Montreal! I am about to be in you!

I’m on my way to Montreal in a few hours for this weekend’s Montreal Comicon. The last time I was in Montreal, it was 2006 for the always-awesome CruiseTrek. It was a memorable trip, because I used Eventful to put together a reading and signing of my then new book Just A Geek. I didn’t know if anyone would show up, and I was blown away with a couple dozen people did. It was pretty awesome.

This weekend, I’ll be speaking on Saturday morning at 1130. I’m not sure if it’s just a Q&A thing, or if the content of the hour is at my discretion. I’m bringing some stories to read, just in case.

Until I get home on Sunday, I won’t have instant access to the blog, so comments may take longer to be moderated than usual.


32 thoughts on “Montreal! I am about to be in you!”

  1. While in Montreal, I HIGHLY recommend Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel for amazing local beer. Easily my favourite Canadian brewery. Their pizza’s pretty tasty too.

    1. Oh I have it. The issue is data roaming charges and the potential lack of WiFi access. Somehow, though, we’ll find a way to soldier through … together.

  2. I’m practically next door, in Ottawa, but I’ll be busy this weekend, so I’m very sad that I will miss you.

    By the way, TableTop is awesome. The Fiasco episode was magnificent. I found the setup as enthralling as the main episode, if not more so. Keep up the great work.

  3. Cool! Me and the Mrs. (MrMrSpock) if you remember us from Vegas ’07 will be there! I remember the 2006 gig. I was on the way to pick up the Mrs. and meet you. Got stuck in traffic and missed by about 10 minutes. doh!

  4. I was there for the reading in 2006 but unfortunately there is no way I can get use the time or money to go to Montreal this time. I hope everyone has fun. Someday I will get “Happiest Days of Our Lives” signed hopefully.

  5. Have a great trip, Wil! I’ll just be waiting here to be moderated. 😉

    I’ve been lurking in the short time since you’ve come back “home,” but haven’t been able to get on a “real” computer to comment until now. My apologies, Mister Secretary (of Geek Affairs).

  6. I’m so sad I can’t make it this weekend! I was all set to go when a family emergency came up :(. Just know there is a geek in Alberta who wishes she could be there.

  7. Greetings from Mr. Lizard. Feels strange being in this new house. Still has that new house smell. In any case, come say, “Hi,” when you’re in South Floirda. I do still owe you a Guiness.

  8. As a few others have already mentioned: Dieu du Ciel for some pretty good micro-brew.
    Free wireless can be had at most coffee shops and mall food courts (if you so desire to visit).
    Wish I could be at MCC but I think I had my fill at SDCC. Now, if you brought along W00tstock… 😀
    P.S. You made me buy Munchkin. Now I need to find people to play it with. =P

  9. Hey Will, Welcome to Montreal. Unfortunately I was too late in keeping this weekend (the days) clear for the ComicCon. I had hoped to bring the Backglass of my new STTNG Pinball machine and have it signed by some of the cast. However, a few good buddies and I love to kick back with good brew and play my 7 RAD machines on weekend nights … and this weekend is no exception. In fact … I just got married on Sept. 2nd and we have 5 cases of beer left over. Just throwing it out there, but if you are looking for something different to do during your evening down time, challenging you to pinball would top any signature! I work in entertainment … so no rabid fans here. Just a fun group of good guys (and a couple of gals) that love pinball to the max! Hell, after some pinball, if you prefer to find some hidden gems in Montreal, we could show you around. You would only need to tell me what you like. Pubs? Trivia Joints? Kareoke (hopefully not)? Arcade Bars? Oh, and just to let you know, I live downtown & less than a 10 minute cab ride from Comic Con. Anywho … what the hell … here is my email ([email protected])! Now everyone else on this blog please be polite and don’t spam me! Thanks. Have a wonderful time in Montreal, Will. (feel free to invite any friends you want) And Cheers! Mark

  10. Loved your panel and was glad to be able to do a photo with you. Will be by for autographs after dinner… and thanks for being so awesome when we came in with the baby near the start of the Saturday photo shoot. It helped him be happy for the photo which my wife and I greatly appreciate.
    And my wife says a Huge thanks to Anne for letting you come here so close to your vacation!!!!!

  11. Was good to see you in Montreal, Wil. Your conference was just great. As a huge BSG fan, I was frakkin disapointed that Aaron Douglas didnt attend. I like when you mess with him, but dont burn his hand anymore.

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