Introducing As Seen on Tabletop.

Tabletop on Geek and SundryEvery day, I get emails, messages on Twitter, and Ravens from people who have played a game because we played it on Tabletop. The stories and pictures are super awesome, and I want to share them with the world.

So I set up a Tumblr called As Seen On Tabletop for viewers to share your stories and pictures from your game nights, game days, and game shops.

You can either use the SUBMIT function there, or you can send email to tabletop (at symbol) wil wheaton (dot goes here) net.



10 thoughts on “Introducing As Seen on Tabletop.”

  1. I found out about Ticket to Ride from a local games store. Another customer who was there said, “Oh! I love that game! And it’s Wil Wheaton approved!!”
    So I’ll take a picture of my family playing it and send it to you.
    Have you played the card game Labyrinth? My family loves that one, too.

  2. Just got into the ‘Tabletop’ deal after having played classic D&D some years ago; thanks very much for introducing me! (Which was pretty much through getting into Big Bang Theory late and seeing this rivalry you have with Sheldon, which just made me want to see why) – LOVING the look of ‘Fiasco’, just watching your set-up vid now.
    Definitely a new fan.

  3. Taking this to the next level would be for game stores to loop an episode on a little screen near a game for sale. Or to loop several episodes on a large screen in their store for games they sell.
    Seeing people having fun playing and seeing the mechanics would have to help sell the games.
    I am not addressing copyright or licensing issues of course … that stuff is for the bean counters.

  4. I have heard from a bunch of gamers and shop owners that they're doing exactly this, and I think it's wonderful.

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