The conclusion of Tabletop’s Fiasco

Part one of Saturday Night 78 ended with quite a cliffhanger…

…so here's part two!


If you're intrigued by Fiasco, I highly encourage you to get a couple of friends together and play it at your next game night. And if you want to give the Saturday Night 78 playset a go, you can download it from Bullypulpit.

Also, if you've played Fiasco and want to give another non-traditional RPG that focuses on storytelling a try, pick up my friend Paul's game A Penny For My Thoughts.

15 thoughts on “The conclusion of Tabletop’s Fiasco”

  1. Lesson learned… Bonnie’s dark side is not to be underestimated. Whoa.. just whoa..
    Also for the next 48 hours I am only 5 years not 6 years younger then you! *slides a pint* Cheers!

  2. I don’t know how much I could get into playing this game personally, but I loved watching it. I am hoping to get my wife (who is the opposite of geek) into this game. The setup almost exactly mirrors a Red Cross Mystery Dinner play she did a few years back.
    The addition of the printables puts it over the top. As always, you are a class act.
    Have a beer on me! (I’ll pay you back when I randomly see you on the street, I promise).

  3. As much as I loved this episode I have to say that my favourite part would be the homage to Ferris Bueller’s day off at the end. Love it, and love table top.

  4. The one thing I wanted for that final red die:
    Lily’s on stage accepting her first Oscar. The crowd is roaring, and there – is that Betty in the second row? She’s cheering her heart out, all for Lily. But it can’t be her. Lily never looked back, but she heard the crash when that disco ball came down.
    Lily’s voice fails her. She tries to keep thanking members of her film crew but God why can’t that girl stop smiling like Betty?
    Nobody wonders at this breakdown. People get choked up at the Oscars all the time.

  5. I know this is not the correct place put this (or, at least, it’s not on topic) but I couldn’t find any info on Memories of the Future, Volume 2. Is it still in the works?

  6. That was AWESOME!
    I know it sounds weird but this makes me want to watch Leverage again. Which is good because I don’t think Fiasco! is for me because I could never be that creative when it comes to making up stories.
    And the preview is all Matt Mira and plaid shirts! Admit it Wil, you wanted to to make him feel right at home by pretending to be a hipster like Jonah 😉

  7. i misunderstood what this game was about in the beginning. i thought the role playing was just one part of it, that it was a board game too. *facepalm* that what i get for not paying attention.
    crazy ending to the story. although that kind of game is still not my thing, it was interesting to watch it play out.

  8. This seems like a great way to brainstorm a story for a movie or TV. Oddly enough. I have the words “Fiasco Short Film Festival” going through my head right now.

  9. I know it would be next to impossible, especially due to schedules, but would you at least consider having the four of you make that a short film? You guys could star in it, John could write it; and if schedules jived, Dean Devlin could produce it and Frakes could direct it. Now THAT could be an amazing piece for G&S.

  10. I could see the script of this show written up and made into a two part movie of the week, sort of like the McCloud/McMillan & Wife/Columbo stuff, but much darker.
    @Jeremy Anderson: Love your scene!

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