my Mum stood up from her comfy armchair greeting Max on her way to the patio door who was nearing lightspeed in the other direction on his way to the arm chair… Realising that her purpose to go for the door has just passed her, she returned to her chair to find a evidently very sleepy Max in her spot not understanding all this confusion…

  17. I have two Pibbles (glad I’m not the only one who uses that term, haha) who do the exact the same thing. I have a queen sized bed for my two dogs and me. I wake up in the middle of the night, and I’m literally sleeping on my side on about 6 inches of mattress!
    I wish I could use my cats to scare them away (my dogs have a healthy respect for their feline sisters), but the cats aren’t allowed in my bedroom at night, as they mess with the blinds.

  18. Originally, he was supposed to be named Wesley. :) However, my husband has this habit of deciding he doesn’t think a pets name fits after we already name them. Behemoth became Remy LeChat (after Gambit, my favorite mutant, as my Remy is polydactyl.)
    Captain Tinypants was so named because when you hold him up under his arms, it looks like he’s wearing small pants. It suits him better, he’s very silly. He’s fallen off the top of the washing machine more than once chasing moths and has has to have been fished out from behind it!

  19. Haha. You should count yourself lucky though – at my parent’s place I can sit down easily enough, but then have to contend with nine golden retrievers all trying to get onto my lap at once – usually two or three succeed…

  20. L O L !!! Dog Whisperer perhaps? lol…I remember you saying about being highly allergic to trees’ procreation stuff, how come you are not allergic to cats then?? stupid question probably, darn, I hate my allergies…

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