Where’s Carl?

Earlier this year, Chandler Riggs and I were both at the Supanova convention in Australia.

This is a short film we made together while we were there.

Fun fact: you can follow Chandler on Twitter; he's a really awesome person.

12 thoughts on “Where’s Carl?”

  1. Bwahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    What a lovely bit to do with (not) Carl, for both of you, and for those of us who appreciate this type of humor, too.
    So, thanks a lot for the fun! I got called in to work today and everyone went off to the July 4 shindig without me, but this helps ease the pain. Quite a lot, actually. One internet to whoever thought it up!

  2. It is great that you can not only laugh at yourself, but that you can turn it into something so funny, and then share it with the world. It seems you have the lemonade thing down pat.

  3. Oh, that was great. Loved it.
    I was at a con recently & I have to say that the video introductions for the guests were seriously lacking. Did not do your TNG pals justice. Should con directors want a video introduction for you, I recommend they use this one.

  4. I’ve rejected about fifteen funny things to say in my head because none of them add anything. I think that means this is a perfect video.
    Well done, sirs.

  5. Wesley? Who the hell is that? I thought this guy was Fawkes?
    Actually, Chandler Riggs owes me a new keyboard: that was the funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks.

  6. If you had gone for the pg-13 version where he said “Fuck off, Wesley.” I may have soiled myself. Still, way too funny for the straights.

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