A few pictures from GenCon

Today and tomorrow, I'm narrating the audio version of Zach Weinersmith's The Trial of the Clone. I'm up nice and early because I'm apparently on the same schedule as my puppy.

In place of a proper post about GenCon (which was exhausting but lots of fun), here are a few pictures of awesome things I saw while I was there, starting with epic cosplay:

Walter, Donny (RIP) and The Dude.

Walter, Donny (RIP) and The Dude.


The most terrifying and perfect Corinthian cosplay I've ever seen. She made the eye pieces out of soft leather and affixed them with spirit gum. Amazing.

Dalek and River Song

Adorable Dalek and River Song

My favourite part of signing is meeting people who love the same things I love, and geeking out about those things. It's genuinely wonderful to talk with hundreds of people who are from The Tribe, you know? Signing for hours and hours at a time can get tiring, though, and one of the ways I restore HP and Mana during the day is by amusing myself when it's appropriate. Here are a few examples of me doing that at GenCon:

Edition Wars

This is from a game called Edition Wars. GMs are trying to get players to play their system, and you can make your own GM. So I made myself.

Sheldon Cooper

I sign a LOT of Big Bang Theory things, and whenever I get a chance to sign a picture of Jim as Sheldon, I write something like this on it. It amuses me almost as much as it tends to amuse the person I'm signing it for.

A ranking of Moustaches

Just, you know, ranking Moustaches on a scale of Hitler to Brimley. Like you do. And, yes, I realize I spelled Chaplin wrong.

Munchkin Cards

I'm also asked to make Munchkin cards from time to time. These are two of the ones I did this year. Steve Jackson even made them tournament-legal for the duration of GenCon!

People make me amazing things, and give me wonderful gifts at cons. Here are a few of the things I got to bring home:

8-bit Wheaton dice bag

This is a handmade, hand embroidered dice bag with 8-bit me on it!

Lego Sparks McGee

This Lego Sparks McGee is best in life.

Tabletop Fan Art

Tabletop fan art!!

I was so busy signing, I only got to play two games: Fiasco with my friends, using a playset they wrote me for my birthday, and True Dungeon with many of the same friends, where we sent the Draco Lich (Formerly known as the dragon Smoak, who I kind of one-shotted in 2010) to the void. You're welcome, people-who-no-longer-live-in-fear-of-the-Draco-Lich.

I can't even count the number of people who told me wonderful, personal stories about how Tabletop has touched their lives. When I have some more time, I'll share a few of them.

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  1. Having just finished Just a Geek, seeing this post appears to me to be the icing on the cake. While I’m certain you have spent a lot of time a cons since finishing the book, from this reader’s prospective, seeing this post filled with things like the images and the outpouring of adoration from the fans makes me feel pretty good for you and where your past has taken you. Life doesn’t suck, does it?
    Be well and breathe – From…
    [/Just another Geek]

  2. Lacking the time to get an autograph signed, (Curse you overbooking of events!) I just sort of wandered by and, much like a psychic vampire, absorbed some of the excitement of those in line, basking in Wil’s warm glowing warming nerd glow.
    I also almost accidentally ran down Nichelle Nichols as she was leaving her booth. I should probably pay more attention to where I’m walking next year.

  3. Your moustache ranking is highly controversial. The New York Times Review of Moustache’s weekly rankings currently stand at:
    The Elliot
    The Brimley
    The Sutherland D. Classic
    The Bronson
    The Dali
    The Fingers
    The Selleck
    The Shalit
    The Yosemite
    The Marx G.
    The Marx K.
    The Hitler

  4. Wil, it was great BSing with you about Thundarr the Barbarian. and because I blanked when asked, I’ll belatedly answer “Stalker From the Stars” as my favorite episode.

  5. I was in line to get my copy of Fiasco signed, but the line was cut before I could get to you. I did however convince the guy to give you my handmade chainmaille dicebag and die. Hope you enjoy them!

  6. I heard Robert Picardo was at JPL for the Mars Curiosity landing. You didn’t happen to be there, did you? It would have been cool if you were. BTW, where’s the video you announced you would be doing for them? Has it been released yet?

  7. That Corinthian is SO wonderful. Genius!
    Sheepish confession…I came to see you but was turned away. I was disappointed but not surprised as I was shluffing in late following a Waterdeep tournament. Then I saw Nichelle Nichols sitting a few feet away (fireworks in my heart) and lined up to see her but then I was told I could see you after all (unicorns stampeding in my heart) and I was ushered to the head of the weirdly non-existent line. Suddenly, there you were smiling kindly. I managed to say thank you before I knew that I was going to have a low grade Kristen Bell and the Sloth response so I gave you dice and fled the scene. Sorry I couldn’t be more articulate or, you know, human with you!
    I’m an improviser, so I was curious to hear if you have gotten to keep up with that.
    My first year at GenCon was literally more awesomeness than my heart could contain without melting down. Ah well. We can’t all be cool.

  8. Hey Wil, I love your audiobooks, so it is good to hear that you are doing another one. I clicked the link to the book – it looks interesting (just the other day I was thinking how a cool it would be if they re-released the Fighting Fantasy books as iPad or Android applications.)I have been listening to your recording of Ready Player One, so I looked the book up and I see that a film version is in development. If it gets greenlit, you should be cast as Anorak – the campaign starts here! Returning to audiobooks, there is currently no recording of “The Body” available – it would be awesomely meta if you could record that book. Anyway, thanks for the great recordings.

  9. I was in the autograph line just ahead of the girls in the Doctor Who cosplay. Those truly were epic costumes. I hope lots of other people gave you dice, too. And I hope to see you next year!

  10. Sorry I missed you this year. This was the first Gen Con I had something to do (in the form of a tournament).
    I’d like to say that you are the perfect Guest of Honor for Gen
    Con, no matter what other people say. True, you are a celebrity, but you’re a celebrity who happens to be a gamer.
    I truly enjoy the series, TABLETOP, by the way. Keep up the great work on the series.
    Until the next time. Keep those dice rollin’

  11. I enjoyed meeting you, I was the one who gave you the Sparks McGee minifig. Perhaps it is a happy coincidence Lego minfigs fit perfectly inside a dice case, or maybe it is nerd destiny. Regardless, keep up the great work on Tabletop and hopefully we will cross paths at another GenCon!
    Link to pics:

  12. The girls and I enjoyed meeting you! The oldest (in the River Song costume) was glad you liked her TableTop logo drawing as well. I took a picture of you while you were looking at the drawing and the smile on Ivy’s face is pure joy. Photo link: http://flic.kr/p/cVL4LY Thank you so much for taking the time to visit with all the fans at GenCon!!!!!

  13. I think a book about Con stories would be great. Not just stories told to you, but of things you encounter and stuff. Call it “CONfessions of a CONvict” or something.

  14. My whole reason for being was to meet you at gencon. I went with my husband and it was fun. But i guess you had to leave to catch a flight before i got out of my scrapbooking class. I am now adding you to my short list of arch enemies and will have to stalk your blog until i can make your next appearence. I was very sorry that i was not able to give you the googly eyes i brought for you to give to your wife. Maybe next time.

  15. Warning: off topic: For all you beer brewers (and lovers):
    There is a petition asking the White House to release its recipe for beer. Yup… Obama apparently has them turning the White House kitchen into a brewery (NTTAWWT). Knowing Wil’s got a bunch o’ beer-makers reading his blog – I figured it would be okay to post this message. If not, Wil can come visit me in South Florida and slap me on the wrist. Then I can buy him that Guiness I promised him, so very long ago. Petition is here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-recipe-honey-ale-home-brewed-white-house/XkpkYwc0

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