67 thoughts on “the last eleven years, summed up by one .gif”

  1. Love the new-old-new site.

    I was wondering if you are going to be putting up an archive for your previous posts, or if I missed it somewhere.

  2. Hey, welcome back, Wil, to your old home…After you left your old home…your OTHER old home. Which you only moved to after moving from your old home.

    Eh, this is too tiring. Welcome back, Wil.

    I need to lie down.

  3. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many men I pass every day in various places that have Wil Wheaton lookalike beards, and I always smile at them. It’s like a secret society.

  4. I was just thinking about this the other day. I’m rewatching TNG and got to Hide and Q and the funniest part was where Riker made Wesley 10 years older. I was thinking “wait a sec… Wheaton looks nothing like that big, blonde-haired guy.”

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