A Moment With Wil – Episode 17

I couple of years ago, I got this idea to make these really stupid short videos where I did stupid things and then thanked the viewer for spending that moment with me.

I’ve made 17 of them (this is not just a clever title), but never did anything with them other than show a few of them at various w00tstocks.

I think I’ll start uploading some of them to my YouTube channel, because they’re mildly amusing to me. To get us started, here’s the most recent one I made:

Thank you for spending this moment with me.

46 thoughts on “A Moment With Wil – Episode 17”

  1. There are those people, Wil, who think that soup is only good in cold weather, just like ice cream is only good in hot weather. I think that idea is NONSENSE, sir, and it gratifies me that you do not fall into that “soup = cold only” TRAP.

    Also I’m totally gonna make minestrone this weekend out of vegetables from my OWN GARDEN and it will be totally awesome and I will think of this video as I eat it <3

    1. It could have been a vegetable…if the chicken was in some sort of terrible accident resulting in brain death, but kept alive until it’s next of kin could decide whether or not to pull the plug … or drop the axe.

  2. Must have been good soup! So glad to have shared that moment with you. Of course, I just shared it now, and the moment was then. HAVE WE CRACKED TIME TRAVEL AT LAST?????

  3. I don’t know if I’m laughing at you or with you. I’m laughing though.

    For those of you not in the know, this really is exactly like watching Wil from outside his living room window. But not his bedroom window. Never his bedroom window. Because that would just be creepy.

  4. Sir, I must point out that you have made a massive faux pas in slurping from the bowl.

    No, not because it is bad manners, but because you have wasted the opportunity to mop it up with some delicious, warm, freshly home baked bread. For shame.

  5. First off, getting my “moderated comment” out of the way.

    Second, I have to know how you recorded the slurping sound. Did you do a separate audio take and splice it in? Or did you just increase the audio on an existing slurp?

  6. They’re not just mildly amusing to you, they’re that way to me too (since I can’t be assuming to the rest of the crew.)

  7. For some reason, I thought the “Moment’s with Wil” were a bit, (Or are they bits, being multiple moments? GAH – curse you grammar!) created specifically for W00tStock. I thought they were hilarious then, thanks for sharing them again now. :)

  8. My father would have us first announce “The bowl is now a cup! The bowl is now a cup!” Then you could drink out of it! Always a summer favorite!

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