There’s a new episode of Radio Free Burrito

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These puppies want you to listen to Radio Free Burrito.

So from time to time, I make this stupid podcast called Radio Free Burrito.

It's this thing that I do because it's creative and entertaining to me, and is an easy way for me to amuse myself and hopefully share some interesting things with people. At the same time, though, it feels like this thing I do that like 100 people in the world listen to, which is kind of weird.

Yesterday, I made a new episode. I think it doesn't totally suck (though it is pretty rambling at points and features some profoundly offensive stuff when I'm demo-ing Cards Against Humanity live), so I'm telling the world that Radio Free Burrito Episode Thirty-Three exists.

29 thoughts on “There’s a new episode of Radio Free Burrito”

  1. I was just wondering when there’d be another! I’m pretty sure it was while I was listening to the Best Radio You Have Never Heard podcast, because Perry always begins each episode with a neat-o coolio sound clip. THANKS, Wil, from the AudioMusic Geek portion of your fan base. :)

  2. I’m so pleased RFB is back!!!
    I have become addicted to Game of Thrones. Some excellent acting talent in that show. It’s filled the gap while Doctor Who is on his holidays.

  3. So, I need your opinion: Would I be a terribly bad person if I downloaded a deck of CAH and played it with my son and daughter (ages 17and 14 respectfully)? They really wanna play. So do I. Could you lead us to that link again? Where to give the money and all that?

  4. I personally think 14 is too young, but you know your children better than I do.
    And the, uh, link is right up there in the show notes :)

  5. I found a link and once I took a look at ALL the cards, yeah, I told her she wouldn’t be playing this game. So, I shall have to find other older people to play the game with…but thanks anyway!

  6. Was it abomination you were thinking of in the podcast?
    I have a casual gaming question for you. What do think the optimal number of participants is for a game? how many is too few and what number is too great?
    Looking forward to returning to the US and playing some new games.

  7. Every game has its own sweet spot. One of the great features of Board Game Geek is a consensus on how many players are needed to make a game really fun, as opposed to how many players are needed to play the game.

  8. Wil, I was just unable to access RFB at all (in both Chrome and IE) then a few minutes later I got an unformatted page, just text and then now both are fine. Several times in the past I’ve tried to go to the site, as well as the futurecast site and got not found. Just seems that server is unreliable or something. Just an FYI. Haven’t had problems with other sites or your typepad main page so i thought I’d mention it.

  9. 100 people? Is that hyperbolic? My fellow co-worker and uber-geek told me it was up yesterday afternoon and I consider it an act of serious self-control that I haven’t listened to it. I will in a few minutes on my way into work.
    I was just looking at the show notes and … dood. EeeeeEEE! Thanks, Pal Wil Wheaton, for putting this together again.

  10. Thanks for the burrito, pretty sure it was ‘anathema’ you were trying to remember; minus five on your saving throw versus wandering Stephensons from now on …
    Anybody got any suggestions for geeky games to play with a seven year old niece ?

  11. Greetings from Sydney! I AM SO HAPPY there is some new Burrito!!!
    I wish you would do more, because you are a beacon of light in my world of dickwagons. It sounds corny, but I always feel….I dunno….uplifted and positive after listening to your podcast. Maybe it’s just the reassurance that there really is intelligent life on this planet. :)
    As for your unidentified amusement park sounds, I cannot believe that you couldn’t simply search for “Zoltan” and “amusement park”! If you had,you’d have found sites like these:
    Thank you again for the new Burrito! I want more!
    Nobody who actually has something interesting to say ever thinks that they do. It’s usually the “empty vessels” that are in love with the sound of their own voice that think other people find them fascinating.
    Cheers, Jo

  12. You know what's so weird to me, is that I searched for those terms, and couldn't find anything. I bet those are the sites the mp3s came from, though.
    Thanks for the links, and thanks for listening.

  13. My guess is “apostasy” – sort of like blasphemy, but in my opinion, a much better word. As in, “I realize I am committing apostasy by saying this, but….”

  14. Thanks Wil!
    It feels so weird, to be across the other side of the planet, and to be able to personally thank you.
    The burrito is something that I truly wish there was more of, but when I think that you do it just because you want o be creative, and not because it’s a job, it touches me, on a personal level. *snicker*
    I ramble. What I mean to say is thank you for everything you do to brighten people’s lives, including my own.

  15. if your having trouble following the links, when you click it, just add www. to the front of it and it will pop up :)
    Btw, so glad to find this, you are very entertaining Wil, this podcast is just a great thing to find, im glad you do it, and wish more people would take an interest!

  16. I’m so behind on my podcasts… This was a super cool episode. Lots of great stories, too many to single out a favorite. Your listener mail section at the end was a really nice way to end it. I certainly can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I for one appreciate when you take time like that to interact directly with your fans. Sorry to get all fanboy, but the bit where you talk about working with Jim Parsons was wonderful.

  17. YAY! I’ve been hoping we’d get more RFB this year, especially since the Nerdist Christmas special got me hooked on podcasts again, which I hadn’t listened to since college (which wasn’t that long ago, but still…).

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