Here are my plans for PAX

Tomorrow, I'm heading up to Seattle for PAX Prime. This year, I hope to play a shitton of games, both of the Tabletop variety and the Video variety. To accomplish this noble goal, I'm not going to do a ton of signing like I've done in years past.

If you're planning to attend, and want to do things with me, or come see me do things, here's my schedule:

Friday Morning: Signing at Paul and Storm's table in Bandland.

Friday Afternoon: Playing Ticket To Ride in the Tabletop gaming area with Anne and the first five people who show up to play with us.

Saturday Morning: Signing at Paul and Storm's table in Bandland.

Saturday 3:30pm: Main Theater. Acquisitions, Incorporated. The Lost Episode. 

Sunday 11:30am: The Awesome Hour! Pegasus Theater. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS HAS BEEN UPGRADED. THE AWESOME HOUR IS NOW THE DON'T FORGET TO BE AWESOME HOUR, WITH PAUL AND STORM, AND HANK GREEN. Also, I'll be there telling stories and answering questions.

Sunday 1pm: Signing at Paul and Storm's table in Bandland.

Important note about signings: I'm going to PAX this year primarly as an attendee, so I won't have my own table in bandland. Instead, I've convinced Paul and Storm to let me crash their table for roughly one hour each day. For specific times I'll be there, check my Twitter account, which I'll update throughout the weekend.

I'm also bringing fifty of these silly Wheaton Paper Dolls with me for sale. Hopefully, I won't have to schlep 45 of them back home.

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  1. I’m super bummed about breaking my ankle yesterday. In addition to it hurting like hell, I’m going to miss out on introducing my kids to the guy who bought the fibonnacci scarf!
    Have fun! And I’m betting you’re sold out of paper dolls in an hour or less. :)

  2. I hope you have fun. Sadly, I suspect my move to San Jose means no more PAX Prime for me. On the other hand, it probably also means SDCC is within reach.
    Do you ever come to conventions in San Jose?

  3. PAX and Bumbershoot in one weekend. It’s time for crazy traffic!! Have fun. Bring up some warm weather with you.
    Have you heard of Blue Highway Games? It’s up on Queen Anne Hill, about three miles from the convention center. If you have some time, it might be a store you’d like to browse if you haven’t. Not certain what they have, though. I admit, I’m not a gamer (I’d get absolutely addicted and never talk to my family again. They do look fun, though. Maybe I should get my family addicted too…).

  4. Please say hi to Angela and Aubrey for me as I understand they’ll be playing (The Doubleclicks) on Friday afternoon or evening…one of them. Apparently, where they’ll be playing, you don’t need a convention pass. They’ll have another of my musical buddies with them, (Sarah Donner, whom you can’t miss due to a bright reed accent in her her hair).
    Have fun being an Attendee and know that you’ll sell out of your Paper dolls :)

  5. So there I am watching Highway To Heaven reruns and who do I find but Wil Fucking Wheaton – trying to let the air out of Michael Landon’s tires! A great 80s moment!

  6. What would happen if we dressed Paper Wheaton in ALL THE THINGS… at once?? Would insanity ensue??
    Have a great time at PAX for all your Canadian friends who can’t attend.

  7. When I saw Paul and Storm at PAX East, they introduced me to the elbow bump (presumably also to avoid con crud). Do you do that, too? (I’ve read and understand your policy on physical contact at cons, and it makes sense. I’m just curious if elbow bumps qualify. Also, it’s just curiosity, as I won’t be there).

  8. I’ve just watched the recorded (from the live stream) Acquisitions Incorporated game from PAX 2012 at
    I don’t know how long it will stay up there, as the WotC site says it was just a live stream on and the edited version is yet to appear on their youtube channel
    I hope this is helpful to other people, particularly those of us in the UK and elsewhere who will never be able to go to PAX.
    I really enjoyed it – some proper laugh out loud moments.
    I hope someone from TableTop/Geek & Sundry/Wizards of the Coast/Penny Arcade/PvP is working on video-casting some D&D games more often, as I’ve really loved the few there have been – they’re a major factor in getting me into playing D&D.

  9. It was so rad to meet you at PAX yesterday – and thank you so much for signing my book and letting me natter on at you about beers, and the State, and even taking a synthahol joke in excellent form! 😀 I hope you got a chance to try that Pike’s Harlot’s Harvest I mentioned – if not, may many more delicious pumpkin beers come your way. Take care, and as always, I look forward to more rad episodes of Tabletop and excellent blog posts! ALL THE BEERS, WHEATON! 😉

  10. You were missed at Dragon*Con this year – Damn this East Coast / West Coast Rivalry!!! There was a fun Geek and Sundry Panel early Sunday morning, and inspired, my husband and I went home and cracked open a brand new box of Ticket To Ride.
    It was a close game, ending with us tied at the end. He jumped ahead by completing 3 full routes to my 4 (I totally forgot to go to Winnepeg, oops), but I managed a comeback with the longest train route which tied us up again! The kicker tie breaker was the longest continuous route which put my 48 cars ahead of his 24! Woot!
    Thanks for introducing us to a simple, yet fun game. Looking forward to more in the future!

  11. I was so spazzed that I wasn’t going to make it into line to get Anne-Stitch to you. With the PAX prank (Never Forget!!!) taking so much time during your signing slots last year I nearly didn’t get Wil-Stitch to you. SO glad I was able to make sure she made it to you, and it was extra special to be able to actually give her right to Anne!
    I knew I was the end of the line and that you had ALL THE THINGS to still see and do so didn’t want to take a load and a half of your time. I’d really wanted to make the matched pair going back a few years now because I told you a really special story way-way-way back at PAX East about my Dad and watching ST:TNG. You signed my Kindle and wrote a super sweet note on the back. I wanted to do something to say thanks and to make sure you knew how much you really are appreciated by the community. PAXers are pretty fiercely tied together and we love all our peeps! So much so that we make weird stuff for each other. :-3

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