WIL WHEATON dot NET is open for business

After a long Exile, I returned home this weekend. Until the heat death of the universe or I stop blogging (whichever comes first), I'll be back at WWdN.

Follow me past the jump for some technical information and closing thoughts, if you're into that sort of thing.

About RSS subscriptions: I'm going to change the feedburner information tomorrow, so if you read my blog using feeds.feedburner.com/wwdn, you shouldn't have to make any changes. If you want to get the new feed directly from WWdN, you can do that in the usual manner once you're there.

About commenting at WWdN: You'll have to sign in with a thing, to cut down on spam and drive-by jerkfaces who have the face of a jerk. I've set up some WordPress plugins that should allow you to sign in with Twitter, Facebook, or Google Accounts. I didn't do much more than fill in some forms and stuff, so I'm not entirely sure how that works; if you're uncomfortable with the permissions that plugin asks for, you can also use a WordPress account (you can create one at my blog if you don't have one already). I'm working on getting OpenID added to the sign-in options, but I don't know how long that will take.

The first time you leave a comment at WWdN, it will be held for moderation. Once it's approved, you shouldn't have to wait for approval again. Ah, if only real life worked that way.

All the entries and comments and everything here will be preserved in amber at great expense for future generations to download and turn into a themepark of unimaginable tragedy and death, but they've also been imported at significantly less expense to WWdN.

So… that's it. I'm going back home to WIL WHEATON dot NET, now. So long, Typepad, and thanks for all the fish*.


No, seriously, thank you to everyone at Typepad for being helpful and awesome during my six years in Exile. (You didn't think I wasn't going to make at least one final footnote here, right?)

17 thoughts on “WIL WHEATON dot NET is open for business”

  1. Have you considered using Disqus on WordPress? It is a fantastic commenting solution and offers a bunch of different ways for people to log in and comment. It also incorporates a reputation system to help find and filter spammers and jerks more reliably.

  2. I completely understand, that is why I use self hosted wordpress because I don’t want to risk 3rd parties deleting my stuff. However, I believe when somebody leaves a comment, it saves it into the wordpress comment database as well so there shouldn’t be any risk of losing anything if Disqus was to go away. It just ads a lot of nice features to commenting.
    I moved to them on all of my blogs a while back and while there is a feature or two I miss from my previous commenting service (which charged lots of money to use), I couldn’t be happier with it.

  3. I think I’m gonna miss this place! I remember when WWdN broke and I followed you into exile. Oh well, I will just follow you back! I suspect that the old new home will take some getting used to, but I’m sure it will feel like home soon enough. So, pull out the beers and I’ll see you there!

  4. Wil said in reply to Pcnerd37…
    I have, yeah. At the moment, I want to keep everything on my own server.
    September 10, 2012 at 12:36 PM
    Like Tony Stark did?! I can understand that. :)

  5. *packs up and prepares for the move*
    As someone said, I’m sure they’ll be some adjustments, and the new old place will take some getting used to, but I’m sure it’ll feel just as cozy as Exhile has been soon enough.

  6. Wil,
    So, this whole waiting for a moderator to approve a comment, I gotta a question on that. Are comments that endorse or are favorable to your viewpoint the only ones that are going to be publicly displayed or will dissenting comments that encourage an open, honest, and civil dialogue of debate be allowed?
    This question is in no way singling out you or your blog. It’s just an apprehensive inquiry as I am wary of moderators on anything.

  7. Moderation is only to confirm that the commenter is not a spammer or an asshole.
    I've been blogging for over a decade, and I've only deleted comments because they were spam, excessively creepy, or the commenter was being a dick.

  8. I’m so happy! and yet, beginning to feel nostalgic for the years in exile. People are weird. Congrats on the return home! It looks spiffy!

  9. The only thing I’m sad about? Apparently I can’t access WWdN at work. Stupid Entertainment Blockers of Evil. So now I have to wait until I get home and put Xboxing on hold while I keep up to date with Wil Wheaton’s Daily Adventure!

  10. Hey Wil. After doing alot of design and creating themes in WordPress for others I ended up using the (free) Graphene theme myself, which is made by someone else. It should be easy to replace the standard theme of your site. Also it comes with a bunch of extra’s; like the rotating/sliding images you talked about. Solid code and one of the better free themes.

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