Please meet the newest member of Team Wheaton

adorable puppy
We were introduced last week at the Pasadena Humane Society, when Anne and I were there for a tour of the new facility WWdN readers helped raise the funds to build.

We were standing in the lobby, talking about how much we love Seamus, when a worker walked in with this puppy. She had the exact same dopey happiness and demeanor as Seamus, and as you can see, very similar markings.

Just like when we met Seamus, we weren't looking to add a dog to our pack, but Riley is almost 11 and doesn't want to play with Seamus as much as he needs to play, and after a few minutes with this pooch, we couldn't stop thinking about her.

A couple of days later, we made the decision to get on the waiting list and see if we could adopt her. Today, we took both of our dogs to the Humane Society to meet her, and the whole pack came together perfectly.

Riley made it clear that she doesn't want to play, but snuggling is fine. Seamus made it clear that he's a big old dope who just loves to play as much as a 4 month-old puppy.

New Dog (she has a name but we're keeping it secret until she comes to live with us next week) took correction from Riley and respected her limits immediately, and played with Seamus until they were both wiped out.

We love her. She's a little underweight, but the vet at the Humane Society checked her out and said she's otherwise healthy, so she'll be spayed in a couple of days, and come home to her new house and her forever family on Sunday.


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  1. aaaaaAAAAAHHH! LOVE! I so wish I could have a dog, let alone three. Still moving around too much though. But once I can, just you wait. Anyway, CONGRATS! Sounds like a lovely combination. It reminds me of one of my favourite authors advice about chess computers: Just get two so they can play with each other, and then you can hang out with your friends! Everyone wins!

  2. LOVE THAT FACE. LOVE that face.
    Will you take all three for walks at once? How do you people DO that? I have ONE dog (a wolfhound but still) and I can’t imagine controlling more than one pup at a time!

  3. Lol. I sense a trend here. You guys are going to have to stay away from the puppy places, or you’re going to end up with a real pack =D
    Congrats on the pup though. She looks like a doll, and Seamus will have a blast. Watson? Not so much lol.

  4. Mazel tov! I’m worried about my mom becoming a crazy cat lady- this shows me I should definitely keep her away from shelters! But congrats on the lovely pup. I have such a soft spot for the white nose :)

  5. She’s gorgeous! Congratulations!
    I got mail from the Pasadena Humane Society yesterday about the Wiggle Waggle Walk (I live in FL) and I thought of the Wheatons and Seamus. :)

  6. Beautiful. Always great to see someone get a nice home, though is she aware she’s gonna be an Internet celebrity? :)
    And if you need a spare cat or two, please let me know. 😀

  7. This post made me so happy! If we still had our five acres we’d have a much bigger pack ourselves (we have two at home now and a cat). It got to be something of a joke. We had three of our own; the next door neighbor’s dog would come play, sleep, snack with ours while they were at work; and an old man (we actually called him Old Man because we didn’t know his name) wandered onto our property one July and stayed until he had to be put to rest. I miss the ones who aren’t with us any more. Thanks for this; she’s beautiful. Enjoy her!

  8. I am unable to have any more pets … so I am very happy there are people like you and Anne in the world who can take in and adore these wonderful animals.
    Big karma points for you, Mr. Wheaton.

  9. She’s adorable Will. So glad you are an ambassador for this breed! This breed needs more awesome people like you and your wife.We love our pittie, Zeva. She is the sweetest, goofiest little girl ever!

  10. She is one lucky puppy!! What a face! You guys are great people and thanks for helping out rescues. They really need it. Have fun puppy proofing your house. I can’t wait to hear stories about her with your pack.

  11. We lost both of our cats; Pasha, who did our taxes and was, no doubt, a PhD in her own right, and Muughi, who had one, count ’em (1) brain cell which would rattle around in that skull of his when he shook his head, (sounded like a busted light bulb).
    We loved them both like they were our kids.
    As we approach a new chapter in our lives, we’re looking at adopting a dog…and a cat. Pets bring such joy. What you are doing is just made of 100 percent concentrated AWESOME.

  12. Too Cute. My favorite bit of cuteness is the birthmark on her right rear leg. But that face!!! Those ears!!!!
    You could smuggle her into my no pets allowed building any day.
    Have a wonderful GenCon and do be careful, Swine Flu has been diagnosed already in the state.

  13. Call her “Wheaton.” That way when she tears something up, you can stand in the middle of the room, clench your fists and yell “WHEATOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!”

  14. Isn’t it amazing how you add to your pack when you least expect it? My mother spotted a Doberman lying in a ditch and gave me a call. We loaded up and went to find her. She obviously belonged to someone–she was wearing a collar, her ears and tail were done and she’d been spayed. But, she’d also been out there a while because she was 15lbs underweight. I checked with all the vets within 10 miles and no one knew her. We couldn’t keep her, we were at our limit and our Alpha girl did NOT like her. After a couple of weeks of looking for a home for her, the Alpha tolerated her and the Dobie was so clingy, we couldn’t bear the thought of getting rid of her. She’d been lost/dumped once, how could we do that to her? It’s been a couple of years now and she just sits and stares into your face with this “I love you SOOOO much!” look on her face.

  15. Oh I see, instead of having a ton of kids, you have a ton of puppies…I like your plan…haha The newest member of the Wheaton family is adorable…Enjoy it as they grow so fast! 😛

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