This is a real thing that you can own

About a year ago, I dared my friend Joel to imagine what it would be like if he designed a little plushie Wil Wheaton, and this happened:

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After we stopped laughing about it, and enjoying how oh-so-clever we were, we started thinking about actually making it a real thing that someone could own, mostly because the idea of letting my dog murderize one was really funny to me. Then Joel pointed out that if we made it, we could give little Wil some minature dice, and someone would probably make a little clown sweater for him to wear… 

I know, right? This was long before we even thought about dressing him up as Sparks McGee!

It took a long time and a lot of work, but it's finally happening. Little Plushie Wil Wheaton looks like this:


Which came first? The Internet or Wil Wheaton? No one knows for sure, but rest assured top men are working on the answer. TOP. MEN. Since the actual Wil Wheaton lives inside the Internet, you can't actually possess him. OR CAN YOU!? You can't, but you can own your very own soft, diminutive effigy of Wil that may or may not be a horcrux containing a tiny piece of his soul. I'm just saying, give your Li'l Wil a hug and I bet somewhere in California the real one lets out an audible sigh of contentment. Set it on fire and… well, you paid your money. Do what you want.

You can pre-order one of these little guys right now. Seriously, get together twenty of your internet space bucks, and go to the Hijinks Ensue store, for great justice.

Because Pinchy would have wanted it that way.

Wheaton Prime with Plushie Wheaton

Seriously. How cute is this?

58 thoughts on “This is a real thing that you can own”

  1. That doll looks just like Star Wars’ Will Wheatin, and I’m glad to see that Phil Hughes has gotten some modeling work, even if he had to grow a beard. I was worried about his ability to make a living.

  2. If I say I want a Wil Wheaton plush doll, does it mean I’m gay?
    This is so cool, I’m considering holding up a convenience store so I have the extra cash to buy one. Then I would take him with me whenever I travel.
    Hey! An idea is leaking out from my head holes…
    We should totally create a web page where people can upload their images of their Wil Wheaton plush doll in various locales.
    I can see it now (cue wavey-line transition)
    – Plush Wil at the Eiffel Tower!
    – Plush Wil on South Beach!
    – Plush Wil at the top of the Seattle Space Needle!
    – Plush Wil at the Taj Mahal!
    – Plush Wil making nice with that cute stripper at… er… maybe not that one.
    (I totally first typed Eiffel Towel, by mistake. Considered leaving it that way, but the writer in me objected profusely. And Profanely, too.)

  3. Yes, undoubtedly adorable and so practical… But I have a hard time supporting anything by Joel because he isn’t really a nice guy to meet at cons. He can be rude, and easily dismissive with someone he clearly doesn’t care to know. Luckily, not everyone agrees with me so sales of this item shouldn’t be hampered in any way, shape, or form.

  4. I keep coming back to this post over and over, partly because plush effigies just amuse me. Mostly, it is because I find myself compelled to voice my disappointment that voodoo pins are not included with the plushness that is Lil’ Wil. It won’t stop me from using my own. If you feel a sharp pain in oh say the knee region, just know that I’m taking my frustrations out on you…er…it.

  5. I just want little TNG uniforms! If he were in a CMDR’s uniform, he’d look look Will Riker! Tee hee
    Or, a BORGIFIED Will. oooooo
    Traveler Will, with STUNNING, high-neck, silver jumper..
    Where does it end??

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