This is a real thing that happened.

I'm still processing the whole thing, through a mind that was recently completely blown, but I have to show you a picture, Internet:

Anne gave me a surprise party for my 40th birthday. She spent a year planning it, and gathered 165 of my friends — from around the world — into one room to celebrate with me.

And because that wasn't enough for her, she got my teenage crush, Debbie freaking Gibson to surprise me, and sing Shake Your Love, to me, at my party.


So… I don't even. I have the best wife and the best friends ever in the history of life on this or any other plane of existence.

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  1. OK, you better start working at getting Nathan Fillion for her next birthday party now!
    You are the luckiest man on the face of the Earth! Congrats.

  2. Wait… So an 80’s teen heartthrob had a crush on an 80’s teen heartthrob? Think of the tabloids you could have ruled!
    P.S.: Anne is brilliant

  3. Aww, yay! I’m glad you had an amazing birthday :) Thanks for spreading so much nerdy joy on these here interwebs every day! Happy birthday! (I made sure I wasn’t being a dick yesterday just for you).

  4. “I have the best wife and the best friends ever in the history of life on this or any other plane of existence.” – Yes,… Yes you do. That might be one of the single best birthdays I have ever heard of.

  5. Ok, this confirms that she is the best wife anyone could ask for, and an amazing human being. Im so jealous that you got to meet Debby freaking Gibson! I used to be so in love with her!

  6. So very glad it was really fun! Andrew Hackard has been telling me about it — sounds like it was absolutely great. You have wonderful friends and a fabulous wife to create something special for you.

  7. Hubby now has 3 months to come up with something even vaguely as awesome for my 40th. Oddly, the fact that I am a few months younger than you is comforting, since I’m older than almost everyone else I know…

  8. That is awesome. You have a Wife +lotz in awesomeness. :)
    I’m turning 40 in a week or so. I’m hoping to get biscuit jointer; if my wife complains about the cost, I’ll point her to this post. Bwah!

  9. Of course, this will now start an Awesome Birthday Arms Race between you and Anne. Best start working on one of her future birthdays right now, Wil.

  10. That’s awesome, Wil! Happy Birthday!
    I have a two memories of meeting you a looooong time ago. (and no, you would not remember me) The first was at KROQ studios when I stopped in to pick up some REM tickets I had won. I think you had been hanging out there at the time.
    The second was at the front of the Mondrian Hotel, where Debbie Gibson was staying following a show she had in LA. I think you had mentioned that you were there to see her or were friends or something. My buddy and I were like, “So, how’s the show (TNG) going?” and your were like, “You know, same shit different script…”
    I am sure there was more – but this was like 20 years ago… so… you know… Anyway.
    Big Happy Birthday to you, sir! And kudos to your awesome wife!

  11. Oh Wil, your reaction is the best!! I hope you sucked all the joy you could out of the night.
    And Anne is awesome. You have some big shoes to fill on her next birthday. 😉

  12. “I have the best wife and the best friends ever in the history of life on this or any other plane of existence.”
    You really do, Wil. You do.

  13. I am so glad that my husband doesn’t read your blog! His 40th birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and my planning took less than two weeks. *Blush*. You are a very lucky man!

  14. I’m sure you are already well aware of this, but you have an amazing wife. 8D Thanks to you and to Anne for bringing a smile to my day, and happy birthday!

  15. Way cool, man. Anne is something really special. Creative and thoughtful, and willing to put in all the time & effort to make your birthday so very special. So neat. I’m really impressed with the two of you. :)

  16. This is the best thing ever. Anne is AWESOME. Good Job. My first reaction was exactly the same as Kelleygreene’s I told my husband “Will you get Wil Wheaton to come to my 40th Birthday Party?” 😀 You’ve got 6.5 years. 😀 Happy Birthday.

  17. I just made my husband read this. I have yet to have a surprise party. I think he’s afraid to sleep tonight… As he should be.

  18. I am patiently waiting for this to appear as a 2 hour special on Geek & Sundry. Nothing less will satisfy. From the looks of it, just about every single person from my Twitter feed that I haven’t met was in attendance.

  19. OK, that’s it. Well done, sir. You completely win at Teh IntarWebz. And LIFE.
    Dear God in heaven, PLEASE tell me there’s video. :-)

  20. That is freaking amazing! Nice work Anne. Wil, I think you need to marry her AGAIN, just to make sure. Congrats, you are a very lucky guy.
    Cheers, Simon.

  21. ‘working’ like:
    Wil: “Hey, Nathan, could you be totally awesome and come to Anne’s next birthday?”
    Nathan: “Totally! Awesome!”

  22. Thanx for sharing, it’s fun to see your reactions. =) Awesome 40th, this can only portend more wonderful stuff in your future! Love seeing you all over Syfy, SDCC, Nerdist, everywhere else.

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